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Luna Pan Aug 2021
it was one windy but hot june night
when you saw me for the first time
we were two kids
and i knew we were meant to be just friends at the beach house
but that didn't stop you nor your feelings

eight years passed
now it's even a more windy and hotter august night
we are something unnamed at the beach house
and i realize we were never meant to be just friends, we only meant to be parallel lines
Luna Pan May 2021
when you look at through your window in that summer house do you remember me?
we were a troublesome

do you remember how you used to use that window to connect with me?
i was your little madame

do you remember our adventures?
our wines and sprites

do you remember that night?
we were dancing through twilight

do you remember me or did i become a memory?
Luna Pan Jan 2021
i drank too much champagne and think of you in a place where reality doesn't exist and i'm afraid because you are something fragile yet wonderful and i'm scared to let you down again
Luna Pan Oct 2020
tell me lies under the moonlight
just for a night make up
we are sinners
under this moonlight you look like a saint
god won't forgive us
you are mine tonight under the moonlight
your sweet lies
Luna Pan Oct 2020
maybe we all don't need a word perhaps we are just a people who are searching for a home
Luna Pan Oct 2020
falling for him was like smoking a cigarette.

i was enjoying it while it was taking my everything from me.

i knew if i could give up i would miss it.

i went along with the tide 'till i lose my everything.
Luna Pan Oct 2020
she blushes like an angel to devil's gustos
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