misha 1d
just thinking
how much you
mean to me
is overwhelming

do i mean the same to you?
dear reader, i hope you have an amazing day
misha 4d
i can't climb your walls
anymore so please break
them down
for me.
misha 7d
it's been weeks
since we chose
different paths
but i'm hoping
that these
parallel ends
meet once again
i could wait until my next life, if i had to
misha Nov 21
i'm not the lighthouse
that you visit after
a rough day at sea
i'm not the one who's
shining my light to
direct you in the night
but those waves that hit
are my tears,
i shed in the daylight
cowering in fear
i'm the moon
that's so bright but you
won't be see me
as you're blinded
by the reflection
i'm the one who controls
those waves,
the ones that make you
reach home safely
or the ones
that make you drown
so be careful on that
because the moon
isn't always a goddess
"bad ***** goddess" are the poems that make me feel the best, so empowering.

stay safe everyone!
misha Nov 20
don't pull me apart at my seams
but instead stitch me stronger with your love
misha Nov 18
i don't know
why i still
look at your

get out of my head

get out of my head


misha Nov 17
"how much do i mean to you?"
you asked that in front of everyone,
acting so full of yourself, brave and proud

and in that split moment my ribs caged
my heart captive, i held my breathe for
a minute, and my heart froze for a second

i took a sharp intake before i spoke those words:
"more than oxygen."

i hope you didn't notice that i lied.
i'm a liar
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