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misha Sep 10
so powerless
we are unable to live
yet we are unable to die
perhaps just like rain
we change forms
even with the passing of forms,
the humans hearts
still remain heartless
misha Aug 26
i sat silently in the auditorium
my hands clammed up in a fist
their voices echoed in the room
but none to reach me

i sat scared in the auditorium
they gathered in groups
turned round to stare
and all i could do was look away

i sat idle in the auditorium
they would think that i’m
mute like a ghost, dead or gone
walking right through me

i sat praying in the auditorium
my feet nervously tapping
my voice quivering when
i asked the girl beside me
a simple question,
thank god she answered

i sit alone in the auditorium
this room has held my voice captive
my confidence has been stolen
and yet my heart pounds every
split second but you still
cant hear me?
i moved and im now at a different school in a differently country, I feel so left out so frightened and so alone. i want to go back
misha Jun 5
why do roses die but thorns remain?
misha Apr 23
we, humans, are so strange-
we fall in love so easily,
we hurt so easily
yet we won’t forgive as easily
misha Apr 17
is it cruel that sometimes i am
able to breathe normally,
and to get through
the day without
sobbing when
i think about you?

it's only been a little while
but it seems as if
i've forgotten your
petal soft skin,
always fresh with soap,
your hair neatly
clamped to a side
your aching back which
arches stronger than
any bridge, carrying
all the weight of the
life you lived

those weary eyes,
glossy with tears
when we came to
visit from miles away
only to stay for hours,
with you crying
as you hug us
as we depart
like robots

we could've visited more often,
stayed a little longer,
because now all i can do is
pray in the morning when i wake up,
pray when i come back from school,
pray before going to sleep

i wish that your soft skin
stays gleaming,
i wish that your aching back
is no longer curved like a bangle
but instead straight like a ladder
letting you reach the heavens,
your long hair full of colour,
draping earth

and when i'll see the shadow,
i'd think that's you above me,
when i'll see the rain falling,
i'd think it's you crying
as you miss us,
as you look over us,
as you love us from there,
and when spring comes
the petals dancing in the air,
fragrance from france,
the one that's so expensive
won't even compare to your

please let me shake in your
arms as you rub my back
with the strength of generations

please let me hug you
and cry with you as i leave
you behind

just for a little while
let's be together
in this short
not even a month has passed. i still love you, we miss you so much. i hope that you're not suffering in your grave or that you're scared, i hope that perhaps the light from heaven greets your grave, warming you in happiness. please be happy ammi.
misha Mar 27
i promise that
when the wind blows
i'll think you're there

when the sky cries
i'll think you're there

when the leaves fall
i'll think you're there

every holiday,
every dinner,
every family gathering,
i'll think you're there
i love you ammi and i miss you so much. i hope you're doing alright and that you aren't in pain and that you don't go through the kabr pain.
misha Mar 15
how can my own home feel like jail?

the windows are always open but i
can see the bars that trap me inside
my own mind, hold my lungs tight
to stop me breathing,
there's always fresh air entering
but when it comes near me it becomes
rancid and putrid, choking me
and tearing me up but i will always
end up inhaling the matter or else
i won't survive

the rooms are filled with ornaments
from different countries,
little souvenirs that we were there
but even with the furniture
i feel secluded, my bed is not
only my resting place, but it
sobs as i rest my tired eyes,
hoping that even in this darkness
of my room, where i can hear the
shallow breaths fill the air,
perhaps the light that escapes
between these walls could
guide me and send me a halo

the clothes that hang solitary
waiting to be reached towards,
they only cover me from this
world that i live in,
these clothes do not liberate me
but they protect me from
anything worse than this jail
in which i know i shall rot
ever so slowly but until then
i shall pray that it won't be
due to my sadness or the fact
that i can't stop worrying and
stressing about the future

if only these walls, this jail,
stopped my mind from wandering
into a state of freedom,
aching to be heard,
screaming at whatever chance they have
but this voice will never escape
as i am made of steel,
my bones are my cage and
this body is half-alive

hold-me, could i dare to ask?
hold-me, in this jail as i
fall into deep sleep,
pray that i won't wake up
hold-me as i soften my breath,
i'd finally feel the rain
as it patters onto my face
but i'd look up and see no sky,
no clouds and no heaven
imagining another life isn't that bad
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