misha 3d
if only
the walls
were thicker
and then
i wouldn't
be able
to hear
my parents

if only
the walls
were thicker
so when
i'm talking
to my
over the phone,
they won't
ask what's
going on

if only
the walls
were thicker
and then
i wouldn't
have to tell
them it's

if only the
walls were
and then i'd
be able
to lie down
on my bed
not thinking
about what's
going on but
focusing on
and my studies

if only
the walls
were thicker
so i could
sleep at
having to
hear them
all the time

if only the
walls were
so i could
close my
even for
a second

if only
it were true
that everything
was fine

but now
listening to
their arguments
as a lullaby to
fall asleep
stop please, don't do this
misha 5d
ignore that
mole on
your face

ignore that
pimple that's
gonna grow
and trigger more

because even
your moles
and your
are not who
you are

they can't make
you ****,
it's you
who decides
what you are

so ignore
the comments
and start saying
that you're
even with your
mole or your

because every rough
only makes a
more perfect
always love every part of you
misha 6d
i'm the
kind of girl
that leaves notes
written on desks
but those notes
aren't for anyone
but me

those notes say:
"you look amazing today!"

those notes say:
"smile some more!"

those notes say:
"you aren't alone"

those notes say:
"you're respected"

those notes say:
"you're loved"

and i don't mind
if anyone else
reads them
because everything
on those notes
is everything
that applies to you
as well
misha Oct 11
i took breathing for granted
until the day you stole the
air from my lungs,

i took it for granted until
my ribs became steel traps
caging me in captive
like a threat to itself

there's nights i'll wake up
gasping in the heat of fire,
choking in the smoke and
begging for sweet oxygen.

not long ago i could breathe
without giving a thought
and the only thing that
feels right is when i cry
and what love of of red, pink
and white that you gave me
is now clear and transparent

i've gotten used to breathing
in the world this way without
your heartbeat in sync with mine

but now it's beating with the
monsters within the wall

it's beating with the monsters
within me
don't keep your feelings, thoughts and tears inside of you, but let them flow because you are meant to be noticed and heard.
misha Oct 9
these days
if a man is
caring and
brings his girl
always above
is a luxury

but what
people in
this century
forgot is that
it should be
a standard
all girls are goddesses, embrace yourself and respect yourself and then let someone else do it
misha Oct 9
stop looking
in the mirror
at your imperfections

don't look at your
acne scars
or if you don't
like your nose
or the color
of your eyes

but let's look
at that breathtaking
smile you have,
the amazing
personality you

and how
special you
are because
you are different
from everyone else
you are beautiful no matter what you think or what anyone else says
misha Oct 5
let's not
be a little
more social
but let's be
a little more
open with
before we are
open to anyone

let's not be a
little more humble
when we haven't
been selfish
for ourselves

let's not be
a little bit careful
to anyone
until we look
out for ourselves
until we care
for ourselves
and then we'd
be ready for
someone else

let's not believe
in anyone else
until we believe
in ourselves

let's not send
our love to
anyone else
until we
truly love ourselves

being us,
being you
and being me
is so different
but we all have
similar needs so
fulfill ours first
until you go to
someone else

because being you
always comes first
dear reader, you always matter & always should come first to yourself, cater your wants and needs yourself because you only need yourself until you meet someone else
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