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misha May 14
lately i've been feeling stumped
because even my own roots do
not ground me firmly
but they want to
bury me
quarantine hasn't been easy on me. i want out soon.
misha Apr 30
it's hard loving the same person
that your friend loves

should i betray my friendship
and follow my heart


should i betray my heart
and follow my friendship
what do you guys think?
misha Apr 18
i wish we knew from the start,
if someone was going to leave you in the end

so that i would never get close
                            never would trust
                        & never would love them
i don't want to lose u but if u ghost me then i can't reach you
misha Apr 16
i know it's bad to hold on but i just miss your company.

i don't think i miss you like i used to, maybe it's just the friendship i want now, the conversations we had and how happy i was.

i miss me.
come back soon
misha Apr 13
i promise i don't want to get back with you but at the same time i want to talk to you, to hear you and to spend my time with you. is that alright? or do i sound in love? the scary part is that i don't want to love someone who's going to break me again
he's toxic, i need him out of my system
misha Apr 10
what's the point of building friendships if all they do is knock you down?
people are so toxic, you can't even trust anymore
misha Mar 23
a year ago
i lost you
six feet under

and even a year later
i love you
six feet over
i miss u grandma, i love you so much. thank you for being my grandmother, honestly the best thing you ever did was love us unconditionally despite the communication barrier but i know that even if our tongues did not speak the same languages, our hearts sure did and the love we felt could be translated into any language
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