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misha Jul 2021
my body sleeps
for hours and hours

but my mind never sleeps,
not even for a lone minute

it's so hard to escape
the captivity of your own mind.
misha Nov 2020
i'm scared
because i'm
falling in love
with you
                       but i don't know
                       if you're going to
                       safeguard my heart
                                                            and i don't know
                                                            if i could make u
                                                            stay forever
                                                                                           oh god,
                                                                                           i really wish
                                                                                           for u to be my
                                                                                           girl for the rest
                                                                                           of my life.
let me love u
misha Oct 2020
do we live for the sake of ourselves
or do we live for the sake of eachother?
hi, haven’t been super active but im going to remedy that!
misha Aug 2020
why are you so ******* yourself?
the way we're just pushing ourselves to the limit
being our own biggest bully
why do we do that?
i actually was thinking abt this deeply last night and it just bothers me how we are our biggest enemies yet our closest friends
misha Jul 2020
why do we call it "falling in love?"

perhaps it's in the act of giving oneself up
or maybe it's because you take a leap of faith
or is it because when you fall

        you either get caught
                             ­              or
                                                   you get hurt?
don't fall in love, it's a trap x
misha May 2020
lately i've been feeling stumped
because even my own roots do
not ground me firmly
but they want to
bury me
quarantine hasn't been easy on me. i want out soon.
misha Apr 2020
it's hard loving the same person
that your friend loves

should i betray my friendship
and follow my heart


should i betray my heart
and follow my friendship
what do you guys think?
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