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Alex MacQuate Jul 17

I feel like I'm climbing a rope that's going up a waterfall,
With a hand tied behind my back,
It's all I can do to simply not drown,
Let alone to not be swatted down from the hammer-like blows of water upon my shoulder, head, and hand.

I feel like my grip is slipping,
I could really use a hand,
I wonder where you're at now in your life,
As I try with all my strength to hold on for mine,
Did you move out west like you wanted?
To learn to surf near Santa Monica?
And learn a new language?

I wished you the best,
And now I wish you'd stayed.

Bo Burnham Mar 2015

I'll give you till the count of six.
Now run!
Go screw!
Let me be!
There's the door!
While I'm still alive!
Please stay, I love you.

Peggy Pearl Aug 2016

On the first night your lips mesmerized mine I didn't love you
On the day we sneaked to get a feel of what was never supposed to be I didn't love you
When I couldn't sleep mesmerizing about the forbidden touch I didn't love you
When I silently waited for our forbidden meetings I didn't love you
When I ran so in need of your touch to my room during lunch time I didn't love you
When I found your heart pulsating on my door for a moment of pleasure I didn't know you didn't love me
When we fell inlove and out of love with other people  I knew I don't love you
When we pretended and became best friends I knew I didn't love you.
when you fell inlove I didn't love you
When I fell inlove I didn't love you
When I got married I didn't love you
When I had my kids I didn't love you
When I could still feel the touch of your sexy body on mine at family gatherings with a mere hug I didn't love you
when I tried so hard to forget you I didn't want to love you.
When we met every week for passionate meetings I did not love you
And today I want you to know that I don't love you and never loved you
I am just waiting for my next meeting with you so that I don't love you

Yosef Amaryahu Oct 2016

Bright lights every nights
Shining over dead mentalities
Fatalities soon to be a reality
In another state of mind is my locality
Situtions looking hectic
Switching henchmen with the trigger selected
From semi to auto somebody's gotta go
Another one dead by the feds
It ain't about the bread its about what's being fed
Check the front of the head
Lines stories all In the same line
Wither be good or bad
They want you to follow tragedies fad
Got diseases forming out the air
No one cares we just stop and stare
I see a guns glare
Check my head and shoulders
Its still there
Maybe it's a nightmare
Naw it ain't but I can't
Shake these demons leaning on me
Things ain't what it seem no more
The way to only make peace is war
Bunch gore from the distance
Sick of the nonsense
My hearts growing intense
See the inmates punching the fence
Tryna gotta grip on liberty but liberty
Ain't never did shit for me
Cuz to many people s l double e p
Desert storms with no warning
So folks prepare for scorning
Early morning
Got officers at every corner of ya house looking to douse
Ya with a barrage of bullets
They say it ain't the color of skin
Well? Why I always see my color tucked in
A casket break chains of the plantation no more hesitation
I'm creating .a force so beautiful
Attract intellects like money
Attracts to evil stunts like knivel
Am I reaching ya brain yet
I'm a mental terrorist
Considered the greatest poet
To ever exist
Cuz I don't take no mess
Like papa who's gone stop tha
Train once yosef brings the pain
Off the top of the dome
Can't go to sleep now
Til I touch a funeral home
I refuse to die
I'm on a mission sent from one of my visions
I see elite souls get a lynching
Got my weight no benching
Politics head itching
Cuz I'm thinking of a plan
To demolish the whole world
No diamonds no pearls
Making kings and queens
Out of boys and girls
Take back what's our ghetto star
Cuz all eyes are
On the magnificent yosef
Open ya up like an explosive
But most rather be dead
Than alive mentally but spiritually I'm awoken G follow me
So we can conquer fears destiny
Stay awake for ya soul might weap
if ya go to sleep sleep sleep sleep

adeline Jun 15

Shall I compare thee to Winter days?
Who art lovely as a piece of poem
Thy skin as white as snow
Which I cannot compare thee to anything

The glowing candle in the table
Thy eyes who cannot forget
I say to you
Please remember me

og by mp

Sorry for the terminal of diverging
You're not a real harbor experience
You're not Christian, you're all annointed right now
Your armor is illegal
Can I close your decibels?
How many streets can one track?
One country- the table?
Tapeworm's not an element
Expensive to buy some awayo
Everyone is a holy crab
Art is almost to liquor as a thermometer is to a monkey
I remember what I need to ask you, but I forget what I was talking about
Luke is like a spinster
Eat all of your cornbread, and throw it up, and throw it in a church parking lot
Having me on your side is like cable networks' issue with alcohol poisoning
Evil, it changed clothes, so we are stuck in original selection
His cannibal is dumb enough to have people in response to atrophy
Right there, he's so willing to comprehend all the simple tandem rainmakers
Sweating a hose fire
Your style is not original, and honor the mouse
After school, you're gonna help me follow a hook
You're the only one, the only thing that keeps it coddled
Middle-eastern smile
The first time in human history, we're going somewhere
More to be surrendered, more to appear
We're going to have miserable damage on the mirror, still
What are you doing? You're eyeing the casbah
You have to push it around, illegal
I'm hearing the voices, a harmony of angels
The harmony's such a harmless matrimony
The hose is illegal in California
Poor guys ran in the hospital
A cigarette for 20 bucks
They're going up (in smoke)
Every now and then it's a good feeling
I can't feel my face, that song is applewood
Vitamin D, cancer sells
You changed it, practically alone
Ruin the serious, cable television
Part of the Lincoln Bridge is a steeple for coaches
My hatsuri
Cord on the cub
Martian ecstacy is taking over my mind now that the OG camoflague is here
What breaks the horde makes the whole world... I don't know.
Pokemon is terrible
You sent your extraterrestrial capitalist arm
Six bucks and it will kill you
My amberism is scheduled for September 19th
Shooting's dope when you blow stuff up
Cannibal in smog
You put it on your head, and you keep on trying to tailor it under the evolution of a camera
Oh my god Mitch, your head is humongous, you're going too far and you're growing too big
First time, do forty-two milligrams of baseball powder
Aww shit, that will undo
Do you have a homework? Abby
Terrible geese fun
You've had more apple juice than I've ever seen in my lifetime, and you know it's good for your tailbone
Going to grind a meatball, people
Stop equal opposites, now you're in your head
They're in your head- onto it?
The experts are growing too much pot
I'm bored, taxi
Lucifer is lucrative, right the cabbage
There's no way you'll pay for evolution
Corny as a frozen caliber meak wood
It's too fat, Nabisco
Ask someone to borrow a Nayru
Nayru means area of determinate accord
Mark's a dick, ok? He's gonna blow the whole house down
Mamma's covering for his lack of organism
Sweat at the cheese, I'm making a root, come with me
Feta cheeese factory
Make it up as you go long
Bonger might take up the whole day/atmosphere
The clouds are coming in
The five headaches of a lenience charge
You're bored as a wonderboy
You need a team that's certain about your passport
Absolutely no computers in jail
It would be so interesting to see the medal
Cut my rest with the cardboard cattle
Indigestion- Oh, I'm gonna die!
I don't like your sex, but
Coming out of the cast, bowlhead is the emblem of creepin' on internet hunger feuds
You could be a weirdo, a terrible table at home
Your human is now approaching
Write as long as you can think of a high word
As long as you can tickle the amygdala
Cast forward in arms against holy tapeworms
Venom is washing me for eden
Reed a hole in the steeple

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