Arcassin B Aug 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

Admitting all the wrong doing just to make it right with
the Lord And Savior for all of eternity just resting my
Sanity of being paranoid of short comings and demons
That out weight on my life and execute my thoughts of
Bringing what I owe to the man up stairs getting away
From the black tar that burns the souls of the people
From the inside out and claiming their life as their own.


It awakes,
Like the fear to ache,
Opening my heart up to a force that loves and accepts
Any of my mistakes for I am a simple human being,
There's nothing in between,
Be my giving tree,
I'll build a box for you with Roses and letters glued to it
Like a mural,
I bet you didn't know I was an artist that's exquisitely
If the light,
Shines brightly,
Run to it ,
Don't you stop,
Then hold his hand tightly,
I got a proper dose of reality for ya, when I open up
My mouth it's like an lucidless coma,
When I tell you I have issues,
Don't expect you to understand,
As long as I see the angels I will be a better man,
The guy that left me and guy that was never there,
In here tonight call to the light and recite all my prayers.
Can't say she never cared,
My mom,
She'll always be there.

Phoenix32 2d

When I met you, I was so sober and low-key.

A counterpart, but I don't know you, and you don't know me.

You get all my senses Heightened like hanging out with Molly

I'll be your Mary Jane, so breath me in till your minds freed fully.

I got so drunk as I drank up all your potion.

can't get caught up in the feels, gotta forfeit all this emotion.

It's ok, I know what's real, I love the high it's like I'm rolling.

The way my body feels, there's just simply no controlling.

Knowing who you are, I want to dive into your ocean.

Trying to inhale, you steal my breath without any notion.

Sinking deeper into you, till I feel like I'm drowning.

Every minute till I get my fix, I will sit here counting.

When you sync into my flesh, like a pill you got me floating.

Our bodies like a conversation, every inch of you I'm quoting.

For another dose of you, like a feen I am hoping.

between the breasts
of bestial
Marj lie large
men who praise

Marj’s cleancornered strokable
body      these men’s
fingers toss trunks
shuffle sacks spin kegs they


      the world has
these men’s hands but their
bodies big and boozing
belong to

the greenslim purse of whose
face opens
on a fatgold

hoorah for the large
men who lie

between the breasts
of bestial Marj
for the strong men

sleep between the legs of Lil

kelvin mungai Feb 21

She labeled me a gay
Something that was not okay
Just because i pushed her away
And told her to get of my way
She labeled me gay though single
I refused to mingle
Nor let her wiggle
Her butt on my lap
She labelled me gay
Just because i wore short shorts
Yet i despised girls in short skirts
I preferred girls with long skirts
She labelled me gay
Because my voice had not broken
Yet her heart i had broken
From this untrue dream i had woken
She labelled me gay
Because my voice was smooth
Yet i refused to sooth
Her on a cellphone
I preffered a booth
She labelled me gay
Because i never called her bae
I called may
Afterall she was not mine
She labelled me gay
Every passing day
From monday to sunday
Even on my birthday

Robyn Mar 14

Waking up is like drowning in cold water. The first five minutes my eyes are open, I'm operating under nothing but the instinct to survive.
But surviving makes me late for work.
No one speaks of it but I hear their voices in my head. In my heart.
The coffee keeps me moving, keeps me b sweating, keeps me from thinking of the corroding feeling in my chest for seconds at a time. I ate a lonely breakfast too quickly so I could swallow my medicine alone.
Now it's lunch time and I'm not hungry. But I eat anyway, hoping to taste a little happiness.
I don't know what better is going to feel like so I don't know if it's coming.
Maybe better is how I feel right now.
I want to cry but every time I try, I can't.
My thoughts are all I can think about.
I'm a robot, a shell -
Going through the motions of life without feeling it.
I've become a replica of myself without consciousness.
All I do is eat and work. Sometimes they feel like the same thing.
I'm late from lunch now. I want to care.
I feel a mechanism ache in my chest - the one that's meant to care, but I don't.
I think about what to tell my therapist tonight, and I remember drowning when I woke up.
Cold, throat full of water, curled up in a dry bed.
I blame myself for being sick.
I want to cry, but I can't.
My whole body is restless, sore.
I jitter yet I feel static.
Am I even here?
If I left, would it even matter?
I keep having dreams that no one can see or hear me.
I don't know if I'm dreaming anymore.

Dracol Noir Apr 2016

I can't focus, this music is distracting me.
It's pulling me away from reality,
from where I currently prefer not to be.
I'm losing my mind, I cannot see
but frankly, I don't care anymore. Gee.

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