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When I was small you French  braided my hair
Watched over me held me tight
When you where beat over nothing at all
I would wait until the end
I wanted to mend your way
The sound of crying eyes
Your puppy shot because Father thought he was in the way
From then on I was alone
My heart was frigid and paralyzed
I never slept or ever spoke the same after that day
Overdose Abuse
Daddy issues is not a kink
Every time you are down on me I never forget a thing
I didn't want you as my first love nor as my last
I became your little girl
Doing what is right for you
If you go Daddy what will I do?
Sipping on that juice
You are tripping
Screaming and laughing all at once
I'm flying getting my game on
Mystifying you be wearing your *** kicking boots
Smoking one, putting that roach in a jar
Popping vicodin  just to stay alive
Not even sure if I exist
Selling Adderall's so the ******* can stay skinny
Sweet little boy shot down on his big wheel bike
All I can do is grab the mic and send the message on
People on the street begging for money for addictions
******* **** just to get high
What if that was your daughter?
Hoping the soup kitchen is open
Do they have a empty bed for me to sleep tonight
Dressing in color
It's a true story this town is in demise
The water is not even safe to drink
Lake Huron to the Flint river
The town showing no love
Then Rick Snyder declares a state of emergency
The first person to come forward Sasha Bell
Was found murdered in her home as her small one year old son was left to roam
She had a law suit against the Flint water crisis
She is now silenced a baby without a mother
Nobody is winning here
90 people were sickened from exposer 12 died    
Delivering  bottle water to Veteran's, as they are losing there homes
People who have worked there whole lives
People just trying to survive
I grew up in lower Michigan and my family and friends are directly effected by the water crisis. .I know the town is a mess. The crime rate the shootings of innocent people/ I would love to see Flint be what I remember as a child.
Hemmed galaxies wither in my hip pocket flap
Starlight angst feeling alive for the first time
Whiskey feeble,chain smoking all night through
Tearing through pages of a magazine
Thought we where immortal
I still want you
We where so wrong
Prisoner of fire and bloodbath fevers
With mouthfuls of bourbon and trembling convictions  
A lovers gaze upon her midnight *******
Wandering through starlight fields  
A womb of silence holding the recipe to my tears
Moisten and pucker as the world curls  
Murky images appear
Fibers of smoky leather lingers
Painting my hair with the earth
Chasing the days away
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