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Dressed for the dying
I attended the funeral
Smelling of life
Flowers of ink
In the heart of your ears
Fair hair that runs blue
Pierced with light
Sweet madness in the wine of daylight
On a worlds journey
Beads of love in the curve of her back
I sink into her flesh
Aching for touch
The mouth of arousal  is hypnotizing
The softness of her tongue awakens me
Flicking the head of my manhood
Her lips and tongue trail up and down
I'm floating away
As she indulges all of me
Its electric as I shudder and moan
I want to erupt into her eager mouth
I'm swelling as she gasps for air
Thrusting I empty
She says I taste sweet
I'm over come with intensity
Caressing and sweeping  
She tastes like sugar and wine  
Savoring the flavor
Her hips rise and fall
Groaning she began to tremble
I tip and curl around her pearl
Your  fingers enter me
I'm weak and powerless
I brace myself as I spurt my juice
We lay still spilling passion
His skin was always so baby soft
I would sleep next to him when I felt like I was fallen apart
We where not attached at birth
In fact you couldn't wait to be away from me
You severed your life cord  
I did not nest in your  soul
I had to leave
I didn't try hard enough
Perhaps  when you where a  baby I held you like a gun
I'm your  trigger
Allowing the bullets in my head to erupt
I feel so much hatred towards the boy in a mans body
I love my son its hard even when his fists meet my face.
I want a invitation to give up
No questions asked
No guilt just freedom
Free at last
Sea pearls in my frail hands
Strawberry gold in my glass coffin
Champagne with still sparkle
A sweet love will exist
Obscure graffiti will continue to paint firefly nights
My stained glass eyes would soon be forgotten
Neon ghosts would speak out loud
Wild flowers and moon shadows
Frosty nights, sugar wildflower carnivals with still have rides
Magnolias will shimmer with pride
Some may bleed and go slowly
Watercolors of purple ice will waltz with the honey flies
The winds will bellow with urgency
Draw the curtains of the dark hued winds  
A dusk house of earths yarn
Hanging on by fingertips does not slow the *****
The fog straggles will push and pull
Our stories will remain on the walls
Its not the years its what is left behind
Where all so much more than we know
When that strength begins to fog  
Crackling flowers will adequately grow
Earth will yawn with a calling to come home
So many secrets we are frankly to tired to spill
At times the sweetness and zest is excused
Forest rose shells await
A true beauty of life is found
Death does not strip away your spirit
Honey dew smells invade your nose
Star filled nights may feel like stones in your throat
I see slices of you in the pane of my own essence
I will shield you as you retreat  into the dimness
Sadness has never been so beautiful
Yet so dangerous
I have danced with strangers
To keep warm
Sand and lighthouses  decalcified  me
Frozen from the sea
Repels  me
Winter defrauds me
As wool blankets irate my skin
******* full of milk
Stains of madness making me alive
Snow forms flatly on the surface of the sea
Salt floats burning my skin
Realizing I love some one I never even knew
#Winter Boredom
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