When the others leave
The voices swallow me
Making love is nothing new
A secret lover once said to me
As he quickly walked out the door
Lady melancholy tiptoed delicately through a coast of pearls
Abroad this foreign land,unearthed a valley of intruders
A excursion into the map of my mind
Borderlines swaddles width and magnitude
Interconnection deficiency
Mothers peace fearsome journey
Discovering  hidden truths
Rituals, rites and symbols
Opened by lighting the temperance of truth
I'm waiting desperately
To have a human connection with life
I hate you
Please don't leave me
Swimming eyelids,  fracture my sleep
My ribs,a trap door to my mind
Woven weakness's, cage my hope
Bones of men fight the sunlight
I kissed the moon with cracked teeth
Comets weeping, undone
Snow drops,a psychedelic Violin
Swimming home in a cosmic orb
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