An unspoken sorrow is embroidered against my chest
I'm drowning in questions and floating, unsure  of how to swim
Her winged eyelashes catch my dreams
My spirit trembling with voiceless gestures
Dandelion hair and sapphire eyes
Overcome with disease my arms spread open wide
I would live beneath your bones to take the pain away
At birth you grasped at cords to stay alive
A tiny bird blindly stripped of wings and other things
Oxygen deprived in this battlefield of life

Rain claws at the window
Darkness encopasses this stonework sentinel
Crimson fog signals the moon
Graphite sky interwoven with sapphire lights
Scaling the mountains of the sky, where electric Prisms echo  
Azure and turquoise ripples above  the copper depths
Morose attendant of dawning and nightfall flare

Spiny trees dissect the doctrine
Yellowed skulls howling
Graying cheekbones shimmer
Stale jars of smoke gurgling
Pock marked bird skin gasping
Lips of sea grass soiled
Palettes of black and blue astray

Hairspray sweaters
Slit wrists for the center piece
Body parts in the bathtub
Lead in the water pipes
Paper spine of mine
Undressing my egg -shell skin
Sharp scissors and church grounds
Wringing hands, sunshine fireflies
Spilled milk on summer days

We're embryos in a prison, no escape.
  Released after serving 9 months inside.
  Finally on the outside in a searchlight;
  aliens grab for me while I cry in terror.

  Time passes and I'm allowed to join peers.
  Daycare is where we compare notes and learn
  about wardens keeping us from our freedom.
  We pinky swear allegiance to our new cause.

  We are imprisoned in elementary school and
  bored to a death sentence. Cursive, add, subtract,
  multiply and divide. Memorization of everything.
  History is reduced to indoctrination. God save us.

  Middle school is blemished skin and puberty at
  odds with one another. Let's get close. Eww!
  Cliques are the prison gangs. You belong or not.
  We take care of our own and you can go to hell.

  High School is the big house. Jock, nerd or normal.
  There's a special cruelty reserved for "losers".
  Those are people different from established groups.
  They're prey to be driven to their own demise.

  College is the great escape. Finally on our own.
  We can drive our own lives wherever we want.
  Study and obey the rules, or party every night.
  No middle ground. Damn the torpedoes!

  I enter the work force. I'm an associate at Target.  
  I'm tethered by a walkie talky.  We're drones.
  I feel like I'm a cog in a machine called prison.
  I marry a coworker and we serve time together.

  We raise a family of prisoners and near the end
  when our health is failing, I go into the garage
  and put a hose from the exhaust into my window,
  and finally achieve the great escape.

He died you hated him
He beat you bloody
Mean son of a bitch
Mom gave you his compass
Always come back son
If she only knew you would never return

Street lamps burning waiting for the morning swell
Lovers closing curtains from the moonlight gold
We pressed and folded dandelions today
Bitter lemonade secrets spoke
Pathways of gardens laced through
I hung on a thread, eating kitchen knives for dinner
As sadness wrapped me into a familiar blanket
Wandering around with button eyes
Trying to taste my own soul

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