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Angela Rose

He made sure I knew just how lucky I was to have him
But he never hit me
He played games with my emotions repeatedly
But he never hit me
He made sure I didn’t leave the house in a skirt above the knees
But he never hit me
He knew the words to say to make me feel so small that I could not breathe
But he never hit me
He tossed me in and out, in and out, until my mind was in an out of control tizzy
But he never hit me
He messed around on the side late at night while I rested in our bed
But he never hit me
He made it clear that I wasn’t to go out at night with the girls
But he never hit me
He told me over and over again just how hard it would be to find anyone else to deal with me
But he never hit me
He fell asleep safe and sound as I laid in bed trying to catch my breath through tears
But he never hit me
He needed to have the password to every device, app and account
But he never hit me
He knew the power he held and used it over my head to weaken me
But he never hit me
He made jokes at my expense in front of friends and family and we all giggled together instead of cringed
But he never hit me
He assured me the women he texted were coworkers or colleagues but I could never know what they spoke of
But he never hit me
He made it clear that my interests and goals were not of pertinence
But he never hit me
He knew the exact words to say to take my entire day downhill
But he never hit me
He broke my heart over and over and over again until it was minuscule shreds
But he never hit me

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse please contact 1-800-799-7233 this is the national domestic abuse hotline. Abuse can happen to anyone, man or woman. It does not make you weak to seak help. <3

The tendons
in your body
must rip and tear,
must bleed
and suffer
to become stronger,

and I think
it must be the same
for our

I feel so stupid.
Francisco III

i am not supposed to write about
how you crawled under my skin at 2am
bringing with you empty promises and
leaving me with nothing but a broken heart

but i am. i still am.

Hi, hello poetry.
Kate Leonardo

I caught myself staring at nothing
At one second I’m smiling
Then tears started falling
I know something is missing
I want to sleep until morning
But I need to stop pretending
Because you leave with my everything
And now I’m breaking

Ashes to Ashley

Silence is also conversation.

Blaise Flowers

the sunset imbues its last glance
as molten lavas cool into exotic crimson
painting the color of romance over the horizon.
the clouds flew, and you closed your eyes,
cicada songs humming through your ears,
and pink hues glowing across your skin.

when my aching heart ached in excess, i sought out to sleep, dream, escape.
the first thing i saw was you.
but upon your heavenly resemblance, i was washed ashore.

i remember the sand as soft ivory, dancing under my feet. buy pay no attention to the sand, for something else had already caught me.
the sky.
wrapped in the wildest hue of violet, with the drape's silky edges tucked into the horizon. the color was deep and passionate in every way, it intoxicated the evening with its romantic cologne. the west reaches for clothes of new colors
whom it passes to a row of ancient trees.
the stars constantly winked, praising the earth in repetitive bangles.
the moon was its fullest on that night, and so it wasted no time, it beamed in bravado, the strangest white.

you open your eyes, and soon these two worlds both leave you; one part climbs toward heaven, one sinks to earth.


No matter how tough
I may seem
No matter how loved
I may be

No matter how much
I tried and may still
Seem to try

After this last,
This final betrayal
I cannot but give in
Give up

I give up trying
To be better
Better than I can
Be better than I am

I can give up
But will never give
Up caring

I will give up
Fabricating lies
To please, to accomodate
People I do not seem to know

I will give up
Fabricating a life
To placate, to appease
People who do not seem to care

I will start
Realising a dream
To create, to build
A person that is worthy

I will be
Trying a new way
To live, to give
A person to myself

For I am, so I learn
No more hiding


maybe i'll continue convincing myself that equal amounts of
rays & rain = rainbows;
maybe a quarter of this water
equates to tears
(can't tell if they're the clouds'
or mine);
explain to me why two thirds of my mind
is flung halfway across the globe;
maybe friends are discovered
like how you'd find your shadow
(too busy being blinded by the streetlights to look back)

// maybe a fraction of me
refuses to ignore this feeling //

inspired by the song Lose the feeling by Sundara Karma

He was
     my favorite book
           Few pages could bring tears  
                   in the corners of my eyes
                            unknowingly. Softly
                         Most of them
              could make my heart
     smile widely
I touched every pages
        every words behind words
                     My soul craved to read him
                             for a thousand times over
                        My solitude ached for him
    like Sunflowers missing the Sun


If you had chance to change a word
That was spoken in anger or hate
Would you?
If you had chance to go back in time
And change a historic date
Should you?

What if the word was invasion
Given in a speech of war
Should you?
What if the date was August nineteen thirty nine
And a fifty-year old man made hate a law.
Would you?

What if that word could be erased
And a war never begun
Would you?
What if that man could be taught to love, not hate
So that all that came to be, could be undone
Should you?

What if a there is a man of power and celebrity.
Who beguiles with speeches of such truth, sincerely spoken
Should You
But power gained the speeches change to anger and mistrust
And hate and fear once again threaten a world being broken.
Would you?

I Would
I Should
Too Late.


She stared right into those eyes
that she still saw galaxies in
and whispered
"I'm leaving you."

Karan Gambhir

In this world full of chaos
I try to find solace
I try to find peace

In a place
Where there are foxes everywhere but no sheeps
I try to find a soul who is same as me

In this world of  fake smiles and cunning minds
I try to find someone divine
Someone with a sacred soul and a beautiful mind

Harlee Kae

I am a fool
for dreaming big dreams
that I can't accomplish.
I am a failure
as my knees give out
and my mind gives up
and I quit.

Drew Vincent


I used to think
That Fantasies were for Losers,
When I became a divorcee,
I felt like a loser,
But marriage wasn’t ever a “game” I wanted to “win”.
I didn’t want to “defeat” my wife.
So, I started to realize
That Fantasies are relatively harmless.
Dope for the imagination
Encouragement for the soul.


Dear Daddy,
Do you know what these men say to me?

With their
eyes and their mouths
when I walk on the street.

With a grin and a nod
and a look up and down.
A wink and a kiss
and a cat call heard from downtown.

With my skirt short
and my top
It’s a cold world daddy
and no
doesn’t mean no.

Daddy do you know
how these men look at me?

Like I’m a piece of meat
strutting down the street?
With my head buds in
and my favorite song on.

I’m asking for it Daddy,
I’m in the wrong.

Do you know how it feels
not to wear what I like?

To walk a little faster
when I’m alone at night?

Daddy the world is my predator
and I am it's doe,
Daddy what happens
when I can’t say no?

Midnight Rain

standing on the edge
of another land, looking out into
the gaping seas, i wonder
where the world
ends for me.

i looked into the depth
of these seas, trying so hard to find
the end of their meet.

it was only when the sun had dropped,
and the ocean was still
filled with a sunset, i realized i was
looking into nothing more than
just your eyes.

i was caught like fish in a
net, never realizing what trapped me
until suddenly i was pulled
away from the ocean.

that’s how his eyes had had me.
and how could i look into them
and find the end?

they were infinite.

but i never realized that the
answer to my
was only at the foot
of his

my world ends at the feet of
where his eyes
look to meet only mine.

somewhere under the shade of his shadow
i believe that’s
where every inch of my world
has found its ends.

i wrote this piece such a long time ago but i don't think i ever posted it here before.
Sonnet Tree

A woman named forever
sat on the porch
watching her children play.

Each one was more beautiful than the last.

Friend was water,
the majesty of seasons,
sheafs of wheat,
stomachs bound with truth.

Lover was gold beneath the abyss,
eye of newt in clouds,
flattened rage, and shiver
in a single thunderbolt.

Child, and her depth,
her boundless hour,
had no name.

Forever felt a pang of regret.
All three
so much like their father,
destined to run.

But on this day
no more than the sound of
tires in the driveway,
and the children
ran inside to greet him.

The heart of forever
still swooned
into the
the hero
the soul
the nothingness
the god of god of god.

Misguided arrow

You would wake up in the middle of the night,
and if our bodies were not touching each other, you'd make it happen.
I never told you this, but i loved it.
I loved how you wanted to feel me close to you,
how you wanted to make sure i was still there.

I was.
I still am.

Amanda Goodness

I can't see my self in this head space.
I need the constant rhythm, I need to keep time
But this clock doesn't have a second hand.

My "living in the now" is everyone else's nostalgia.
I always feel like I'm living two years in the past.
I guess that's how long it takes to absorb the impact
When the collision is head on.

When I was younger I was always told I was mature for my age.
Thank you, it's the abuse.
Thank you, it's the rape.
Thank you thank you, it's the trauma.

I'm not being honest,
I'm being truthful.


I’m 5’9”, loud and strong. 

I’ve got big hair, perfect brows and a straight back.

I radiate confidence, sexuality and metaphorical balls as my curvy hourglass figure walks with purpose down the street.

My attitude says “There’s nothing I can not do.”

My eyes say “You wanna fight? I’m ready.”

To them, I’m a lioness. 

I protect all that is mine — except from myself. 

Behind the facade, I am small. 

Behind my words, I am afraid. 

Behind my sunglasses, my eyes are wet. 

And under my luxury lingerie, I am naked, just like my soul is when I’m writing.

I’m not who they think I am, are you?

Andreas Simic

Are the Five Alive©

Can you see it through...
The fog
The smog
The mist

Can you smell it through...
The fear
The odors
The stench

Can you hear it through...
The noise
The racket
The chatter

Can you taste it through...
The spices
The flavors
The bland

Can you touch it through...
The pain
The sorrow
The concessions

If you’ve made it this far through
The gauntlet known as life

Take a bow  for you are alive with the big five
Sight, smell, hearing, taste and feel are for real

Andreas Simic©

Anna Blake

it's you.

i would have never known
unless i saw
the light meet your face
that morning.

neither of us are early risers,
but i couldn't waste
a second.

above me,
at 6:40 in the morning,
a perfect blend of
blue, gray, and sincerity,
which was born
on the rising sun,
peered through an ivory curtain,
and landed on a gentle face.

infinity soaked gaze,
honey coated touch,

your color was
the crisp mountain air
through a rolled down
Jeep window.

your color was
a John Prine record
and local barbeque

your color was serene.
it was the light's reflection of
a summer enveloped
by two people
in love with
right now.

-Anna Blake

girl diffused

you tried to feed
me stardust
sway and hold me
as we danced

you tried to make a home
out of me
open my shutters
let the light
flood inside
push sheer magenta
curtains aside

you tried to run
your fingers reverently
over my rosewood

you tried to erect my home
raise it from the island
kiss my lips after broken
storms hold my hands in your own convince me that you  replaced my old
broken doors
peeling paint and vinyl siding

you tried to
feed me stardust
sway and hold me
as we danced

you tried to make
a home out of me
but I was really an island
ready to be claimed
by the fire and the sea

Either you end up
In my poems
Of heartbreaks,
Sadness and misfortune
Or you end up beside me
Filling the gaps between
My fingers.

Ayesha Chaudhary

With open minds and eager eyes,
We think naïve thoughts
And read cliché quotes.

But our thoughts are troubled
With damaged dreams,
And heavy hearts.

Nothing seems demeaning.
Everything looks sensualising.
Yet, only a few of us are dominating.
Those familiar hallways mean more than you think.

They say we don’t know real pain,
That our life is merely a game.

We are teenagers.
Our game is complex and cruel.
They wouldn’t stand a chance.


(old one I wanted to post again)


What is it about dreams made out of impossibilities?

I want to wake up from this life, reboot

into a new plane where love sleeps by my side-

Where your tenderness finds a home on my skin

and lost in time I become your possibility.

I want to be new in your arms curious to touch

and become your obsession, your sin

quietly drifting in mid-afternoons by the seaside

your beautiful face above becoming my sky-

For love flutters within passing schemes

of becoming one for whom words are created

and waking up to you in the midst of my dreams.


“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

We are worriers
We are warriors.

Kakashi sensei

Started out as a hobby,
Encouraged by family,
Write on topics variety,
Started with topics like,
Sleep,dream,summer,music,my bike,
I realised what gives my poems emotions,
I write about my life,
About love,
About death,
About happiness,
And sadnesses,
Later did I realise,
Went from a hobby,
To a therapy.


dear younger me,

congratulations! you made it to the end of formal schooling
you probably have tons of questions for me,
but i have a few for you
dear me, what's it like to play everyday
what's it like to play computer games
what's it like to go to the playground
dear me, what's it like to be able to handle school
to be able to actually be ahead of work
and spend most of the time not studying
dear me, what's it like to be happy everyday
to be able to smile at the smallest thing
to always love your life
dear me, what's it like
to not care about what others think
of how you look, what you say
dear me, what's it like
to not have the expectations of everyone
burden your shoulders
dear me, what's it like
to not have (almost) daily thoughts
of not wanting to be alive
dear me, what's it like
to run away from an approaching car
instead of wanting to walk in front of it
dear me, what's it like
to always sleep happily
and not have to hide your tears
when everyone's asleep
dear me, what's it like to live?
to want to live, to love being alive
dear me, please be strong
there will be days when
you don't want to live (yes, appalling)
you don't want to smile (how)
you don't want anything
please hang in there
there will be days when
there's only one thing
stopping you from ending it all
please, please be strong



We sleep under different blankets
So I won't steal the sheets
But I'm a thief and I still take it
too far -- I act out, I miss beats.

Let go of what no longer serves you,
need the oxygen, water, and sun.
I thought I knew what I was getting into,
sobriety handed me a loaded gun.

Timothy Daly

All humans shall take it in turns
to have their brains eaten by worms
if you're not the first
to ride in the hearst
be patient, you'll soon get your turn!

ख्वाहिशें मचलना सिखाती है।
हकीकतें लगाम देना सिखाती है।
Desires teach how to be crazy!
Realities teach how to control!


I have disabled myself,
Thinking about you.
Forty three self induced bruises
to the head, to the head
Forty five, forty six

I got that vibe,
That feeling from you.
I start my appointment
At eight thirty two,
Thirty three, thirty four.

Forty eight, forty nine.

It is not the cure
That will help this,
But only you.
Thirty five, thirty six.

Fifty two, fifty three.

So I try to get you
Out of my head...

Fifty two, fifty three.
So that I can be free.

I have disabled myself
Thinking about you,
But now that I am free,
I don't know what to do.

Janie Hobby

It's 2:22 in the morning.
I am sitting here thinking.
I am thinking of you.
Our mushy little texts we would send.
Our kisses we'd share on my front porch.
I am sitting here remembering everything we had been through.
That night our family argued.
I thought I'd never see you again.
That day I snuck you into my house.
That was our last day.
I cherish it, I cherish you.
I will never forget the memories.
I will never forget you.


I'm wearing your now mascara-tear-stained shirt.

I've got myself a new shade
A deep and dark colour
They mix well together
Come closer
I won't bite
Let my lips smother
But only if you want
I wouldn't want you to choke up!

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