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Marie-Lyne Jul 2022
Their music have the power to erase identities
For an hour and a half we forget where we come from
We are mesmerized by three souls dancing with their ouds
Their music make us feel nostalgic to places and people we will never visit again
We are in the presence of chaos, beautiful sunsets and wildfires emerging from a crescendo of melodies
Every person in the audience felt like they belong to this circle of life that they have created in their songs
You can understand them without words
You can enter their world of passion and feel alive, content and calm
Even your negative thoughts leave you
You are in the presence of performers who transformed your mundane reality into a majestic scenery that you can’t stop staring at!
#le #trio #joubran
Marie-Lyne Jun 2022
You keep going
No matter what
No matter how tired you are
and how much time it’s going to take you
Marie-Lyne May 2022
Gives me anxiety
Marie-Lyne May 2022
Is my coping mechanism
Marie-Lyne May 2022
I will not give up on my dream
No matter how many times I doubt yourself
Marie-Lyne Apr 2022
Get away
from anything
That makes
you suffer
Marie-Lyne Apr 2022
You are enough
No matter how many times
you start again
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