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Marie-Lyne Oct 4
You deserve
the same amount of love
you invest in other people
Marie-Lyne Oct 4
Try again eveytime you fail
Marie-Lyne Oct 4
Leave what makes you feel anxious
Marie-Lyne Sep 14
Don’t let society
Put you in box
Where you repeat patterns
Of how you’re supposed to live
Don’t listen to all their negative voices
You alone are capable
Of complete greatness
You can accomplish your dreams
Don’t rely on anyone’s presence
Be there for yourself
Your relationship with your soul is
The most important
Improve your capabilities
Get out
Have fun,
Travel and see life as it is
A chance to change your destiny
Marie-Lyne Aug 14
I lost myself
Trying to find you
Marie-Lyne Jul 19
I always feel the need to go out
To walk aimlessly in streets I never visited
To explore new spaces
To meet the faces of strangers
To stare at artistic buildings
To enter random bookstores
and pick up coffee on the way home
Marie-Lyne Jul 19
You can be sad
But you can make yourself happy
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