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In you arms
is where I wish
to belong right now
Marie-Lyne Feb 14
My story is very simple
I lost my grandma several days ago
Not to be sad was a hard task
Especially in this melancholic pandemic
Rare are the things that make me happy
Vast are the emotions that I want to escape
At last, I don’t want to associate death to pain
Marie-Lyne Jan 9
When we lose everything
A glimpse of hope still strikes
We cannot do it alone
No matter how much we try
We need guidance
And constant
Marie-Lyne Jan 9
We live in a world
Of disappointments
We always seek
Better things to come
Marie-Lyne Jan 9
People write
To connect
Marie-Lyne Jan 9
Accept your fears
And all the things that you lack
Marie-Lyne Jan 9
In 2021
Try not to judge
Yourself first
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