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ketjil Jan 2020
and every night i go to sleep
would you say yes
if I asked you now?
I don't think she would
ketjil Jan 2020
You are there
Like an ache
In my bones
You are there
Like a heaviness
In my heart
You are there
Like a fixture
In my mind
You are everywhere
In the way I dress
And walk
And talk
And think
You are everywhere
Except in my arms

if I were only less lonely
ketjil Jan 2020
Girl of many faces
Got lost
In between transitions
What is your true form?
Carefully crafted masks
Set out in front of you
Which one
Will you wear

ketjil Jan 2020
You whisper
my name
my lips

a prayer
to the gods

ketjil Nov 2019
Coming Home
As the morning sun
Through the window
Wrapping around you
Holding you
Keeping you

ketjil Oct 2019
nubes current
caeruleo picto caelo
cantante vento
et flores saltant

the clouds run
over the blue painted sky
whilst the wind sings
and the flowers dance
with the grass
my first poem in latin! I know it isn't that good but i tried.
ketjil Oct 2019
Covered by a blanket of stars
Their light
Dancing between my fingers
At the simple beauty
Of the night sky

ketjil Oct 2019
I am afraid
Afraid to grow old
To have my hair turn white
And my hands grow gnarled
I am afraid
Of time
Shaping me
Making me
A different person
Changing me
I am afraid
To forget
The time
Long gone
I am afraid
Of running
Out of time

ketjil Oct 2019
Those moments
In which
My body is too heavy
To move
And i can’t
The will
To breathe

ketjil Sep 2019
You can’t compare yourself
With the unbroken girls
Surrounding you
You already shattered
A new form
Of beautiful

a somewhat older poem
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