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Bard 3d
I live in the clouds in the city of fog
Secrets are said aloud as if in epilogue
No vision is allowed in the murk and smog
Can only hear the turnings of the cogs

Believe in the machinations never seen
On the radio stations is a static scene
Of a rigged lotto making everything serene
Everyone climbing blind to be a golden king

Cant see stepping stones in the haze
But continue walking for days
A straight path nothing but a maze
Lies hidden from eyes truth in phrase
Bard Jan 12
Been havin sports car dreams
Ridin in a Volvo blowin steam
Livin the creme de la creme

Till I wake up to the nightmare
Tired of wakin and bein poor here
Gotta sleep dream of somewhere
Somewhere... Somewhere...

Man, somewhere else is where I wanna be
Another reachin for green like my fool gatsby
Every comedown letdown settledown got me empty
Theres a fog of smoke from the green i burn where I be?
And who was it that I be? Had to have been somebody

Been slowly dyin workin nine to five
How long can I last maybe nine or five  
Dont know if I got the pay needed to live
Gotta get this pay if I wanna live

Takin a stride lost in the forest lookin for somewhere to apply
Then again might just burn the forest float on a smoky sky

I'm livin this life and struggling against the current currently
I'm workin this job struggling weekly concurrently for currency
Grindin my life away gonna end up passing away silently
Wanna burn fast and hard a pyre burning brilliantly

But im just slow burnin embers no fuel for the fire
Gotta get some more need someone to send me a wire
These burnin embers are goin out the light gettin dimmer
Drownin in darkness no I've never been a good swimmer
No food in the pantry man im gettin ****** thinner
Keep competin for the prize but never been a winner
Cant win the rigged matches unless I become a sinner
Gotta be criminal just to get myself some dinner
Still beleive I can make it though the deluded dreamer

Gotta try and make it live my fantasy
Or die locked in a penitentiary
For the crime of chasin my rhapsody
Probably just end up another casualty
Bard Jan 7
Burnin blunts ash em in my soul
A few blunts in em and im cool

Scrape the resin till im smokin glass
Shut up an pass the ****** grass

Outsider sittin in the back of the class
Dark figure sittin in the back of the mass

I'm Sellin addiction, addicts seek my benediction
Movin the product, the holy ghost sellin salvation
So addictin pullin in the dead with my gravitation
Sell you your addiction for mine that ****** benjamin

Come to me for paradise
Feelin pain here's the ice

All I see is dead presidents
Eyes dead to the residents
Dyin for my decadence

**** a ******* with a needle
To buy a ****** gold fiddle

Jhonny may play his fiddle hot
But for the hotshot his fiddle I got

Ridin in the Mercedes benz
After I move a couple benz

Rottin the whole ****** hood  
Makin my bankroll look good

Jhonny boy givin me all his bread
Then come famine and he feelin dead
Jhonny boy robbin for scraps of bread

Jhonny boys mums bread used to get baked
This boy takin till his whole fam gets raked

Money funneled to me by the addicts
Jhonny is enforcin my pyramid schemes

I'm Sellin addiction, addicts seek my benediction
Movin the product, the holy ghost sellin salvation
So addictin pullin in the dead with my gravitation
Sell you your addiction for mine that ****** benjamin

I'll be drivin around at the seams
Collectin the green for my dreams

A real ****** nightmare on my street
Krueger with your dope sheet
Salesman with the ****** rapsheet

Killin users and abusers while I sleep
Makin a killin in back alleys I creep

Get customers lost in the nightmare
Then sell the lost a rotten cure
Maybe give em a little gear

Maybe im a travel planner
Sellin trips to wherever
Nah im just another killer
Sellin trips to the executioner

When the lord doesn't hear your prayers
To take away the pain I'll bring the wares
A couple pain pills and a few uppers
Just bring me the bills and the paper

I'm Sellin addiction, addicts seek my benediction
Movin the product, the holy ghost sellin salvation
So addictin pullin in the dead with my gravitation
Sell you your addiction for mine that ****** benjamin

Slinging drugs got somethin inside me broke
Cause i'd rather be out killen than be broke
Bring me the bricks and i'll move that coke
To all the froggys in the pond till they croak

All this movin got my numbers inflated
Got my ****** neighborhood inundated
Careful you dont get ****** ventilated

For a quick buck to take to the pusher
Bodies pile around me a deadly peddler
But ive never pulled the trigger
The passive killer, waterwell poisoner
been listening to a lot of rap and hip hop so I wanted to try writing in that style
Bard Dec 2018
Sentience is life
Sanctity a lie
Sayin it alive

"I think therefore I am"- Descartes
So may as well be a slab of ham a part
Ship the guts off to a lab grow a heart

Social value before Science breakthrough
Society lies before Society lives
Public hysteria some Hateful euphoria

Cloud regulation
With false allegation
Corrupt litigation
By holy congregation
A rights desecration
In an uptight nation
Bard Dec 2018
Follow lights the will-o-wisps
To red lights onto pillow slips
Walk under streetlight to pink lips

Everyone after green glow
Even if it means being a ***
J.Gatsby's after the afterglow

Peddlin their product, street vendors
Dealin in meat and being tender
****** in a backseat, body lenders

Crafting blissfull afterglow and after glow
Some call it sinful so callow although
Most aren't so shallow, chill in a bordello

Red lights swimmin in the air
Sanctity dyin without care
For sale tittys and derriere
Bard Dec 2018
It's not them, It's you
Your not like them, more like you
Like you to defend yourself
You sit on a shelf
haunted by ghosts
Gather dust, to spite yourself
In spite of what you want
You spit in spite at your want
Stunted your growth, always fall short
Don't change, don't grow, selling yourself short
Pathetic and sad a dying man feeling glad
Think you're tall, think you're small
Unstable, you don't grow you'll fall
Your not perfect, your not even great
Think your perfect, don't even try to be great

Great greatness gets greater  
It grates greatly the grating gratifier
Ego stroker a chronic masturbater
Losing sight when everyone will cater
Man of masks an avid actor
Nice in summer
Friend in fairweather
See you later
When the sky is clearer
Poems about friends
Bard Dec 2018
Other day I was thinkin
Lettin **** sink in
Openin my vision
On the horizon a leviathan

Coulda died the other day
I lied the other day
No pride in the way
Might've ****** killed myself the other day

Dark thoughts in my throat
Dark blots swimmin in my note

Final goodbyes as we part ways
Final lies as I cut ties
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