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Bard 17h
Trick *** *** says I gotta go
Everyone is like woah, slow up
***** this is low and ****** up
Bounce on the home, should shut up
wants others to slide in like a nip tuck
***** a bother blindside with hardluck
Hit a ***** broadside with the left hook
It might hit a switch when her brain shook
Make Ms.***** **** woman the **** up
Bard 18h
This isn't aspiration its ****** desperation
Whole life spent in dehydration an starvation
Bein real I don't even want salvation
Schizophrenic walls are talkin
Tell me I'm overdosing

**** it though atleast I'm feeling something
even if its suicidal atleast its something
Peak its oncoming then a crash landing
Minds changing its shifting
Uplifting but its shifting

I'm wishing on stars written in a few bars
Doing **** going too far endin up on mars
Engine aint working, smokin spittin out tar
Burn up in the atmosphere with no fear
Torn up by g force smackin the planets core

I'm watching myself die every day I just
Watch myself die, most my friends lost
Worry that today could be the last
Hope today might just be my last
Doesn't life move fast

Thought I was gonna be rich thought I was gonna be famous
I was just out of touch right now I'm just depressed
I miss her touch now my rooms a mess
I failed that much is clear if this is all a test
I'm under too much water waves I couldn't crest

Me and my friends will never be rich
Me and my friends doin drugs chasin a wish
**** aint life a ****** *****
Too many friends done switched
Stealin many ends watched me eat ****

****, every year feel like the final year
No ones ever here alone with my fear
Its cool even I don't care got an empty stare
So I guess abandonment was my fare
Tellin myself life just aint fair
Bard 1d
Thief in love he gotta thick goth gf
Russian chick few days boutta be bff's
Rushin in, few months he's her bf
Lookin like future with her to his left

Passion burns, at a Kebab shop it starts
Thief done got robbed took his heart
Helen and Bob, Incredible its art
The young heart throb with a sweetheart
wrote this for a the homie Thief
Bard 1d
Soft flesh an brittle bones or solid steel with copper wire
Failing gristle, mushy brain or slick oil with combustion fire
Walkin legs overtaken when tarmac gets hit by tires
Eisenstein surpassed by a TI-84's processing power
Humans expire, a robots life can be forever
Mortal morals never bother a mechanical processor
The worlds owner could be either which would you rather
more prompts from the homies
Bard 1d
Thousand bullets a second call me Trigger-Tron
Heaters out can't cool it I'm on a ****** marathon
Wanted posters dead or alive the names Trigger, Tron
Rode off into sunsets with twin lead trails outta town

Saddle up go round an round I been outta town
Makin ghost towns when I do my rounds
Addled up go round for round then head outta town
Souls wander I put em in the lost an found

Money bags with the big $ just a lil' bank robbery
Heavy saddle bags ridin out with all I can carry
Money bags with the big $ just a lil' train robbery
Heavy saddle bags ridin out with all I can carry

The young Billy draw the Iron "I'll make ya famous"
Rustlin jimmys sheriff and posse never catch us
Billy draws the big Iron "I'll make ya famous"
Shot of whiskey pumpin iron pipin in whorehouses

The sheriff and his posse after my bounty
If they wanna hound me I'm your huckleberry
Sheriff and posse, lotta bodys dead in the county
Fresh tombstones last count was about twenty

Hounds down like old yeller guns sure like to holler
Winds down at night retire the dual death dealers
Coyotes creep towards the fire start up a holler
From bush an ambush a few more dead 'fellers

Hands quicker than rattle snakes draw an fire
Leads flyin hills rattle an shake guess its war
Outlaws firin shells sounds like a two pair
My hands five aces four shots they fold for sure
Bard 1d
Like police hound dogs diggin up dirt
Breakin ground, pigs investigatin perps
****** hands communicatin my flirtin
Death my mistress her fat *** flauntin
Backseat a body of a rat with no brain
Plastic blanky keep out a ****** stain

No stressin cuz this is an unsolvable coppers caper
The evidence insubstantial cause improbable no paper
Trails lead nowhere 21st century jack wheres the ripper
Case put to bed, outta here, Marth hit em with the tipper
Cold lead, cold case, acid laced body in lye a face melter

Shadowy alleys Sirius Black disappear in dark smoke
In the valley all serious never laughs like a bad joke
Anotha body add to the tally dead how they woke
Harry with the kedavra another cadaver in my ice box
Somebody actin funny call me make a runny neck

Crimes stackin Jack Sparrow with the dirt
Moses with the staff I make rivers part
Stiletto in hand now your kidney hurt
Cop car chasin in circles never closer, roundabout
Tooth fairy molar pullin to messy burned my shirt
Villain of the story big bad wolf on the hunt
Bard 2d
Through a portal, indigo swirls outta volcano
Erupts in Eyjafjallajökull lava flows to the core go
Down below rests angry god Quetzalcoatl
Rhymes on tap no bottle off they rattle
Like those southerner rattler snakes
Sheddin words better than dandruff flakes
Weddin phrases better than catholic Primates
Ancient titles dustier the desert around Euphrates
Files in piles get higher down comes a wire no waits
Paypal cash transfer launder from feds to white sheets
White washers in backwaters sponsored by red cysts
****** wishes in defeat losers too civil justice
Equal rights, they weep never wanted this
Protests against it in streets in the winds they ****
In Texas first in race to govern to oppress colors
Heaters out to greet ya like 'ello guv'nor
Deport you like a foreigner sent over Charons border
Memoir of the late lead hoarder aka bullet holster
Noir black and white gore at the scene of the ******
A disaster all over white plaster red drips faster
Turn brown oxidize on the alabaster
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