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Bard Mar 22
Stone age tactics back stage with the tactical
Neck gets cracked late stage its practical
Flak jackets in vogue situation critical
Situation critical situation cyclical
Bard Aug 2023
All these demons fiending for some redemption
But I'm thinking they just want some attention

That won't cut it so I cut it up on the dance floor
Cut it up cut it up snow white runs out the door

Been up a day, no we've been up for days
From suns first ray until stars escape the skies

Feels like its all overrated but its just all overdue who knew
Hearts aerated fillin gaps with the same old but act like its new

Someone asked me for the time so I gave them the time of their lives
Fancy umbrellas witha side of lime lets drink to our many vices

For us there is no boring ending to all this partying
Just a constant tightrope walking and death defying
Bard Aug 2023
Pause. Save. Reset.
Start all over again
Every loss every win
Pause. Save. Reset.
Start all over again
Bard Aug 2023
A thousand words escape the cells, like the sound of crunched gravel
Reverb heard in the hall the silence after a period after a gavel
Shadows still as body's follow suit and the situations unravel
Nothing is found for all of the searching your no Percival  

Crush crush, elation chasing behind as the engine knocks side to side
Pine scented freshener and a Marlboro smokers car out for a ride
Rent a place on the velour till tomorrow till then I smile wide
High speeds but no race just a tour of the passengers pride

We all wanna go missing just for today my driver going nowhere
So many words with no one listening living laissez faire
Blah blah blah ha ha ha don't feel the wind in your hair
Give me more empty words so I can pretend to care
Bard Jul 2023
Brushed some people off now their ghosts
Called the plans evil now it'll get changed in post
Hate the fake civil talk about who gets to be shot
Weevils in society spread disease and rot
Devils in rags, devils in suits it matters not
Community's become ***** in a ***

Most never fought for anything except to take mine
Whatever, now I got money growing past the line
Got colder to people who waste my time
Left to the dirt till I was doing fine
Expected to be doing time

Graduated college before twenty four
Didn't think I'd live past twenty two
All these rich people have things so new
All my **** hand me downs growing into being poor
Now it's all gas to the floor gotta be one of the few
To have flew the coop make it past a broken door

No sense of community with the middle class
They let us die in poverty then demand a pass
Treat people like property it's so funny the middle class won't last
Shrinks every year cause of their fealty to hate and the past
Sink down here how long will they last
Among rabid dogs and white trash

Nothing ever mattered till it hit their homes
Now they lose that life with a single broken bone
How's it feel to choose food or defaulting a loan
We're all going down look at the oats we've sown
Moved up today but tomorrow down I'll be thrown
Downtown shoved into the ground the life we're shown

We all have to struggle on our own
Struggle through the aches and groans
So cast upon people all your stones
And enjoy living where the rocks were thrown
Claim it all trash heaps and poverty welcome home
Time to claim our plastic throne
Bard Jul 2023
Once so loud gone quiet, read our lives plot synopsis
Where is pride when you live in edges of solipsis
In a stones shade I am alive treading after sisyphus
Bard Jul 2023
Tick tock another second gained your life arranged
Clocks abound framed and bound forward marched
Now tense is present where sensation moans
Passion over sense actions set into stone
How many will reach us when thrown
And reach the seed that will be grown
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