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Bard Sep 13

Tick tock another second gained your life arranged
Clocks abound framed and bound forward marched
Now tense is present where sensation moans
Passion over sense actions set into stone
How many will reach us when thrown
And reach the seed that will be grown


Once so loud gone quiet, read our lives plot synopsis
Where is pride when you live in edges of solipsis
In a stones shade I am alive treading after sisyphus


A man or a child
Blessed or left for dead
Am I the words said
Or sins committed
The name cherished
But feels so ashamed


A hypocrite to the bone
Trite words said to no one
A life spent all alone

Bard Sep 6
Being alive these days feels like a crime
Punishment in the smog and crushed limes
Drink till it stops come pay your fines
Then work your way back through the line

Get higher get tools get cash
More fire more fuel more ash

Trace threads on your bed
Face the dead in your head

Gold plated saints lead us over the edge
Black tarmac crumbles on the ledge

Dreamers can stay in their comas
Workers can dream of some commas
Bard Aug 27
Take me back to the homeland
It's all Ive had its become all I am
My land, my pride, and my flag
Nothing to hide except the past
People die so that the soil lasts
My empire will never pass
Eternal taxes from axis to axis
Commit to peace through casual violence
Apple pies, red delicious lies, and amnesia
Saviors and hero's that's the ideal that's the idea
Protectors like crusaders feel zeal with a righteous cry
Drone strikes over the people we choose to die
Money is denied for most of the lives
On empty expect everyone to strive for
Picket fences a couple kids need more than more
Work harder as long as me and friends got ours
I love my country I suffer for its health
I work to death to produce its wealth
Can't even tell I'm proud of hell
Bard Aug 21
Life is a treat from your betters
So step to the letter step with fetters
Mice are good cheddar getters
Up the ladder type in your headers

Office spaces and other empty places
Smiling faces and glassy eyes
Corporate lives where everybody lies
From the top floors how many will fly


Hell is sent from the past
All body and *** living trash
Tats plaster like a mask
Let loose and shirk the tasks

Beer bottles in the lawn
Full throttle till I'm gone
Burning alive up and down town
Moths after fires we're drawn
Bard Aug 21
Hate the voices in my head, they talk and talk
They can't stop cause they want me dead

Want love want life want another day
Nowhere left to go not okay not today

Take it day by day thats what they say
Take two pills today take me away

Nothings free especially not me
Soul on the deed sold for free

Tin flavor under the skin
Sins everywhere I've been

I'm the voices in my head
And my tongue is lead
Bard Aug 21
Punks who don't respect the past
Goths sitting in the back of the class
Gangsters burning up fast
**** of society
Scared of the sight of we
Be dead in a week
Left behind
Rockabillys dead behind the shed
Hippys fed full of lead
Yippys buried in sand
No living in this land
Till you follow the man
Chase freedom if you can
Bard Jul 26
How you doing are you feeling content?
No? Then just consume more content
Watch a show listen to a song
Get the popcorn tune in turn on
Everything is dark, the night is long

So just consume to the tune of a pop star
Your home is your tomb so get a car
And if that's not enough get four more
Happiness in jars sold at your local megastore
How long can I ignore my problems, maybe forever

Everyday devour the stars eat from palms of liars
We're all stars in a play and our stage is on fire
Over each other we climb up higher
Wonder how far you gotta to not get burned
How much can you buy how much have you earned

Enjoy the view of ones and zeros
Live vicariously through fake heros
Eat up your feed till its all you know
What did you see how was the show
Did you forget your all alone now

No? Then just consume till your bloated
The void remains unfilled and the colors are faded
Always so impatient have you waited
Time has been traded to the machine you did your part
In return it ripped out your heart

Every purchase almost feels like your really alive
Things to chase almost like a purpose to live
All of it to feel as if death isn't at your side
To hide from the fact that if you stop then you've died
So purchase, consume, eat up the happy lies

Live vicariously through heros who never lived
Watch villains make sport of mocking our lives
Look at your feeds watch as they water seeds
That decide our needs, Versace and Thneeds
We're in a sea of ads and digital goods

Look at all your things your heart almost beats
Are you feeling happy are you content?
Do you need more content?
We're all happy to sell anything or something
So we can buy something or anything
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