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Bard Sep 23
Boot straps pullin
Noose won't loosen
Round the throat chokin
Bout to make a killin
Bard Sep 11
I found heaven its inside these four walls
and I found hell its just waiting on the fall
Bard Aug 23
I need water thats the nail in the coffin
Missing some screws on those coffers
No future for a buck thats the offer
Indenture your life forever after

Droughts and heat in the room so take a seat
Its about to beat down our tomb and dig up the meat
Watch brothers cannibalize each other we all gotta eat
We all gotta live but the livings run out so take your seat

The perpetrators stacked the bread up real high
But the wheats all gone and I hope that currencys a lie
Traitors among the starved left their children to die
The elephants got itself a long rope and hung us real high

Mouth dry skin cracked the bones will break through skin
To dry to cry wracked with pain all alone we break in sin
Was the high worth the dead planet was it worth the end
The end is nigh is what they said
Said the Mayan
Said the Roman
Said the Babylonian
Said the Akkadian
Said the Persian
Said the Sumerian
Said the American
Bard Aug 9
I bleed as I write can't you see
My heart its been torn from me
I won't cry just give me a sign
That everything will be fine

Wake up covered in ash every day
Smoke drifts in theres nothing left to say
But hey I got older again never be the same again
Colder how do I feel again?

I'd do anything to put out the fire
But all it does is grow even higher
My hardships have only made me falter
The world as I know it is no longer

No hope nothing will change
Even if I gave my life for it
Even though I burn for it
I'd give everything but it's all the same

And if its all the same then I'll drink till I puke
Party all day and **** my lungs with smoke
Bard Aug 9
Down down
Down down down
I've been feeling down

Whats up
My friends doped up
Everyone's ****** up

My friend she pops pills
Makes her mind go still
He's an alcoholic
Couple drinks an stoic
Crush it up and burn it up
Thats my fam doped an ****** up
I'm on a hallucinogen
I'm lit the only time I grin
Sin until we feel fine again
Bard Aug 9
It takes is one chance to make it
It takes is one rope to bite it
Bard Jul 23
Tell me who you are
And did he get you far
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