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Darling I’ve left you
My little note reads
That’s a shocker to stumble across
As you place down the keys

Darling I’ve left you
And gone to parts very much unknown
Please don’t bother trying to ring me
I’ve snipped the linecord on the phone

Darling I’ve left you
Your dinners in the dog
The jeans wore for your fancy piece
Are floating in the bog

Darling I’ve left you
Are the crocodile tears coming out
You really thought you’d keep it a secret
Just how much you were putting it about

Darling I’ve left you
The savings account is bone dry
And as for my life insurance
You’ll get f’all when I finally die

Darling I’ve left you
For a woman who doesn’t make me sick
Caring, loving and sexually active
Not like you you arrogant p*k!
Way down deep
In the lower regions of earth
Lies a very ancient monster
Awaiting its rebirth
It’s skin all jagged and cracked
With teeth all withered and redundant
The lair it’s resides in is disturbed
Making its uprising more abundant
The drills are digging deeper
Smashing through water and ice
Anger is raging inside it
It’s revenge will not be nice
Banished by gods own hands
A demon that polluted the waves
Killing anything put before him
Destruction is the vice that he craves
Boats shake upon the water
Scientific minds with puzzled stares
Fear strikes all the crew men
As it’s them that the beast ensnares
Leave alone my beautiful ocean
Your curiosity has now set me free
Gigantic is it’s form as it rises
Surging out of the deep blue sea
Beware the angry serpent
Stay away from the waters so deep
Turn back while time allows you
And just hope that the monster falls back to sleep
My friend missed his plane
Whilst holidaying in Rome
Stuck in a beautiful sun drenched city
But he just wanted to get home
Back to his job as a barman
Instead of walking the historic streets
Longing for the drone of an engine
And a kid kicking his seat
Maybe it’s because he wasn’t Italian
The language was too fast to understand
Or had he just got bored of pasta
Eat some pizza it fits in your hand
He gets another flight
And sits near the departure gate
I suppose one thing he’s learned though
Is he’s a fool who’s always late
How I long to understand the ocean
And visit it’s many rooms
To see what secrets await me
To find what in the darkness looms
Creatures the size of mountains
Visitors creating their home
From the sky’s outer realms
A civilisation that chooses to roam
Maybe your just dark and empty
Lonely and devoid of life
Waiting to be cut right open
Like a butcher with meat and his knife
Fathoms down deep below
My imagination is running wild
Hidden in your icy waters
Are the **** and deeply reviled
Rise up and show us your treasures
As I can’t take away the sea
But you can reveal your hand
Especially to curious little me
Onto the battlefield we roam
Weary from the heat
Into the throng we wade
All hungry and eager for blood
Wild and insanely we swing
Our swords made of the finest steel
Bodies falling like trees
Felled in the darkest of woods
Limbs left to rot
Heads left to roll
Friends left to die
In the long meandering grass
Hail to the triumphant heroes
Tears for the many left behind
Drink and dance in total debauchery
Cause tomorrow you will fight again
Blue and in a ball
Just visible in the light
My patterned little feet friends
Have rested for the night

Warm and comfy and enticing
Before becoming spherical and a little curled
They now resemble a colourful grenade
Or the enchanting sight of a chrysalis shielding a butterfly from the world

Not a pleasant odour mind
Full of deceased skin and pungent sweat
These pillars of the fashion community
Are the nicest pair yet
Dancing romancing over our drinks
Smiling grinning into a toilet that stinks
Kissing clinching in a quiet spot
Chilling silliness happening quite a lot
Walking slipping along a dim lit street
Laughing holding as unsteady on our feet
Waiting eager for a taxi to come along
Entering settling into home where we both belong
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