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Splash goes the rock
That I throw over my head
As the youths stand and laugh
When it falls into the bed
The bed of water all foamy
Which shimmers in the sun
This is the life right here
The days of having fun
Not like my father
All stressed and with hair of grey
And not like my mother
She hides anxieties every day
I ride my bike through the streets of town
And kiss any girl who I decide
Especially the really naughty ones
They're wildness they never hide
I’m a smoker with my circle
And we all like to drink a lot
Drugs don’t really entertain us
We like to protect the minds that we’ve got
I love life and life loves me
I know I’ll grow up some day
But for now I’m happy to rock and roll
This is the time the kids come out to play
Underneath the stony bridge
On the banks of the ***** river
A couple enter the loving phase
Shes the recipient and he’s the giver
A sound of lust enters the night
But is swept away along the rushing tide
Of the murky depths of blackness
Called water where the reeds do hide
A regular spot for the couples
Who like to sexually engage
In promiscuity beyond belief
Away from the conformist cage
Then back up the banks they scurry
To the pubs and beds where they lay
Scurrying discreetly in the darkness
Like the rats who come out to play
Peace oh beautiful glorious peace
Given to folk for nothing
Given to folk for free
But do they appreciate it
No they don’t
They want noise
They want loudness
Take it while you can
Take the peace
Failure what a word
Such a pitiful feeling
It’s really quite absurd
But failure
It’s real
I have the prove you see
Cause lately I’ve been believing
That the term failure
Relates to me
I can’t seem to do things
Everything turns out wrong
Even when Lady Luck sings
The devils brings her down with his prongs
Failure it’s real
And I can tell you why
Because no matter how hard I work
No matter how hard I try
I bring a problem in
Which makes me start to cry
Failure yes I believe it
It’s just creeping around the wall
Waiting to drop its net on me
To make me feel small
But I guess somebody’s got to be
I guess nobody’s great
I’ll just carry it on my shoulders some more
I’ll just carry the weight
Of being a failure
I wander down desolate streets that I’ve always known as towns
But now they have become havens for bright yellow helmets and noisy sounds
Gone is the hustle bustle of a lively cosmopolitan afternoon
In its place is the solitary ear shot of a builder humming a tune
A cigarette here and a cigarette there
Crackling laughter filling the air
What is this strange world I find myself in
Where does this madness end and where does it begin
It’s begins with a virus that really is pretty ******
Which has created this unique world that I like to call builder city
God created life and the man created walls
And the men are toiling on when the rich world comes and calls
Scaffolds of metal erected nice and high
As the magic of construction happens loudly under sky
Roadblocks and lights and the lifting of a hand
Halts the nonexistent traffic whilst a visor carries sand
Huddled together, social distancing at its worse
Putting forth life and limb on the line to fill a draining purse
They don’t need your concern or trending pity
Cause they are builders strong and true working in the place I call builder city
Old misery guts in your chair
Shouting with venom
Over a cup of whisky
With a sprinkle of lemon
Miserable old **** of a man
Coughing long and loud
Into the room full of dust
Swirling like a cloud
Sad pathetic old man
Full of hatred and bitter
In a room
Growing litter
Terribly angry old man
A curse for every line
Of bitterness and gloom
Just a grizzly old swine
Photos of a wife
All framed and looking nice
Now a distant memory
A thought not given twice
I miss them
Mother and father
Sister and sister and another sister
Nephews and nieces
All the bits and pieces
That make up my tree
Friends and their folk
People I often see
They mean the world to me
Yes I miss them
I hope to see them soon
Face to face
Not on a phone
Or technical interface
To give them a hug
Or to just say hello
Remind them Im here
In case they didn’t know
Yes I miss them
I’m counting down the hours
Ticking off the days
Even though it’s not clear
How this story plays
And I can finally see their faces
I can finally touch their skin
We can laugh and we can cry
Releasing the love we’ve all kept in
Yes I miss them
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