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There’s a world in my head
Where I go when I feel dead
In this world I take control
And take back the emotions stole
I feel happy in my shape
A boy with a means of escape
A solider feeling refined
Power undefined
Telling the world to go to hell
That’s the nice version as well
Cause this is the coping device
The world I like to entice
In anger I drew a picture
Of an injustice that never was
Through blinkered eyes
And heavy sighs
I kept believing it’s because…

But in a fleeting moment
A deep reflection rose again
Through meandering thought
And emerging shame
As the realistic entered my brain

It’s hard to say your sorry
Much harder to say your wrong
So through clear thinking
And a self cleansing
You accept you’ve been stupid all along
Hammer and chisel
Dust and spittle
Break and feel free
To remake me

Hammer and chisel
Dust and spittle
Take down the walls
And relight my halls

Hammer and chisel
Dust and spittle
Repair with care
And I’ll get there

Hammer and chisel
Dust and spittle
Repaint the blue
Make me feel new

Hammer and chisel
Dust and spittle
Nail up a sign
That reads I’m fine
The birds are gracefully singing
A beautifully hypnotic song
On the branches high up outside
In their glorious angelic tongue

Slowly my eyes gently flicker
As the sun pokes it head through
Like it’s delivering a subtle message
Which says good morning from me to you

Time to rise and face the world
With all its challenges and usual mess
But the warmth cocooned in my quilt
Makes me want to even less

It’s Sunday the day of rest
And no urgency enters my brain
So slowly I turn and descend
Into the wilderness of dreams again
Write me a letter
About your day
Mention all the problems
That stood in your way
Show me I’m human
And it’s not just me
Who has the same worries
Over a cup of tea
An offspring argument
Or a neighbours row
Show me you have the same
And share it with me now
Thank you!
You are in essence clearly to me
The ninth wonder of the world
Strong and bold
Unique and impressive
And nothing in this world
Gets anywhere close to being similar

A beacon of love created by the gods
My ninth wonder of the world
Beautiful and alluring
Fascinating and shining
If anything out there is the same
Then I’m yet to find it

Brought through space on the tail of comets
For me my ninth wonder of the world
Clever and funny
Warm and mysterious
If someone is found with the same perfection
I’ll accept it but doubt I’ll really believe it
The sea and the sky combine
To form an oil painting in my mind
As the fluffiness of sleep encircles
And traps me to my bed
Through the semi conscious world I wander
Shoeless across surreal plains
Never quite getting to grips
With the surroundings I’m submerged inside
I somehow know it’s not real
Yet it feels like I should be here
The beautiful colours and strange images
Are magical yet misshapen in view
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