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The age of light and of water and of night
The age of space and of electric and of flight
The age of thinking and of hearing and of sight
The age of genius

The age of simplicity and of size and of ease
The age of medicine and of cures and of disease
The age of voices and of beauty and of ******
The age of genius

The age of seeing and of equality and of ponder
The age of creativity and of new and of wonder
The age of rain and of sun and of thunder
The age of genius

The age of storms and of eruptions and of tide
The age of extinction and of death and of pride
The age of faith and of spirit and of inside
The age of genius
A drunken ramble through the wilted trees
Of dark decay and windswept pleas
Across the paths of suffocating shadow
Upon the stillness of a sleepy meadow
I slump down like a tired child
Like a clumsy elephant blessed by the wild
My heartbeat races from toe to head
As my brain dreams back to a beautiful bed
Whilst the river is running fast and unrelenting
I am like the lost soul forever lamenting
Why am I here and what do I seek
A release of guilt or a peck on the cheek
Till soon the lights of suburbia will beckon
Where the weights that tangle are sure to reckon
Alone with ones thoughts is a mental gamble
On this late night sojourn to a drunken ramble
Twisting or lying prostate
What does it mean
Falling short
Or not doing enough
The worst that’s ever been

It’s a ******
You feel low
And your energies gone
Like rain coming down in summer

Where does it end
You see no hope
Cause your hearts not in it
It drives you round the bend
I drank the wine
From my lovers glass
And I secretly prayed
It wasn’t my last

She cleverly told me
I was still her friend
But in reality
It felt like the end

I put down my drink
And said my goodbye
Then noticed her tears
Why did she cry

I’m so very sorry
Was the words she exclaimed
Which led to a reawakening
As my passions inflamed

And then we made love
So beautiful and true
Then came those dreaded words
You know l don’t love you
Matches on fire
Oh why do I watch
My brother the liar
Swirling his crotch
To inspecting girls
Beautiful faces
Perfected curls
All dresses and laces
You for me
And you for him
How good it will be
A promise so slim
I don’t want cast offs
Or my brothers choosing
Smart *** toffs
I’m already loosing
But carry on he will
Flirting and petting
It all makes me ill
My picked one is fretting
My brother is a fool
So now I’m going home
This isn’t cool
I’m not in Rome
Where you do as they do
I life my own life
I’m thinking *******
As I spot his wife
Through the eyelids
All yellow and hazy and warm
The sun gently creeps in
A freshness blows
As the birds sing
Signalling the day is to begin
Dust particles dance in the air
Like midges near a river
The weary eyes feel wet
A yawn is stifled
Arms stretched up
What mysteries await me yet
Snuggled under cotton
Wrapped like a mummy
The chill is creeping around
No work today
A weekend release
Loafing is duly abound
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