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your sweet reflection
is my everyday bonus
I need you with me.
I had someone to say,"It's okay I am here for you,
Someone to cover me with the blanket that deserted me in the middle of the night,
Someone to remove my glasses and book that I was reading when I fell asleep.
Somebody asked what to do
after seventy?
Not do what you were doing before.
Less stress,
Your tickets have come,
You may be called any time,
Prepare for your journey,
Carry light,
Only good deeds
He proposed first with two roses,
He gave first rose with a note,
I Love you and will do so for the rest of my life,
He gave a second rose,
To my best friend.
Then he knelt down with a diamond ring,
*Will you marry me
Is to give me a chance to correct what I had said,

Two red petals of a rose,
Moist with dew,
Trembling as my eyes gazed at them,
And when my lips touched them,
I felt their fragile softness and sweetness as if dipped in honey.
From strangers,
To acquaintance,
To best friends,
To lovers,
A little misunderstanding,
Now sworn enemies.
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