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Every age has its own charm.
When you cry,coo and gurgle,
Everyone is smitten over you.
Full of fun and innocence.
A package of I know all attitude and don't mess with me.
Mellowed and wiser,
Old age,
Fair wear and tear clearly seen
Having to use aids and props,
The last chapter of your stories,
Welcome, embrace and enjoy the art of living.
I may be boring and quiet,
But when you are around me,
I feel alive
And am full of fun.
Be yourself first what you are searching in others.
Don't close the gates of your heart,
Welcome new Helloes
They are meant to bring Spring into your life.
A mother is simply a mum,
Good or bad,
Black or white,
Her heart is full of motherhood,
Nobody can take her place or weigh more in value,
She understands our deepest feelings.
She shouts, nags and makes us do chores,
And sometimes even smacks us,
But all for our betterness,
The whole world will stop worrying about us,
But not mother.
Although she may not have time to dole up,
For us she is still beautiful.
Some leave their mothers alone to fend for themselves,
Or at Old People's Home,
Mothers become a burden,
But remember a mother's prayer can change your destiny,
And Allah has placed the doors to Heaven under her feet.
Always needs a woman,
As a child he follows his mother everywhere,
Till he gets a girlfriend,
Call it love or infatuation,
He chases her showering sweet compliments and gifts,
Focus  on mum lessens.
Then he gets married,
Mama's boy loses his bachelor hood,
His priorities change,
Wife has control over him,
She has the last say,
And he is now wife's man,
No way to escape,
Unless a divorce with a price to pay.
Like a tree,
Standing tall and strong,
In all its simplicity,
With deep roots to face any storm.
Know your worth,
Embracing life with open arms
And be as happy as you can be just being you.
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