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She was a beautiful rose,
Soft, glowing and evolving
Nurtured by the love of the sun
And kindness of the rain.
Her father was the crown of thorns,
Harming those who would steal his blossom.
Until one day someone craved for the rose,
And he dared grasp the thorn to pluck her.
He does what he wants,
She does what she wants,
Right to space.
I stole her laughter,
She doubled  it,
I stole her happiness,
She doubled it,
And offered to double her pain and sorrow,
I ran away.
I want to spend the rest of my life with your laughter as my surround sound.
I don't know what to do,
I am unable to sleep,
There is war about you between my mind and my heart.
My mind warns me to be careful,
My heart urges me to go ahead and drown myself in your soulful eyes.
Love is fragile,
Hold it tenderly and close to your heart,
Make it your strength and a blessing,
Give out as much as you can,
Fragile it can be but unbreakable it will be.
Not death,
What dies inside you while you are still alive.
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