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Expect nothing,
Accept everything.
Towards life,
Reflects your mind and soul.
Algebra, geometry arithmetic,
For some it is fun
Divide by same number it is one,
Plus, minus  multiply and divide,
With many maths rules you have to abide.
Others swell up in wrath,
To walk the tricky path.
Maths is full of calculation,
But the problem is multiplication.
In the 80's when my children misbehaved
Neither I shouted nor raved,
My hands I raised not,
But made them learn times tables by rote,
And with soda tops made them solve plus and minus sums
And if they got all right I rewarded them with candies and chewing gum.
Is I,
The rest are opinions.
Problems are solved,
If you learn to say no.
I feel sad,
I listen to music,
And go to sleep.
Itself is a miracle,
And you are the masterpiece.
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