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saige Feb 2021
i felt the pain.
i felt the pain as his five fingers clenched as tight as they could.
i felt the pain as a hard fist came at me.
as another broken promise now lays to rest.
my house, never a home, has now come to be a graveyard.
a place of death to all hope that could’ve been.
“i won’t do it again”
“i won’t do it again”
“i promise i won’t”
“i promise”
there is still an impression of his wedding ring on my skin.
love has always shown itself in the strangest ways
saige Mar 2020
I am in love with you.
Nuff said
  Mar 2020 saige
                          a pit
                                  of anxiety.

                     When suddenly



    ­                      r


           ­               e


                  ­        a


                         ­ l

            ­        burst.

                          And then

P     r     o     c     r   a    s    tination
spilled         un   e   ve       nly

           on a tiled bathroom floor.
saige Jan 2020
My hands still shake constantly,
I usually tend to hide them in my pockets.
When your hearts racing, its hard to worry about you hands
  Nov 2019 saige
how do i tell you whats wrong when
The feelings im feeling,
I dont have the right to have.
-betrayed, resentment, sad.
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