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Daksh 2d
Night talks: every day.

Can I talk through you with this poem?

I loved it when we used to talk.
The moments when you used to tell me,
what you feel about me.

Now before I sleep,
I think about you,
every night
and I let you go.
Every night.
Daksh Jan 9
teeth smile
small black bracelet

Living in an apartment.

Magic; her eyes, that night

Sorry I didn‘t kiss you.
Calls me names and makes weird faces

last seen laughing uncontrollably
if found:
tell her I am waiting

Its getting cold here
Daksh Jan 9
I loved walking with you
Daksh Dec 2019
We wanted to be the sky
Daksh Dec 2019
He: And we‘ll have a house near the ocean and we‘ll both renovate it every year
She: I can‘t wait to live with you
He: I can‘t too, be right back, gonna grab a soda

last online: 7 years ago
Daksh Nov 2019
I have switched off the fans, the air conditioner
covered you with your blanket
And have stared you unconditionally.

Teary eyes?
Walking; Eating ice cream.
Never stops leaving some of it on her face.
I can't stop myself.

I will hold you and then look at you.
The lights will then fade out,
and we'll then disappear
                                                    t h e  
                                                          n i g h t.
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