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Sy Lilang Sep 27
I looked up to the mountains
And saw it was the same
When I expect it to move,
Wasn't it faith that made it stirred?

One day, I strolled again
And I was sad --
"For it's all the same,"
From the beginning of times
To the end of my eyes,
I keep asking myself,
"How long shall I wait?"

And then I heard a voice like thunder,
"Move again!"
But that voice became a whisper
As I yearn to listen for more.

So there, I ran over
I was searching for that small voice --
searching for its Source
Until I was caught off guard!
I was silenced
With how little things and even the simplest things
Have the greatest value
More than a lifetime!

As I opened my eyes,
It was a sea of clouds!
I have never seen this even once!
I was mesmerized with Its radiance
The black thick sky was gone --
And it's as if I was about to lose my sight,
"It's a Hidden Glory!"

Even in my heart, my reasoning was ceased
With a moment of silence,
I know it was that Voice --
That same Voice from the very beginning
It was Him who has brought me here.

Sometimes I worry too much
With how the mountains will move --
Even with the time of the falling of the leaves.
Should I tell it to move?
Should I tell the birds to stop chirping?
Or should I be the one
To move forward instead?

So here's the thing is:
A simple thing which will put everything aside
And will focus you to the Greatest upon the greats.
For while you seek to that Voice,
You'll learn to stick with grace
Which is out of this world
And it will just unfold to you.

Your heart shall be stilled
With why most of the times
You need not to actually understand everything --
You're never required to worry
You need to stop asking for answers
Even in the toughest circumstances.

But you are invited to rest in His love:
You are commanded to pursue!
You are enabled to walk!
You are anointed to speak!
You'll know when the time is right!
For the Spirit is there!
The Spirit is here!
The Spirit is your guide!

Who then shall bring down your walls?
Who shall stop you from declaring?
If you are commanded to prophesy.
God will light up even the darkest nights --
And yes, in that mountain; in those mountains,
You're gonna create an altar for God!
Coz every mountain is a mountain of God!
He shall deliver you!
He is now delivering you!!

It will never be the same for you --
Your life shall never be the same
As you'll have that Encounter.
I tell you --
There're truths that this world do not know
There're also things you thought as "truth"
But with that genuine heart and desperate cry,
You'll find out soon
What your soul is really searching for!
1 Kings 18:43-44
And he said to his servant, “Go up now, look toward the sea.” And he went up and looked and said, “There is nothing.” And he said, “Go again,” seven times. And at the seventh time he said, “Behold, a little cloud like a man's hand is rising from the sea.” And he said, “Go up, say to Ahab, ‘Prepare your chariot and go down, lest the rain stop you.’”

You are blessed not to see what’s ahead for you’ll surely be surprised by what God has prepared! You’ll trust more while you worry less — there is something even in one’s nothingness! Coz when God says “there is something,” He means He has enabled you! He has prepared everything and all you have to do is walk through it, experience and enter His rest and joy. To take God’s voice into your heart. Listen while he tells you something for the first time until the seventh or the hundred times. It’s for your own good! You will see it and God will make sure to you: He will see you through! Our God always win!
Sy Lilang Aug 28
In times like this
When the rain pours as I ponder,
My soul is stilled in Your lullabies.
You're too beautiful,
Your grace, ever sufficient.

I dream to cuddle in Your grace
And there Your Spirit dwells in me.
I ask no more blessing from You
But a simple plea to be at my side.

Your presence is my rescue,
I can put away everything except You.
You're my hope to last forever
Your mist of love, engraved in my soul.

I ask You not to leave me
And so hold me closer in Your mercy.
Jesus, Your Name is higher
My tears, like rain overflows
At the mention of Your Name.

You are Lord forever
And so the rest of this world You value so much.
Sometimes, I 'm forgetful of You
Sometimes, I lack trust in You
But You're faithful, Lord.

You are raised to life
You are my rest
You're my shield
There's no adornment in Your Name
Yet You're still the Most of the "world's most."

Today, I thank You God
Today, I praise You
Today, You keep me
Today, You see me as Your child.

Oh Lord, my cry is from the depths of my heart
I burst in longing for You
And then, hold me again
In the palm of Your hands
I shall rest assured.

Thank You Jesus,
I remember You
Keep me, Lord
As I hold on to my faith in You.
Sy Lilang Aug 17
I regret of completing myself -
I got broken on so many things
And I tried stitching my own scars.

Many times, I found myself lingering on what has gone
Pages truly have turned against us
But I never gave up, I've lost
Even my own grip towards my destination.

Another came in when my door was about to shut,
I thought it's good or maybe it's my way out
But later on, as I ponder alone
And away from every detail I even tried to adore,
I then regret it for the thousand times --
For I was competing towards myself
And I was tired.

It was tough stirring in this life
Trying to stitch every mess
Trying to lure my own loss
Trying to shape my hope.

It was a graveyard here
While it was paradise on the other side,
I do hope I can be free
I do hope hurt will come to last.

Days have come
And even ashes dried up
There's not even a second I count not
Everything will lapse,
Everything in their own momentum
When no one knows,
No one has ever depicted the future.

And so here I am under this so old, old tree
Wishing for the last leaf to not fall
Praying one day, the paradise I'll see --
I'll never mess another life
And when I'll wake up again,
There will be beautiful things.
There will be hope, there will be joy
I am alive, I am set free.
Sy Lilang Apr 26
I call upon those who thirst,
Let’s drink to the Well
And ask for His rain
Not to simply shower a blessing
But to pour out His Spirit
Until all flesh recalls the Name above all names —
The Name of Jesus!

I call upon those who struggle
Though you feel misfortunes,
I tell you — we all have a journey to take
We have seasons but we need not to stay
Don’t stay where you are
But let God as you pray —
Let God awake your soul
Let Him Be in His throne
For the Lord gives, but He also takes away
Don’t wonder why but trust even if you don’t understand
Let us stand as we lift His Name!

For Jesus, You are higher than our situations
Higher than our mountains
We are Yours and You are ours
In our lives, we bring You glory
In the season when we’re dry,
When it’s tough
When it seems there’s no way
Where there’s impossibilities —
But You are God!
Yes You are God and You will make a way!

We call upon the Heavens
Your Spirit is in us!
There’s no battle we cannot be victorious!
No pain we cannot be delivered!
You are God!
So Lord, take over!
Sy Lilang Apr 26

I look up the sky tonight
And it seems I'm counting the endless nights
Above, You bestow the stars
To which my heart,
In remembrance, defines Your promises
which were never hidden by the clouds.

I saw the roaring and beating of
Every star that represents
Every person, every generation,
Every soul w/ endless tears
Yet has never been forgotten by Your grace.

I see myself sparkling in the sky
And You set hope in my heart
And that one day, all of those stars will unite --
Unite as one as they bring You more glory
You -- You're forever glorified!
Sy Lilang Apr 26
Your love is so patient
Your love is eternal
Your love is mercy upon me
Covers me by Your blood.

My strength is failing
Your presence is all I need
You're my salvation, my Security
You keep my heart still.

So here I am,
Embrace me Lord.
I surrender now,
In Your love, I rest assured.
Sy Lilang Apr 26
You found beauty in ashes
Out of nothing, You create
Dust no longer is lifeless
In Your breath is existence.

You're the Potter, I'm the clay
Mold me, life You declare.

Heaven is in Your presence
Death steals but You save
With all the love, You create
Rescued us, grant us as heirs --
We are Yours forever.
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