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To all adults who feel they can ignore kids:
Why do you feel you can ignore us?
Especially when we’re old enough to know
**** isn’t perfect
We know things
We have opinions
Yet we get ignored
And let me tell you, it’s ******* annoying
So why do we get ignored?
And before you say
“It’s because we have life experience”
I understand that’s important
But we just want to be listened to
If you think we’re wrong, debate us
Change our minds
Give us that experience
Just don’t ignore us
Could it be that I got my wish
That he won’t text me anymore?
Maybe he finally realized
I’m done
More than a week since last contact... maybe he listened
  Aug 9 atticus wilson
I stay at the payphone long after you’ve drunk yourself to sleep.
I tell you everything I want to hear.

There’s a lot I can’t say to your face.
It’s getting harder for you to find mine in a crowd.
Nine months
That’s when society says
“Hope you know what you want to do with your life.”
And throws you out into the world
I have no plan
I don’t know ****
And I’m afraid
Everyone else is out there
On these beautiful summer days
And here I am
When I get invited out I become the third wheel
When I go out alone
It’s no better than being inside
How do people live life?
How do I do more than sitting at my computer
Playing level after level
Even though I’ve played the game before
How do I do more than laying on my bed
Watching episode after episode
Even though I know all the lines by heart
How do I live life?
I missed my friend’s going away party
At least I still think he’s my friend...
It doesn’t matter, not anymore
Because he’s going to Basic Training

Good luck out there
Be strong, be true, don’t forget your roots
And above all, as the last time I saw you
Was most likely the last time I’ll ever see you
Stay well
Stay safe
Don’t forget to use your brain
I’ll miss you
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