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atticus wilson May 2022
What do you do when you confess your soul
When you tell them that for five years
When you see them your mind goes blank
Save the thoughts of holding them
Your eyes focus on their lips as they speak
Wondering what they would be like on yours
For five years you wanted them -warts and all
And they just want to be friends
I had a crush on my friend for five years. Over the pandemic we fell out of touch because they left and texting wasn’t the same as talking. Because of this, the feelings began to fade until they weren’t there anymore. I found them at my college about two months ago and we reconnected. Along with our friendship (which was just as strong as before) came all the feelings. I told them yesterday and they said they knew the whole time but thought they were making it up, but they just want to be friends
atticus wilson Apr 2022
It’s been a while
How have you been?
Has it really been 5 months since I’ve picked up my pen?
So much has happened in so little time
But the world stands still as I sit here in pain
We live we laugh and all I want is the love
But that’s all I used to write
My life
My laugh
My loves
Now I sit here wondering who the **** I was
Is it too late to go back, and put down the pen I used
Can I go back and stop myself from telling what I’ve been through?
A word stew from my tired depressed brain…
I just want to go back to when I was happy
atticus wilson Nov 2021
I wasn’t looking until I met you
Looked in your eyes and I was blinded

You fell in love with someone else
You broke it off you joined my group
You joke you cuddle you flirt
You scroll through tinder as you sit on my lap
My heart thumps when you’re near
When I run my hands through your hair
Tell you how great you look when you change your shirt
I want nothing more than to scream

No matter how much I tell myself
“It’s just a crush, you’ll be over it soon”
No matter how many times you joke that
“It’s too bad you aren’t my type”
No matter how many times I see your ex
I want to scream that I love you
I want to hold your head and kiss you
I want to have my love scene

I want to hold you and know
You are mine
And I’m yours
But I’m not your type
So this is all we’ll ever be
Just me, back on my ****, this time in college
atticus wilson Jul 2021
I hate growing apart from those you held dear
Watching them fade from real to figures on a screen barely recognizable
You shared your secrets, helped each other through your dark and twisted moments
But none of that matters as their face becomes one you no longer know
Soon all you can do is let them go
Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again. Doubtful, but life is mysterious
atticus wilson Jun 2021
The ink of my pen is filled and colored
From the well of my soul
Every stroke for every letter
My soul diminishes
Until nothing but light remains
atticus wilson May 2021
I don’t write to make you feel pain
I write with hope you may better understand my soul
atticus wilson Mar 2021
Don’t waste any time with friends
Before you know it, they’ll be gone
And you’ll wish you had more time
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