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the Earth was knackered

collapsing into an unmade bed

while the frightened humans dared not make a sound

you can still hear the snoring

when oceans dry their tears

the Doctor looked in once or twice

listening with a stethoscope

all he could hear were the whimpers

of humanity

it was pitiful

Sssshhhhhhhhhh! you will wake the Earth up

M Elee 5m

A soul on fire
Where fate tempts me
I dare not go.

A hand so warm,
Tender embraces
welcome brisk goodbyes.

A skip in step,
in chest
I dare not hope
When I know best.

I was ordering waffles at Denny's when a mountain lion broke free, and ate our waitress. I changed my order to pancakes. Even though the manager of Denny's was very nice, my orders said that he had to die.

I act foolishly, but it's okay. I don't mind.

I'm slap-happpy happy.
The extra P is to mark my territory.

I love you most with buttered toast.
Your teeth look tired. I'll chew for awhile.
I'm all begotten wrong by a long Hong Kong sing-song Tong.

Kierra 26s

"My heart yearns for my dearest maid,
A gift for only the finest."
She diverts her gaze in another way;
"I couldn't love it the slightest."
The necklace of gold slips to the floor,
he will never face defeat.
"My darling for you, my heart has torn,
Yet I find myself still at your feet...
"I sit on a throne of gold my dear,
Your golden gift doesn't compare
to the women I see standing in the mirror
for she is strong and fair."

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