David 56s

If you noticed someone drowning in a pool,
would you compliment them on their backstroke?

If you noticed someone putting milk in their car instead of gas,
would you wish them good luck on their trip?

How little respect some folks have,
all for the sake of the vein and mundane social courtesy.

I wouldn't think even an extra strength asshole could be so heartless,
to willfully ignore such blatant fucktardedness.

Love is stranger than fiction
It's not easy to make true diction
It's like poetry with inspiration
You should follow intuition
and making no prediction

Youth to Truth

Tell me popular woman,
Although you're affluent,
Have a man of pure gold,
Does he hold you when you cry?

Tell me popular girl,
How has life treat you,
Did you manage to afford a pearl,
Like your parents gave you,

Did you stay with Jack,
The most popular quarterback,
Did you stay in school,
Do your parents still have a pool,

I am speaking as him,
The man you overlooked,
All because I didn't go to the gym,
Like a fragile bird my feathers were plucked,

Moons have passed since,
I heard a story that you're broke,
And that Jack is no longer your prince,
I always said he was a joke,

They said you never built your life,
Stuck in apathy,
Cut the past with a knife,
Sounds like it's a catastrophe.

Decided to write a small story about those "Popular kids".

The water ripples,
The shore,
Like two lost lovers,

Those trees,
As they catch,
The breeze,
They dance together,
So gracefully,

Watching all this,
Is the peering sun,
Who can’t do nothing but blush,
It brings out,
A warming smile,
Created with the minimum of fuss!

JB x

Fariytales are what a dead man's dreams are made of
A perfect fantasy, I'll have it stay as mine
Here, I'll see you through a cradle's bars
With borrowed innocence, you'll see my concience shine

You're my conquest
A redeemer's soul for sale
I'll throw in my last dime
Right before the clock strikes twelve again

Where they pondered, I'd walk along the tides
My little laments drawn by the early taste of wine
When I'll come close just slowly enough
You could give this night a single meaning

As the winds might have meant to tell us
Where our nothings seem meaningless
For the first and for the last time

Weary eyes, as you finally faint to give in
Weakend by the sense of comfort in my cruel hands
Where could I seem more guilty in the eyes of man
As I close my eyes for the very first time

MU 4m

I do it;
She is it!

Yes, she is that special...
Mason Jay 7m

From childhood,
I was predestined
to be stuck, bound
to my hypocritical
Full of white people
terribly conservative,
no one really caring
about how anyone
So many ‘bad’ people
in the world,
especially the ones
who ‘choose’ to
the same gender
as themselves.
There’s a special place,
for them, called
That’s what I was told,
and I guess
that’s where
I’m going

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