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Out of habit
she stirred the
hornets nest and
as a habitual offender
he keeps throwing
pebbles into the
still waters of
the quiet pool
causing it to
twirl and turn
The ripple spreads
encouraging strives
and struggles,
with tumultuous little
waves causing
commotions and
Even the mind
cannot be stilled
or know peace
amidst constant
irritable pesky little
constant harassment.
Like the acid,
it erodes the
mind of peace
and serenity,
weakened the heart
and eludes and
robs it of harmonium.
As White as jade
as pure as ice,
no one jokes
with his inner peace.
Like the droppings
of a sick animal
infects and cause
dis-ease in the
even so is
the constant pollution
of the mind
effects the spirit.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
I take in this smoke,
To fill my lungs,
Until I can't breathe any more,
To keep me busy and my mind off these walls,
They're caving in and my sins are taking control of me,

I look up to the sky,
Watch as our cloud nine passes me by,
Haunted by the silence of the nights,
An empty bed with a filled up head,
These thoughts are running wild on me,

Because I've been holding out, holding out.
Telling myself, that there's nothing in my way,
Am I ever gonna wake up some day?
Holding out, holding out.
Telling myself that I just need to wait,
Am I ever gonna wake up someday?
Fear of death erratic not,
faith of life be certainly preposterous
It's an enigma that I know the answer to.
How will we work,
me and you?
one man's ***** is another man's meal, albeit insipid and ****** dry of nutrients
it may still make a minestrone; carrot chunks and strings of onion-
toss in beef, make it mulligatawny,
pretend the bile is barley, that the skin on top is cooldown cloth
not oil of alveoli, not the taste of something **** and truthful-
that ****'s hard to swallow but add imagination,
force it down and feel saliva flood a mouth that smells like secondhand sluice.
Who knows...
JP 8m
It's like dragging
a woman in out thought
and abusing her..
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