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η 34s
Girls constructing blocks,
and boys with chopping boards.

Girls driving cars,
and boys wearing scarves.

Girls do fight,
and boys argue to prove they’re right.

Girls are loud,
and boys are loud, too.

Quiet now, children.
Pack your toys right away.
During play time from class Sapphire II.
an engrossing book
tub of favourite icecream
an ideal life.
Anyone who has ever loved or suffered a heartbreak has been a poet
When people tell you things that is personal
That is a sign of trust

When they tell you something personal
That’s like saying, “I trust you”

But if you go ahead and tell someone else
That person looks like a fool

Because they trusted you
Dal90 24m
If I had a camera I’d take a picture
Of your most wonderous feature
I’ve never seen you with a smile quite like this before
So I hope my memory doesn’t fail me
Because I don’t want to forget this moment
With us washed up on the shore
Where your hand found the time to find mine
And your laugh was so outrageous
As soon as I heard it float out of your mouth
I began to laugh
You always thought I was *******
But it must’ve been contagious
Because it’s the most pleasant thing about you
The thing I couldn’t live without
And even though there’s no one else around
You do your best to come off as shy
Diverting your eyes away from mine
The ones I’d use my last wish to drown in
If I had the chance to look at what I’d be missing
If I ever was unfortunate enough to lose
The most beautiful thing I’d ever lost and found
There's no light between our shadows
When my heart beats
With your rhyme on Love Street
Couldn't hear anything instead of your Breath
When the butterflies escape from my Stomach
Cause love gives them a chance to take a Break
Think you've never done that before
Yet I can't call you the first kisser
Cause your eyes confess of dreaming
More & more!
kissing scene
Every thought
A puddle that clouds your mind
To roll in like a playful child
Sometimes long enough
You mull
To be shrouded by
Sooner or later you dust it off
And lay it down
To be puddled by new
Growths of green
Colour of a faded lime
Not long enough
A forest never enough
There is winters and summers
Seasons of all
There is always, spring
To fall upon
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