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Loneliness eats away at the soul
It dives deep into its caverns
Infecting every inch
Not doing so in a rushed manner
No, loneliness bides its time
It allows you to enjoy the solitude at first
But overtime you dread it
It sucks away everything that is pure and good
It fills you with sorrow
Tells you daylight will never come
And you believe it

If you want something bad enough
You will make an effort to obtain it
You don’t want me
You choose others over me
You make no attempt to seize me for yourself
I am not someone who waits around
My patience is short lived
Just like you and I

The rain comes and goes
It leaves life in its departure
When it leaves and the clouds roll back
I am sad
It almost seems mother nature wants me to move along
To stumble back outside
Into a world basking in sun
But still living under storms
I wish for the rain to return

My life, held in a sling
I forever starve -
My life, a hold I cling
An epitaph I carve -
Bourbon I have drank
Lines blown, money sank
Recovery always in sight
Internal battles I fight
My life carries old scars
I always stare -
My life plays guitar
Tonight, in my underwear -
I howl at the moon
As I heat the spoon
Enticing my brain
To hold onto this chain
Forced warriors chant
A seed they plant
The killer I have become
My body numb -
I strum,
My life in a tune
I miss my platoon
Take me back
To the attack
Where I can die
Without the word why.

so I barely inked a wet speckled splat,
and now there's just a drudged smudge I stare at...

for the wind has now spoken,
openly spoken to me,

blown my pen afar,
it must yearn to be free.

yearning to blow away,


and roll,

roll away from a goal,

to find my inked soul.

Cupid turned a man into a tiger.
He looked beautiful to women.
But under his orange fur
There was a fire.
The water in her eyes evaporated
Into a cloud above her head.
People started to see her like an angel,
Beautiful but dead.
It all started because of something
He said to Cupid;
Grant me a wish.
Make me a chick magnet.
I’m not a genie, Cupid said,
But by the power vested in me
I’ll make you a chick magnet
If that’s what you really want to be.
June 25.2017

DJColzz 10m

Here I am, I'll stand by you
I can give you verity
Like the dream you made come true
For all the joy you bring me
Faith in the love from your heart
Never let me fall apart

I'm the one to hold you up
I can see you through it all
Troubles try to fold you up
Won't let them make you feel small
I'm your voice if you can't speak
I'll be bold, if you feel weak

When I can't see, you're my eyes
You're the wings to make me fly
You are the truth through the eyes
The hand that touches the sky
I am grateful for each day
Where my inspiration lay

Through the dark, I'll be your light
You were there for me always
There is no star lost tonight
As we meet in life's hallways
I don't know much that may be true
But I know I'm blessed with you

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