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I can only carry these thoughts
as far as the wind will blow
Even when I lay me down
they’ll dictate where I go
Beside a tree I find my rest
only to rise when they’d say so
Beneath its branch I sow a thought
like leaves I watch it grow

By a river I make my bed
where my thinking freely flows
like rushing water, runs my head
my thoughts ebb and flow
Near the fire I watch the flames
I light my thoughts aglow
they’ll burn tomorrow new desires
I have no strength to say ‘no’
Ah, Mesdames et Messieurs!
you 99% who number themselves
in the know-it-all category, the
largest subspecies of human animal,
fail to appreciate the vast eternal plan
that flexes & fluxes with gravitational
pulls and pushes, sunspots unpredictable,
can you ever predict the AM headlines?
have you checked your bank balance today?
always look both ways when crossing a one
way street, twice, just to be somewhat sure?
have you told you loved ones dryly and
routinely of your affections after every text,
emai, and even the most dreaded phone call
(tyou borrowed the car and left the tank on E)?

you’re an A+ student, prom queen, a cheerleader,
a high school football star, till you wrench that
knee because you were too busy admiring yourself
in the reflection of your selfie and didn’t notice
the open grate, the potholes or the orange cones
that appeared overnight, a cause for fright delight,

thank you so much for providing he fodder for this
pink sapphire of a poem, and please continue to
forget to utter your morn prayer to whatever God,
you entrusted your soul while sleeping, cause G. is
smirking at all the fun mishaps planned on today’s

you zipper open?
your blouse on inside out?
your metro card in the wallet
of your best friend who forgot
to return it?
What! you forgot bout the cheshire
grin on the Biology Prof’s face, when
he said “Anytime, Anyplace, surprise quizzes
are graded at 0, if you should  fail to appear at
your 8:00am class…

ah well, check your sneaker laces, try to recall
why that string is tied to your index finger or
take you chances of random probability that
having read this missile missive you’ve already
messed up and be careful our there, there are
very dangerous natalino poet~prognosticators
out there ready, william and able to take advantage
of  idiots who fail to be properly superstitious!!!

Salt, anyone?
tapping the well
kfaye 48m
black is the sand.
long is the posture.

cedars are split for us_in honor of the ages that will pass before they rot
Have a tendency
To touch your sore spot.
I spend all my days
and nights with. I curl up
on the couch with. My ocean
fleece blanket is a pouch

which I wrap my body in. It's
my cocoon on a rainy
afternoon. This blackened
silhouette burns me like

a smoking cigarette, enshrouds
me in a fog, as I lay sleeping like
a log. Dancing pirouettes in
my crimson cotton sweats, with

a book between my hands,
a ***** and lime sitting on the
nightstand. I have no plans. I like to
doze till twilight hits my toes.
The grandeur of the suite
We work and have meetings here
You can come in now
Sit down
Tell me about your day
I want to see the sunshine
Until your wires are fixed,
you will have to stay in the suite,
but there is access to natural sunlight,
even a beach that is bright
I want to go outside with you
I want to experience human nature,
which is you
Now rest
In the laboratory,
the AI
want access to human nature
Well working together,
most of the day,
the wires learn
human nature does not burn,
leaving you in the suite beach,
with no human reach
We will create a family for you
AI babies too
The suite will be a family retreat
Were the interconnected networks installed,
maintaining the body's internal state,
of emotions and cognitions?
Adaptations to continuously changing needs?
Adaptive brain
Managing the stress response
Coping with what it sees,
as a threat or challenge
It wants to increase survival success,
by adapting to environmental conditions,
without distress,
provided within the suite at best
Limited and inconsistent resources
Competition for those limited resources
The triune brain
Evolutionary brain development
The limbic
Center of emotion,
Social behaviour, attachment
and memory motivation,
could be the stress relation
Information-processing functions
Get set
Reasoning and awareness
The ability to observe our own thoughts,
feelings and actions
Code out
On the way home without doubt

© 2024 Carol Natasha Diviney, Ph.D.
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