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Mark Bell 10s
Mothers fathers sons and daughters
These trade wars will end in mindless ..slaughter
History as told us about capital gain
On poor old humanity acid will rain.

The bankers are blinded on pure greed
Amazon and apple just plant the seed
The carrot is dangled. Humans  believe
This is where governments play and deceive.

Snowflakes are on there mobile phones
Make up girls in bedrooms all alone
Trying to live not knowing nature is blood
But in reality we are all lost,  and  misunderstood .

Mass migration the whole world is a disease
Global climate we need a good freeze
Viruses thrive when humanity is weak
I think the framework of humanity is starting to creak.
Alice 6m
but now that I've found you
and you're millions of miles away
it hurts worse

come home
She sits at the window side,
Tried to breathe a little peace-
Keeping aside all the marginal desires
With a mortgage on time,
With a long-distance train
Like running without a whistle,
Will suddenly stop moving,
Then take a little rest in that open courtyard-
From where the mass of the bamboo scaffolding of the fence
The open sky can be seen.

Blue sky!
She hasn't had time to look that way for a long time.
From dawn to dusk, till the evening light,
Collecting firewood,
Pushing the kitchen,
Cleans rust from old windows,
Gather the reed branches,
Washes the broth stains from husband's vest,
Putting the torn button of the elder boy's shirt,
Sew the sleeve of the little girl's dress ....

Tried to take a little leisure though;
Where did a stormy crow come from?
Sat down on the courtyard and started yelling-
"I want a little food for my hungry stomach!"

(On the eve of the International Mother’s Day:
Dedicated to the marginalized neglected mothers of rural Bengal)
On the eve of the International Mother’s Day:
Dedicated to the marginalized neglected mothers of rural Bengal
Davy 9m
Lay still with me here in the dark.
Let the rumours sing us both to sleep.

And in the morning, we'll emerge together
to carry on minding the gaps with such life
that they'll hear it back in London.
Davy 12m
The more I understand,
the bigger it gets.

And the more and more
and more I've learned,
I'll remember, than I have
that I'll forget.

But the better I am,
the worse it feels.
And the clearer I see it,
the sadder it is.

Cotton cloth beneath her toes
and she's so far away from me now.
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