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Abby 3d
My heart was buried with you that day
I was left numb
Holding the weight of the emptiness
That space were you were not
That space where joy had left

I walked around on autopilot
A faint outline of me
Just visible on the surface
With a burning, crippling pit inside

I was beyond the muddy puddle
I was face down
At the bottom of the murky river
Surrounded by darkness
Slowly sinking into the mud
With the weight of my tears
Like a fallen tree holding me down
I was not trying to get up
Because I had no strength to
No will power
No heartΒ Β 
If I never came back up
I would only see you sooner
And that
Was the only comfort I could see

And then
You spoke to me
Clear as day
And you used that serious voice
Only used for serious things
And you said
And I will never forget
You said
β€œDon’t you dare. Don’t you dare. There are good things to come.”
And like a bolt of lightening
Shot into my chest
I pushed my head out of the water
With a breath of life
And you offered me back the empty jar that was my heart
To Be Lost
Sweetness of love takes over heartbeats
And I feel myself in a real paradise
Let us take you in arms to be lost in streets
Let in this art be more clear and wise

What a state of trance what a celebration
To be totally enthralled in ecstasy of love
Help me to reinvigorate my spirit and passion
What a heavenly gift from the sky above

Let us dance till we lose sight of everything
Let be out of ourselves to be a part to depart
Let us take rhythm from universe to but sing
Let be ready to be burnt to be just too hot

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Amienne 3d
Don't show me the way;
I only need your support
to find it myself.
You hurt me,
I don't hold any grudge against you,
I don't even despise you,
I forgive you,
But,if you expect me to renew what was between us again,
I am not that foolish.
In its days of glory
Slowly dying an eternal end
Self wanted loneliness is peaceful and a bliss,
But, loneliness gifted to you hurts deeply.
I felt lonely lately,
everything seems so sad.
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