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NO land owned
NO field of gold to catch me
NO big parade to welcome me back
But I get bug chirps
And static humms
And that is much more filling
We are the dumb
and we are the willing
The sound of white reminds us
How much time we steal
Or does it get stolen from us?chewed through it in our chest now we make our way
While wounded
Saying NO to death
Each time it tempts me
I don't particularly care
For being tossed aside
But it happens almost always
Therefore I drown my head
In substances
And slice away tainted flesh
Pain is a learned thing
A crude repeating punishment
But how it taught me so much
Your a freind
And your a front
A teacher but a ****
I hate you pain
But you brought me healing
trying something new
Its time to
Crawl outta my box
No Stoppin'
Push that foot
So heavy in the gas
That they deem you to be
Adrenaline is the easiest high
Hyperventilate til were lazy
& blue in the face
There's certain albums
When I listen to 'em
I can't help but think of you
And I can't help but thank you
For showing me such beautiful things
And teaching me what you taught me
At such a young age
So if your reading this
Thank you...
I'll forever be in debt to you
For being both my lover and sensei
And showing me such beautiful things
It shaped who I am today
And I could say its a shame
We didn't work out the way
I wanted us to
But of course we were supposed to separate
For reasons much bigger than our brains could handle..
So this crazy ****
Keeps finding
Cobalt colors constantly
Am I on the cusp of stumbling?
If this is real then
Why do we still dream?
Keeper of
Select scrap moments
Cuz I'm supposed to have
Mad focus
Feels like home
To be floatin' on my own again
Plots open often
Play tricks
Maybe I'll makeshift a shiv
To shake off these shivers
Really Hate to miss her
My favorite pinched nerve..
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