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Here we go
here's my toast to you
toast to the wasn't
toast to the wish it was
cheers to cherished seconds
and subtle acts of love
scorch me if ya need to
and I shall do the same
the multiverse
is still jeering
in regard to our mistake
I'll be weeping
wondering why we ever were
why our hearts fused
and our heads got filled with magic
given years of laughter
I was reachin' for excuses
questioning why you
didnt care
about me in that moment
the one moment I wasnt there
I keep dreamin
til 'i break down piece by piece
my thymus gets confused
constantly convinved its
still apart of you
quit plucking heart strings
youre so ******* cruel
the weight is heavier than
that of the moon
It's been said by the tribesman
grief is definite
death is certain
I hate how it's poetic

Head stretched too thin

to write the final sentence
to a script
they say
our maker
had prewritten

Alive & Arms wide
we collide
with oblivion
Still I sin
and continue

in spite of terrible tribesman
that like to keep
lies locked between
and spread stories
where sweet girls are ******
in hopes they believe they're
to the victims
they meant to
rip to pieces

stealing dreams
from the few people
not stagnating
in misery

we sadly started
leaving wishes
right where they bloom

Demented Distance
dead empty
in the light
the light inside you
is soon to diminish

Doomed to move
through dimensions
useless in my attempts
to rescue the universe

Demolish all the nonsense
you've ever wanted
Everything you were
taught inside that box is false

From afar
I watched
as you dropped
the plot
Demi Gods died for all this?

until held hostage
in a monsters death grip
ever since I expect
the most unfortunate
of situations

because its better to
in a constant state
of suffering


a prison in

                                       to try
                                                and fix it

Timid *******
                  become buzzard food
looks like you got lots to lose

                   Lucid State
                                   clipped a fuse
                                                     a little too late

I'm not used to this
Afraid I aint able
to keep you sane
let alone stable..
Hey who knows?

Maybe I can lift
your body off
the pavement
my angel wings

breakin' myself
so that I can
save you.
Lu fin du monde
reclusive til the
nukes go off
Hydrogen bomb

NO time to hideaway
its survival now
some will call to christ
give all away their things
take from the greats
com-ply with society...
be a slave

Go to sleep
stay awake
face your fake
*** self in the mirror
here your yellin'
"You're not allowed to kick down my pillars!!"

Use said excuses
for fillers
Feel my heart -beat
fill me in
convinced it's
hardly an art piece
what a sin

to be seen,
in the same pose
same time zone

paintings that hang
in the hopes
that they inspire
passers by
stuck shovelin'
their way back home

I've been constantly
lost for a long time
tend to log all I've learned
like these kids will buy it

No Soul
Hollow molds
hide what little
they could grab

we watch as
blown away
We get up

and we go

wing it to spit

venom over c-notes


here's an

unspoken notebook

full of secrets

she will soon

hold too close
The crow
still remaining
every morning
forever hanging
on the corners
of lids
I sense
seeping in
The drops ,
they drip
but this time
its gentle
I can only hope
the softness reminds him
of me
Where have you run off to?
You left me
out here in the rain
to dry myself
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