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Who is the royal and who is the ***,
we're all family when the earth falls
**** hugging ****,
on a ***** rug..
waiting for a red-tailed rock
to tear open
big blue.
Bowedbranches Jan 27
A bad sound
A vacuum humming;
Early morning

A bad sound
The unknown scraping
In the basement pulling up tp the pavement

A bad sound
The fury that trembles
In moments
While I waste them

A bad sound
blades snipping at the grass;
Surmounted Serene

A bad sound
The screech these marks made
When I was fourteen!
The worst sound

A chilling apprehension
Which floods to no ears
And only I hear
It Eventually becomes background noise
Throats clearing on the audience

..voices that pester and won't allow sleep.
Bowedbranches Jan 24
Safe to un-say
my slip o'the tongue
Arent at all unexpected  
Pleased to meet you
Time would say I am one
Interesting Investment
Although I stay letting others
And My strengths
to take my power away
But I continue to make it
Til my days are up
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
Fill in the blank
We _too much
_too little

"Don't worry
IT'LL be quick"
Man, you's a
Manic nerd
Rambling some spoken word
Mad libs based off
Charlie Chaplin / Speeches

Maybe she's mad at the fact
I got my eyes on my own work,
   And that personality
comes natural to me
I guess
That irks some people ???

I suppose, because
everything comes easy
besides the easiest things
Which we continue to
feign for
(Meaning that being in the world
Now seemed more like a chore)
Deep down
I'm really
Ready to enjoy this
These extra pages
In my story

I NO longer create
Alternate endings
When I'm slipping

This void
we keep feeding
With fake sh**t
It can't be taken,
Or obtained
Can't be caged,
or traded for
Glistening gold stones
Or a home
Alternate endings

Wanna love every minute
They can give me,

But most of the time
I can't give 'em that
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
I miss
Laying in that
Queensized nest
with you
Wishing this off day
Would never end
We blacked out our curtains
Put on cartoons
And slept
Like sweet little babies

Until life almost had to
Rip me away from
Your warmth
The reason I woke up
Was for those days
The reason I broke my back,
And felt bad I didn't
Have more  To give,
Was for those minutes,
That I cherished
more than
GD anything
Still feeling my head in
Your hands
So familiar,  so specific
I apoligize ..
for dropping the ball ..
..All those years ago
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
These nervendings
Stopped working again
A hell of a crime
I'm not quite sure
But I'm determined
To learn from him
From any "HIM"
Mix a batch of medicine
Make certain it's poisonous
... A potion to open  you up

A potion
to make you devoted
But,  I know it don't
work that way
Yes, I've said
Magic is REAL

As any ideal
Forget what you know!
Throw it out
With the bitter wind
Oh I needa a plan
Needa plan
For today
No sense in really
Planning anything

I'm spent
So I
Sit and
Slander the page ...
Make .
Either I'm with you
OR I'm questioning if
This is who
You really are

Stay smart
Let's just part
Ways early
Accept that this prism
Isl all  in
How you envision it
Different colored ribbons
I reminisce
Made space
In my memory bank
For these certain thangs
*Not sure what the title means but it was scribbled at the top of the page to look up later.
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
Stumbling Backward
Won't retrack
her footprints
burrowed I  the dirt
Soles won't turn red
At the time,
I liked to hide my embarrassment
Clinging to the edges
The best I could physically do

Stomach Bubbles
The tension inconsistent
Rummaging around in my
Squishy equipment
What does that mean  . ???
Well let's get intruiged
About it!!!
Whoop Whoop
Shoo now we talking

My feet stuffing the wreckage
Like brushstrokes
Dabbing watercolor mothers
To provide peace for
An orphans anguish
Help me
prevent the brain-slip

I refuse to be the patient  (AGAIN)
To be a victim
Or another vagrant
Wishing and a Waiting
My little life away
A villain or a crit-i-cal
A Feeling
From the clinically insane
Another Innocent pedestrian
Locked in a cage
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