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Im a vague ****
Made bankrupt
Able to lay claim
To anything I touch

Pull my people like puppets
Til they need Me
Leaving is strange
Belittle me
We Been too mad to practice
Yeah there you go
Back in your casket

Clip them lips which you been
Keep Searching for better aspects
Here's some magic
How do you react when you learn what your mad at?
Bet it's dramatic
I'll bet you beg God to grant us a crumb of laughter
Pieced & Plastered
All my batter
On the wall
Did the red splatter

Like it ever even mattered
I float away
Explode in laughter
"Oh at last I'm free"

All the little bodies staggered
One by one
Right towards disaster
Then they pray for a
New master

Because they can't think for themselves
I am one of the unworthy
Strike me down when
I'm not sturdy...

You can't hurt me
Na, you can't hurt me
'cause I've already hurt myself
Bed littered
With spicits
Of a fast chick

Afraid to leave my thicket
It could be tragic
To a has-been
Or have you not
Even opened up the gift you got

Too bad
You trap
Your talents beneath baskets
Dark and drastic

The mystery
Of screaming words
At the ether
Either way,
I'd rather embrace
The ricochets

Let's face it no where's
'cause people are evil
They know we need hope
And that It too will fade
So the mother **** it goes

I spend endless minutes
Attempting to create
Bufferfly effect
Set a second too late
All theres left to do
Is wake
Shivers me timbers
**** up the guilt
She stays in the slums
With some ill killers

Seven ****** sirens
Submit to bleak conditioning
Routine rude awakening
Seek a beacon of hope
And hold it faithfully

Cake your mask in
Make-believes and maybes... still
they won't carry you to safety

I crave the ability
To shake the surface rabies, daily
Away we go bored & lazy
So, you say you hate me?
So what?!

Could ya focus on the love for once
The uncomfortable flutters/ in my stomach
Too close for comfort

Becoming one with underlings
**** them for functioning
I'm humbled but accustomed to the streets

Make that mouth
Match yo feet and
Go move your motion machine
One day; it quits breathing

Shivers seep through to the innards
Mister Mastermind
Have you earned the right
To learn what it means to be "your kind"

In crime we trust
And **** after lies
Mustered enough mayhem to tear up an afterlife
Arrow head sticking outta my chest
Dont tell me who put it there
The blood & the dirt
The trash must be burned first ..
Left are the ashes
Of my illfitted words
Strike me
Or spare me
Slip me in with the heard..
I sit back and smirk
At the the decay..
Decaying EARTH
Can I get an applause for my brilliant work?
I crave the danger
The danger craves me back
Hoists me up, but doesn't provide much slack
It snips and it snarls
And startles an audience expecting it
It bit and it bit
Chewed right through the skin
Burrowed on in
And slept there for days on end..
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