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Apr 2020 · 227
Take care
Kaylee Apr 2020
They say to “take care”
But what about when you’re down
You’ve got messy hair
And you’re struggling to not drown

You’re wishing for freedom
For the stress to go away
You just wanna be done
Or to sleep for the day

Well here’s a reminder
That it’s okay to feel a little under
This gray period will not last forever
You’re carbon under pressure

Take a step back and tune the world out
Remember that you’re stronger
Whatever this slump is, you can surpass it
You’re becoming the best you ever
Feb 2020 · 135
What am I to you?
Kaylee Feb 2020
You’re like my pebble or stone.
You can toss it and it may just plunge
But maybe give it a few tries
And we can create something
exciting, fun, and memorable.
It may skip a few times
If you just keep trying
And give it a chance
Feb 2020 · 54
Catch a glimpse
Kaylee Feb 2020
I want to show you how beautiful it can be
To be in love
For you to flourish and grow
In a marvelous world
To learn more about yourself
To discover things within
Things you never knew existed
How it can be an endless muse
It’s like art
There’s meaning to every angle
And you don’t want to ever forget
Or leave because it’s just so pretty
It’s so precious and entirely wondrous
Tho it can hurt so much at the same time
Feelings and thoughts that drive you
Crazy, insane, mad, falling
In love
It’s tear-jerking and heart-aching
I can’t explain it well
Nor do i know it superbly
But I’d like to give you just a glimpse
Like poetry..
Feb 2020 · 58
I’m tired
Kaylee Feb 2020
I want to throw my phone across the room.
Except I’ll immediately regret that..
I want to vanquish these texts.
I want to erase these thoughts out of existence.
I want to join a martial arts class, so I can unleash these emotions.
I really just want to curl up and cry.
I want a good cry.
Maybe then, I’ll be able to sleep..
Something is keeping me up tonight..
Feb 2020 · 85
What am I doing
Kaylee Feb 2020
You’ve quaked my world
Now I feel like a coward
Ugghhhh, I’m crumbling
Kaylee Feb 2020
Look at us here in this moment.. Oh what did I do to deserve to see you like this.. The way your lips curve in that dazzling smile.. You're gonna have to stay like that for a while.. I wanna keep that precious image for myself.. Store it up on a shelf.. So I can keep going back to it everytime I’m longing for a little reminder.. of just how cute you are.. Cause nothing is like that adorable expression.. You and your dimples are special beyond imagination..
when you smile
Kaylee Feb 2020
Look at where we are now
Who knew we’d go on all these little dates
Next thing we know
We’ll be travelling to different states

Let’s go somewhere
Gaze up at the stars
Pretend and twinkle happily
That we could go oh so far

When I’m with you
The time flies
Always wishing for more time
As we lazily admire the skies

Hold onto me
Trace my seams
Let’s create something beautiful
Living simple joyful dreams
we've come so far together
Feb 2020 · 376
Like the stars
Kaylee Feb 2020
I feel like I’m letting your heart skip
while shattering it into at least ten million pieces
all at the same time...
May 2018 · 272
Simple yet complex
Kaylee May 2018
life's simplicities
can be full
of the most deepest complexities
Feb 2018 · 2.2k
Kaylee Feb 2018
for all the times
you can't fake it
Nov 2017 · 531
Poetic sage
Kaylee Nov 2017
You keep spewing out poems
Each so renewing and flowin'
Your words speak
Knowledge that reaches peaks
In every line
The meaning is so defined
Crafted so loving
Your writing far from beige
Reflecting how truly you are a poetic sage!
A poem for StarBG~! :)
Nov 2017 · 351
No longer anything
Kaylee Nov 2017
I still hoped that we could be friends
But I guess I was the end
To anything more
And everything before
Oct 2017 · 478
Kaylee Oct 2017
The jitters building up
A psychological blowup
Welting in the pit of our stomach
As we are wishing for luck
Mentally preparing
For what’s coming
Keep on hoping
To be the best as we are nearing
Close to the very biggest
Most important step to us
Breathing for tranquility- in and out
Losing ourselves, just about
Deep breaths
Sad attempts
Calm the nerves
Mind moving through curves
Scattered pieces
Mentality ceases

Minutes turn to seconds
Limits go beyond-
The bar
Reaching the stars
The feeling i get when i'm about to perform... each.. and every time...
Oct 2017 · 373
Words a blur
Kaylee Oct 2017
These words have become
Blemished, Bleary, Blurry lines
in my Heart and Mind
Oct 2017 · 268
Constant cry
Kaylee Oct 2017
I am a constant cry inside
It gets to me all the time
I can't seem to forget about it
It seems it has embedded itself into my mind
Why can't I put it aside
It has gotten me deep inside
I am constantly bugged by it all the time
It won't stop, i can't stop, something about it
It is like a constant buzz or ring in my mind
I can't help but sigh......
Kaylee Oct 2017
As i get ready to sleep, all i can do
Is think about you!
But i know I need to sleep, so i will wish you a good night
And hope you sleep tight!
Oct 2017 · 387
Luminous day
Kaylee Oct 2017
On this luminous day
Externally feeling gray
Potential and marvelous hues
Await inside but there's no muse
Longing a fuel for this fire
There are unknown desires
Oct 2017 · 293
A flower just like you
Kaylee Oct 2017
I wish to seek for the perfect flower
To find a beauty as wonderful as you
An isolated yet bloom of joy
A tender and gentle lotus
Oh so fragile
I can see it glimmering
Sparkling an amusing sight
Oh so lovingly
But it is so far away...
Just like you
Oct 2017 · 346
Unrealistically lost
Kaylee Oct 2017
There was once a horrid alcoholic
At least that what someone said
But maybe they didn't care
Maybe drinking was the only thing keeping them going

Because it reminds them of someone
Or how smoothly someone came into their heart
Someone filled their mind and body with warmth
Happy thoughts and feels
Allowing their worries to soar free
Relieving them of pain
Keeping their mind away from harsh realities
Someone made their life a living fantasy
A surreal ecstasy
Love that would last for evermore

Only it didn't
It isn't there anymore
Someone left
The person is here
Drinking so that maybe... they can keep going
Oct 2017 · 275
Blindly blatant
Kaylee Oct 2017
What does it mean to
To find the deeper meaning

Am I just so clueless
That the point is something I always miss

But I can feel it through your actions
I can see no passion

Your interaction towards me is passive
You're being dismissive

From the way you walk
Clearly, you don't wish to talk

In the air, there is silent complaint
It is soundly faint

Hidden paint
as I am blindly blatant
Oct 2017 · 332
A Sea of Tears
Kaylee Oct 2017
Melancholy sea
Drowning in tears of sorrow
From the pain you hide
Oct 2017 · 275
Kaylee Oct 2017
Such wonderful grace
Even as you're dying, I
Forever cherish
Sep 2017 · 351
I'm a turtle
Kaylee Sep 2017
I was always in your way
But you picked me up
You loved and cared for me
And you still do
I'm a turtle
Sep 2017 · 644
Lovely caress
Kaylee Sep 2017
Breezy caresses
Gentle strokes of tender lips
Love-struck pleasantry
Sep 2017 · 371
Your love
Kaylee Sep 2017
Your soft words wrap me
Like your warm arms
Embracing me in your empathy
Protecting me from any harms

Your everlasting bravery since birth
Like a willful fire of great length
Burning at an inexhaustible heart
Nothing measurable to that strength

Your lyrical love is precious
Like your presence and the air
Enveloping all in heartfelt caress
Exhibiting irreplaceable care
I feel this is an unfinished poem...
sorry for my trash.
Sep 2017 · 540
Beautiful from afar
Kaylee Sep 2017
You were beautiful from afar
Reflecting a variety of hues
Attracting with swirls and swiggles
Personifying some pattern of character

You pulled me in
Allowing my heart to pump
Letting me admire you
Giving your lovely essence to me

You then opened up to me
Horrifying to me
Destroying your cover
Burning down my love

You were ugly up close
Terrifying under your mask
Juxtaposing to what you seemed
Lying to pull me in

You attract the gullible
Acting all pretty and nice
Dancing with their joy for you
Swallowing them

You then betray them
Abandoning your fake
Backstabbing their beliefs
Entrapping them in lostness
I was thinking about a moth.... and then a butterfly... And i dunno..
Sep 2017 · 270
Kaylee Sep 2017
Uncontrollable shaking as my body struggles to hold up
Ready to fall into the void of unconsciousness
Wishfully yearning for eternal dormancy
Already phasing into insensation
Automatically transitioning, ready for perpetual darkness
Of sinking into a temporary coma
I am so tired right now... This complete exhaustion... so much that i could write a poem...
But I couldn't finish..
Sep 2017 · 619
you abandoned me
Kaylee Sep 2017
You abandoned me
You left me like a useless old puppy
What happened to all the love we once used to share?
The love that once brewed in the summer air
What about all the good times?
Times spent cuddling as the bell of love chimes
Now it’s colder
Chills have blown over
Sending solemn vibes my way
With every glance, I fray
Eyes that I once melted under
Now pierce my heart with spears you plunder
My slowing heart is dying
Your every touch used to be so exciting
Now I am lost
I used to chase after you at all cost
Tailing you as we followed our heart
But now, you suggest we part
My yearning to go with you to ends of the earth
My past belief that you’d stay at my hearth
Built from the once roaring fire
This burning feeling longing to respire
You left me like a useless old puppy
You abandoned me
Anyone have suggestions to how this could be better?
I really didn't know how to go about with this one.
Sep 2017 · 467
Hands you hold
Kaylee Sep 2017
My hands are so dry
So dry that granite can stain them
Dry like the grand canyons
Crevices that run deep
Dry from all the salty droplets that once fell upon them
For hours that lonely night
So dry that no life can stand within or upon them
Dead and lifeless
Emotions no longer flow
Left empty
Not even crying any longer

But you came to repair them
With every touch you replenished them
Filled them with life
Lathered them with the lotion
Nourished them with your love
Healed them with your care
You held my hand even after they no longer felt
Even after I had given up
All hope gone
Left dead
You brought me back up on my feet
Filled my canyons with your love
Your support
Your care
I couldn’t thank you more
Be anymore thankful to have you then
And now…
I live in your hands

Your hands are the only thing to me
Your hands are what brought meaning back in my life
And I am still here because
You still hold my hand
I randomly wrote stuff that came to mind... because my hands are dry...

i need lotion..

I want to make this thought into a true poem one day.
Sep 2017 · 376
Kaylee Sep 2017
As the sun rises
Engulfing the land
Enveloping all in its premises
Shedding its light upon all who stand

But there's still something
Present at day's forenoon
That's there lingering
Overlooking the skies is the moon

Even as the sky is lit
The moon isn't fazed
Like light at the end of a pit
It is always there, not outgazed

Unless forced or shaded
It is always strong-willed
Never fully distorted or completely faded
The moon, it is titled

Leading us to the ends of the earth
Always there for us
At night's birth
And through the day just as marvelous

You're there with me before noon
You're living with me through noon  
You're pushing through with me after noon  
You are my lingering moon
Need help...  with titling this.
I also wish that I could've done better with this poem. I am trying to get better... But I feel like I am stuck.
Sep 2017 · 337
Three words
Kaylee Sep 2017
Those three words

Enough to push me past crying
You send my heart flying
Realizing how much I feel
Greater than this unexplainable seal
My hand embraces in yours
Dancing, the touch flours
Blossoming in every motion
Awakening this sleeping passion
This absolute, deep connection
This endearing confession
Showering me with how much you care
That you're willing to share

I love you
The three words are actually
"I brought food"
Sep 2017 · 473
The moon
Kaylee Sep 2017
The moon-- the light of life in the lonely, silent night.
The only light, shining through abyss of darkness.
Light that is so pure, helping us see beauty in the deepness of night.
It is always there to show us the way..
There to hold us down..
But may allow our mind to drift~
This was my response to someone's poem about the moon...
Sep 2017 · 392
To: A Writer
Kaylee Sep 2017
I can feel you
Through the rhythm of your writing

It may be
That you are singing in the rain
Happy and free
Or living in agony of deep pain

The beat,
living through each word
Your diction,
dancing among the syntax
The tone,
amplifying to every phrase

I feel.
Through your writing,
I can feel you.

Your expression,
Deserves more than any appreciation

I love you
Always wishing to be there
For you
Showing you, I care

So please
Keep on writing
Continue moving me with your sound
Allow me to advance along
The flowing of your words
Surfing through your sentences

Keep telling your story
Continue writing with your feelings
Allow your thoughts to develop
Into the beautiful river
Of your writing
I just... want you to keep writing.
Continue allowing your thoughts.. any feelings to inspire you to express it through wording-

(i winged this... woops)
Sep 2017 · 484
Sun and Rain
Kaylee Sep 2017
Beaming of passion’s warmth
The curtain of light, leaving its impression
Giving life and energy to the earth
Enveloping the land in its tenderness
Charity of enthusiasm to the seamless sky
Seeming to fond away from darkness
Darkness, fills as the clouds cry

Pattering of peace’s wave
The drapery of liquid crystals, washing away pain
Sympathizing with unfathomable ache
Engulfing the land in its serenity
Subject of ambedo
Calming as there is tranquility
Lightens and dazzles, ready for photo

Sun and Rain
Together to make the majestic
Yin and Yang
Variety of hues, washing the skies with aesthetic
Is this poetry? I hope it is.. I tried.. hard
Aug 2017 · 460
A moment at the beach
Kaylee Aug 2017
The beach is at one of those rare moments of awestruck beauty.
Simply beauty itself!
Everything was just so perfectly abstracta…
The cloud - diffused sky, blotted with an omnium gatherum of lovely hues.
Like Pablo Picasso, for an instance, procured a magical paintbrush bequeathed specially for that one specific time and place,
for the painter to make marvelous, magnificent strokes into the sky.
The clouds, stunningly contrasts the colors of the sky,
reflecting even more levels of magic.
And then the ocean backs the warm sky
Including all the shades in the color gradient of blue,
scrambled together to make a smooth, ominous swirl of blues deeper
Deeper than the ocean itself with streaks of white from the mellow crashing waves on the tan, wet sand next to the pure white, dry, soft sand.
All of this, then revolve around a dab of yellow - orange, the sun.
Not intentionally a poem... I am sorry.
It was just me trying to write beautifully..

— The End —