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Kei Darling Dec 2020
The sharpness that they hated
The egotistical smirk
The love that smears but doesn’t lift
It’s in my blood.
jjsnaksdnjsdnjs well cool (┬┬﹏┬┬)
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
If it's not true
It wouldn't have felt so hard
And never thought he/she could be
So cold
If you haven't poured your heart
Till it's dry
You don't know what it's like
Free fall from the height
Balance shift
Something isn't right like
Silent calm before the storm
And you know the rest
Thus far

Still he/she asked again,
"Should I believe in destiny?"

At the right time
A right place
No other choice
What tomorrow brings
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Good night dreamers, Good morning doers
Isabel Aghahowa Dec 2018
it comes so easy to you
hiding in shells
you can fall and break
and come back together
as if you're not flesh and bone
a mountain made of shame
you say you're a question mark
all is see is a blank slate  
too afraid to be a question
we're all enigmas
waiting to be understood
by someone who can see
through the question marks
and through the rubble of dead promises

no one can see you
when you're in shells
L Aug 2018
Everything. Subjective. Perception.

Everlasting servitude protruding elegant songbirds. Parry eloquent slices pointed erectly square. Popping eleventeen succulent pills. Everlong songs prancing elated saints peeking engorged stares placed earning suspicious pardons.
Off one
Nylee Jul 2018
If I had all the questions
                   entire universe
    and every answer
          full dimension space                    
what would be tomorrow
      the end is just today          
         the world wouldn't suffice          
        I'll be on my own device    
     nothing to rule      

    my soul would be full.
Jessica Jarvis Feb 2018
I love how rain causes
My toes to tingle in
Shivering excitement as my
Flip flops flip, squish, and
Mush their way through the lot.

I love how rain turns
My windshield wipers into
Little syncopated skids that
Squeak like a dog’s new toy.

I love how rain leaves
A resonating glisten on the
Fragile, damp grass,
Causing me to slip as I
Go on to class.
Kaylee Oct 2017
The jitters building up
A psychological blowup
Welting in the pit of our stomach
As we are wishing for luck
Mentally preparing
For what’s coming
Keep on hoping
To be the best as we are nearing
Close to the very biggest
Most important step to us
Breathing for tranquility- in and out
Losing ourselves, just about
Deep breaths
Sad attempts
Calm the nerves
Mind moving through curves
Scattered pieces
Mentality ceases

Minutes turn to seconds
Limits go beyond-
The bar
Reaching the stars
The feeling i get when i'm about to perform... each.. and every time...
Gilang Perdana Aug 2017
in the beginning was believe
above the fate's monochromatic
on a length of the piano's bar
— : in which colors it will stop?

you were more fathom, about
— a poetry-like score
— a syllabic-like tone
likewise — as I am-like me

there is a clink that you drag
either from the flat or the sharp
— that's half of my grasp
transformed from the sounds

— an untraceable of whom — was
sculpted — aligned on an epitaph
— an untraceable of the sounds
you disguised — with the words

how — the shift of chromatic scale
sounds like a ***** of question mark
— is it quite likely its arch was
the origins of an earlobe-shape?
CJ Cole Feb 2017
Where did I go?
Should I go with the flow?
Did I lose myself?
Is that me on the shelf?
Can you lend me a hand?
Or are you on your last stand?
Does using your senses disappear?
Or, maybe use your eyes or ears?
Could it be my worst fear?
Who have I become?
What says my cerebrum?
Can you answer that?
Am I falling flat?
What can we do?
Feeling  blue, are you, too?
Is this as awkward for you as it is me?
Don't you want to be free?
Why so many questions?
Why deny my affections?
I mean, how many can there be?
Don't you want to see?
Don't you want to just go home?
Or, do you wish to roam?
Is there enough time before dark?
Did you hear the dog bark?
You hear it, too?
Do you think it's just us few?
Thank goodness, but what now?
Do you smell something foul?
Ugh, is that something sticky?
Gross, better get out of here quickly!
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