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Kaylee Apr 15
The sunset orange glow on your skin
And sweet taste of moose tracks
Subtle and tender on your lips
As i trace my hand along your back
Kaylee Apr 2020
They say to “take care”
But what about when you’re down
You’ve got messy hair
And you’re struggling to not drown

You’re wishing for freedom
For the stress to go away
You just wanna be done
Or to sleep for the day

Well here’s a reminder
That it’s okay to feel a little under
This gray period will not last forever
You’re carbon under pressure

Take a step back and tune the world out
Remember that you’re stronger
Whatever this slump is, you can surpass it
You’re becoming the best you ever
Kaylee Feb 2020
You’re like my pebble or stone.
You can toss it and it may just plunge
But maybe give it a few tries
And we can create something
exciting, fun, and memorable.
It may skip a few times
If you just keep trying
And give it a chance
Kaylee Feb 2020
I want to show you how beautiful it can be
To be in love
For you to flourish and grow
In a marvelous world
To learn more about yourself
To discover things within
Things you never knew existed
How it can be an endless muse
It’s like art
There’s meaning to every angle
And you don’t want to ever forget
Or leave because it’s just so pretty
It’s so precious and entirely wondrous
Tho it can hurt so much at the same time
Feelings and thoughts that drive you
Crazy, insane, mad, falling
In love
It’s tear-jerking and heart-aching
I can’t explain it well
Nor do i know it superbly
But I’d like to give you just a glimpse
Like poetry..
Kaylee Feb 2020
I want to throw my phone across the room.
Except I’ll immediately regret that..
I want to vanquish these texts.
I want to erase these thoughts out of existence.
I want to join a martial arts class, so I can unleash these emotions.
I really just want to curl up and cry.
I want a good cry.
Maybe then, I’ll be able to sleep..
Something is keeping me up tonight..
Kaylee Feb 2020
You’ve quaked my world
Now I feel like a coward
Ugghhhh, I’m crumbling
Kaylee Feb 2020
Look at us here in this moment.. Oh what did I do to deserve to see you like this.. The way your lips curve in that dazzling smile.. You're gonna have to stay like that for a while.. I wanna keep that precious image for myself.. Store it up on a shelf.. So I can keep going back to it everytime I’m longing for a little reminder.. of just how cute you are.. Cause nothing is like that adorable expression.. You and your dimples are special beyond imagination..
when you smile
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