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Kaylee H May 2018
life's simplicities
can be full
of the most deepest complexities
Kaylee H Feb 2018
for all the times
you can't fake it
Kaylee H Nov 2017
So, what are we? Can we share a bond?
A bond that can be strong
Through any situation
Even if you or i may be gone?

Time has slipped past me
As i am in your presence and glory
You have set my wonders free
And i wonder if this 'we' can be..?

Memories you have made
I hold on tight hoping for it to not fade
The thought of you here is my jade
But you leaving would make me afraid

Your impression on me isnt hard to find
Encrypted in my mind
Of all the times you were caring and kind
Just rewind

Can you see that you mean so much to me?
So, what are we?
Kaylee H Nov 2017
You keep spewing out poems
Each so renewing and flowin'
Your words speak
Knowledge that reaches peaks
In every line
The meaning is so defined
Crafted so loving
Your writing far from beige
Reflecting how truly you are a poetic sage!
A poem for StarBG~! :)
Kaylee H Nov 2017
I still hoped that we could be friends
But I guess I was the end
To anything more
And everything before
Kaylee H Oct 2017
The jitters building up
A psychological blowup
Welting in the pit of our stomach
As we are wishing for luck
Mentally preparing
For what’s coming
Keep on hoping
To be the best as we are nearing
Close to the very biggest
Most important step to us
Breathing for tranquility- in and out
Losing ourselves, just about
Deep breaths
Sad attempts
Calm the nerves
Mind moving through curves
Scattered pieces
Mentality ceases

Minutes turn to seconds
Limits go beyond-
The bar
Reaching the stars
The feeling i get when i'm about to perform... each.. and every time...
Kaylee H Oct 2017
These words have become
Blemished, Bleary, Blurry lines
in my Heart and Mind
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