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Ambitious bastions always tout
progressive plans when they're about
while within they hide and pout
from novel things that may prove out.

And while inventing goals to follow
their ancients habits hold them hollow
as in vain wary workers wallow
force fed lies and hooks to swallow.

They hunt for those who work past five,
that trudge to work, endure the drive
who will sacrifice their personal live
until ambition can't survive.

Yet if you strive, you're constant told
do not do more, do not be bold
just fill your seat, forever hold
your tongue until you're dead and cold.

To subsist we're forced to hide,
only in others can we confide,
all success pushed to the side
as managers act bona fide.

Since those of meager measures make
hope of meeting metrics fake
interloping leaders take
their toll until hard workers break.
once upon a time
the presidents
of the self-declared beacon of democracy
did not feel the need
to bully everybody
with threats and insults

they led the nation
by shining democratic example

Dev May 28
I...kinda really like you,
I know that I shouldn’t.
You’re not into me,
it’s plain to see
We wouldn’t
Make such a great couple.
We’d constantly bicker and fight
But even still
You know I will
Hold your hands all through the night.
I...kinda really love you,
I have since that very day
I buried it down,
And never made sound,
So that our friendship remained the same.

But what am I to do,
When you hold me like this
With your hand so gently teasing mine.

It feels too serious

Do you feel the same?

I hesitate to hold your hand properly

In case you’re truly leading me on.

Do you feel the same?
It lost its way a little
ieyam Oct 2017
It was the grandest of heists
The most elaborate of schemes
You had me under your charm
Every moment like a dream

You have stolen the one thing
I was sworn to protect
Broke off the cage and took it
Then left it for dead

Now lying in the middle of the streets
All ****** and weak
You stand in front of me
A twisted smile between your cheeks

You got me where you wanted me
It was your plan all along
To string me like a melody in your symphony
Of broken-hearted songs
Kaylee H Sep 2017
As the sun rises
Engulfing the land
Enveloping all in its premises
Shedding its light upon all who stand

But there's still something
Present at day's forenoon
That's there lingering
Overlooking the skies is the moon

Even as the sky is lit
The moon isn't fazed
Like light at the end of a pit
It is always there, not outgazed

Unless forced or shaded
It is always strong-willed
Never fully distorted or completely faded
The moon, it is titled

Leading us to the ends of the earth
Always there for us
At night's birth
And through the day just as marvelous

You're there with me before noon
You're living with me through noon  
You're pushing through with me after noon  
You are my lingering moon
Need help...  with titling this.
I also wish that I could've done better with this poem. I am trying to get better... But I feel like I am stuck.
Joshua Penrod Feb 2017
Every great Leader
Was once a humble Student

"Humble Beginnings" -JP
tl b Oct 2016
Fleeting minds do not stray,
instead, they lead the way.
Alan S Bailey Sep 2016
Who has...*
Who has actually been to the center of the universe?
Who has seen what happened in ancient times?
Who has found the nature of why life somehow exists?
Who has seen every last invisible aspect of your life?
Who has proven that aliens actually can not live?
Who has been to every planet and seen what lies beyond?
Who has knowledge of empty void and why it's filled?
Who has the answers to these questions all along?

I have...
I have seen the world from tiny human eyes
I have been there when the earth shook and rolled
I have seen smoke billowing from fires into the sky
I have heard many songs and sang them myself
I have seen every star in Orion's belt in the night
I have felt joyous and alive and free and well
I have had love and lost love and experienced sadness
I have learned to except my weaknesses and even death
These are few things, but until I see more, I should
Know when and where to not "teach" of "things so high."
Becca Bielat Jul 2016
The vast west creates winds
Whirling me towards its wanderlust
I appear on the desert, it was longing to happen eventually
The heat beats down,
I hear no sound
All is nothing here
To survive, one must make the right choices of need
To succeed, one must be a white man dressed in greed
I've been walking for 31 days,
And I still haven't found what I was looking for
Though I didn't know what I was looking for
Yet the hunger grew stronger
And I knew sooner than later
It will be willing to eat me
To survive
Every entity for its own
At dusk I felt a peculiar breeze
It was energizing
I followed the breeze
It lead me to a man with a cigarette
I heard rumors of a deadly smoke around these dooms
But knew it was only a tale
People don't like to hear themselves
They only like attention
"Follow me" he said
Caught frozen in the sinking sand,
I was trying to figure it out
But I couldn't
I wasn't left with much information
And I had no direction before
Other than the breeze that just left me
Too far
Like a pattern
The man was gone too
However, his cigarette smoke was dancing in front of me
Luring me in to his path
My feet sunk deeper into the sand
As each step closer to the man
"I will be there soon" I thought
However I didn't know where I was going
Nor how far it was
My pulsating heart rushed me along
With sweat dripping down almost drowning me
"How curious, the sand doesn't feel like sand at all"
It was warmhearted, hugging me, and slightly needy
Rising up my legs with every step I took
The quicker I ran,
The quicker it rose
"I must catch this man"
Were the only words I could cry to a point
Where it was the one thing dragging me on
The smoke was still swirling along
If only I knew how far ahead of me he was
The sand had no mercy
Nor patience
My attempt of a sprint earlier slowed me down
However, the soft sand's speed only grew, never fell
As you can guess, it swallowed me
And if you haven't guess that yet,

You're next
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