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swaggmaster Feb 7
I just need to atone
for how I’ve let myself grow

for how I’ve lived my life
through the course of
the sanity to insanity
the struggle to maintain
the guidance to confidence
the lack thereof...

these are the things that keep me up at night.
Brittany Hall Nov 2018
I'm just a lamp.
You're just a bulb.
I give you power.
You give me light.
I stand tall and strong, waiting to be used.
You roll around, fragile, easily breakable.
Together we ignite something beautiful, that makes the world a little brighter.
It's nothing magic, just how we were wired.
One day I will fall, my intricate shade will crack.
My solid base absorbs the shock, so you remain intact.
Turned loose from me, you're ******* back into the old lamp from the closet.
Amazing, it still lights up, covered in dust and cobwebs.
A little warmer, yet a little more dim.
The only problem now, is that lingering scent, of burning dust and cobwebs.
You used me, but I understand.
EP Robles Sep 2018
\ i have a finger
   it has a trigger
i have a bullet
   it has a chamber

a perfect fusion
to combat illusion

  and i'm rolling
back down the road
to the city we all
know of

Linger City
Linger City
Linger City

Where i keep
my finger
with a rigor
mortis snicker

***** you city
my funny bone
is a state of
all within
the limits of

Linger City
Linger City
Linger City

yeah /

:: 09-12-2018 ::
It's one of those moments and I won't ignore it.  Write on.
Ryzeofthepoet Aug 2018
Its been months since i felt your touch
But it really feels like it was only yesterday.
I remember the way you stared into my eyes
And the way you whispered

Ayin Azores Aug 2018
Slowly find your balance
Feel the flow
Know your limit
Capture the moment
And say goodbye
robot mom Jul 2018
do you remember the taste of your first kiss?
not the very first one, riddled with awkward pretension
but the first kiss where you really meant it.

the first impassioned embrace

the touch of a lover's hand,
the warmth of their body,
an electricity which bears repeating
Poetic T Jun 2018
Disjointed reflections of vertebrae
that were fluid in the synapsis of
                       my subconsciousness.
they were inadvertently disjointed
              from my walking thought.

Then I fell beneath the tower that
I had build within,
               collateral damage of life.
Broken windows of reflection that
I tried to close, but lacerated my
cognitive actualization of self.

That which severed my validity of self
             was pendulous, but with a
string we can weave something new.
Not as it was before, more worn and not
so luminous, but what was lost is gained
for that voice a lingering a shadow of before.
A poem on depression
John Shahul May 2018
Your dismal looking is to see me
But your frowning look
Like a vaulted dome
Why it rises up?
Deliberately keeps
Your lustrous eyes
Not to meet mine.
Because it carries
The untold stories
Of inner selfsame hearts.
Livid with rage of love
Yet a lingering look
I surmised that
You might have been
Wistfully unanswered.
Diana Y Mar 2018
A hope, so bittersweet.
The passage of time, so palpable.
A bed sheet drapes over man's shoulders;
People die but time goes on.
Somber house
Lingering soul
"Who we are; where we go?"

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