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Oct 2017 · 592
HelloPeople Oct 2017
A sunflower looking for its sun,
A candle looking for its match,
Stick with whom, with you?

A moon looking for the sun,
A bee looking for its queen,
Sizing things up, with no one?

A sun waiting for you to bloom,
A match waiting to be lit,
Upside down, back to you.

A sun waiting to be found,
A queen waiting for its honey,
Bunch of thoughts, I'm alone.
For my person. I miss you.
Jun 2016 · 524
Feelings, Love?
HelloPeople Jun 2016
**** this feeling
Jun 2016 · 362
HelloPeople Jun 2016
One shield,
Which side?
Left or right?

But the sword pierced through you from above down to the ground
May 2016 · 460
HelloPeople May 2016
I wish to spend every second with you,
Stroke your wavy hair from top to bottom
Caress your fluffy cheeks,
And giggle with you, endlessly

I wish to spend every minute with you,
Hold hands as I walk you home under the night sky
And hug you as we embrace this moment,

I wish to spend my hours, days, years...
I wish to spend the rest of my life with you,

I wish it would still be you...
And it will always be you,
You and your wavy hair,
You and your fluffy cheeks,
You and your soft hands
You, and the giggle we shared...
It would always be you that I'll long for

It would be you...
But would it be me that you wish to spend every second with, for the rest of your life?
Apr 2016 · 512
HelloPeople Apr 2016
We'll walk aimlessly towards uncertainty,
We'll wander and then cower

Bodies locked,
Necks stiff,
Fingers intertwined,
Bent knees,
Eyes closed,


Restless and tired from the path ahead,
That we know nothing of

Green grass,
Cool wind,
Fresh pond,
Two rocks behind


We can still stand,
We can still light it up!
we're often too focused on things ahead that we overlook the resources around us
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
HelloPeople Apr 2016
Hello's my favorite word,
Perhaps a new beginning of something amazing
And it'll start with a hello
And be answered by hi
And that's the exact feeling I felt -high

And then you passed from me,
Smiles were exchanged,
And byes were uttered,
From there I fell, so *low
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
HelloPeople Apr 2016
Backs on the wall
With the sunset and all,

The silence that existed between the spaces among our knees
And each time that our eyes meet,
I shiver in fear knowing that...
This is just a "moment"
That I might never have you

And the moon appeared along with the city lights
And there I am, hoping...
To have our backs at the wall
To have that silence between the spaces among our knees...
Happen again
With the chance of our eyes meeting again,
But this time without the thought of fear of just a... "moment"

I don't want you to be just a figment of my imagination
Jan 2016 · 1.3k
Tick tock tick
HelloPeople Jan 2016
Different books,
Different chapters,
Different protagonists,

Same world,
Same cast,
Same rival;

Can you turn the odds?
Would that rival be friendly,
Or would it be brutal?

Make up your mind, quick;
It's cunning,
It's deceiving,

It's time.
Hodgepodge of thoughts
Nov 2015 · 827
HelloPeople Nov 2015
Afraid of uncertainty,
Should I walk heads up,
Face the monsters along the way?
Or skip to the easy part,
Join everyone else;
Walk the path that everyone crossed on,
With everything gained but fulfillment
Oct 2015 · 413
HelloPeople Oct 2015
I closed my eyes,
I saw you
We were together

I opened my eyes for me to see the real one
The instant I opened my eyes,
You were gone

I closed it...
And our time ended,
My fantasy faded
Sep 2015 · 2.5k
HelloPeople Sep 2015
How long can an affection last?
How long can one ride a jeep?
How many times can a person shift from a jeep to another?

Would you ride along with me?
Would you accompany me?
If you do, would you sit beside me?

I felt you beside me...a strand of hair, perhaps
I wonder if you felt my goosebumps;
I'm rubbing my arms for you not to feel it...

All of those were mere imagination,
It's a long shot
How can you be beside me if you were the one driving?
How could've I felt you, if I never rode shotgun

Lastly, how would you feel me if I'm still riding the previous jeep;
And I only saw you from afar and thought, perhaps we could be...something amazing, something beautiful, something that could last
jeep is a public transportation vehicle
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
HelloPeople Aug 2015
Milady, I would join the war for you
Barefooted may I be, will walk into the battlefield,
As I have a gun with one bullet,
A rusty sword and no helmet,

I will be preparing,
I am planning,
I was praying,

But, an unexpected knife
Pierced through my beating chest,
Killed me, right before I was to enter the war; with me not being able to use any of what I have
Aug 2015 · 1.7k
HelloPeople Aug 2015
Eyes of yours,
Eat up my hours
Each time I stare,
My lips begins to widen

It's like a drug
I can't stop taking
If I do,
My soul would suffer...from emptiness
Apr 2015 · 991
HelloPeople Apr 2015
"One more round
will never be an option"
I regret uttering my reckless words

I'm choosing to love you in the shadows
Here, I'll be the only one hurt

As the leaves continue to fall,
As the Earth continues to spin,
Each day passing,
I'm longing...
Longing for your affection
Apr 2015 · 9.7k
HelloPeople Apr 2015
Well it seems that all those days,
All those nights
They were worth it

You now bloom as a beautiful daisy
You look ever- lovely

Now you'll give smiles to everyone
And not just shine on me
I know that you're too beautiful,
For me to pick and keep

My days of watering you is done
I can sadly say I've lost the 'one'

There will be someone...
That'll be your 'sun'
The only daisy that I can give to you.
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
Sunless Moon
HelloPeople Mar 2015
A revolution is almost done,
And your light still shines upon me,
And I'm still looking for it

And each rotation made
I long for you
I need the light,
The warmth, that you gave me

But what can I do,
I'm just a moon
Waiting for you to shine upon me,
To give light to this world

A moon that wandered elsewhere,
Now desperately looks for a sun
Mar 2015 · 2.1k
Vehicle 14
HelloPeople Mar 2015
I used to be a vehicle with such fuel to go on,
To go places where I thought was unreachable;
I have this fuel, a special one

I used to be this vehicle who moves steadily with strong force,
Though you are strong, this vehicle is weak,
But still, we moved somewhat steady;
Because of that "strong" force

Now, it's just a vehicle, a weak one;
One that cannot go on,
One that lost the force,
One that lost the fuel,

How can this vehicle accelerate now?
How can this move forward?

A 'me' that lost 'you' is,
Mar 2015 · 914
HelloPeople Mar 2015
Two summers felt like forever,
Cold nights,
Dry afternoons,
Rainy mornings,
Hot days

Those times,
I swear I care for you,
I swear I think about you,
I swear I love you,
I loved you

Our 'summer' 'autumned' nowhere
then became 'winter'
Dec 2014 · 3.2k
Suit and Tie
HelloPeople Dec 2014
I walked home
With my suit and tie
About a few kilometers from where I was

Looking straight ahead,
Because I'm scared of ghosts or "spirits"
I walked fast, brisk-walked;
Scared of people that might harm me,

I slowed down,
Walked normally
Slowly, and
I stopped.
Paused for a moment,

Why be scared of something you created?
Why be scared of your thoughts?
Why be afraid of scenarios you made?

I looked at myself,
From top to bottom,
I told myself,
"Suit and tie, baby"
Got nothing to be scared about, **CONFIDENCE
I walked home in the middle of the night alone. It felt great! It was fun!
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
HelloPeople Dec 2014
I wanted to walk out,
I want to walk away

I mean it,
I meant it


I saw the reflection
Of why I built,
And try to build my walls,
My armor,
My vanguard,
Myself... again
Nov 2014 · 4.8k
HelloPeople Nov 2014
I see the light,
I see it pretty clear,
After years of darkness,

Why is it getting darker?
Why are you shutting the doors?!
Why are you building walls?!


I saw a reflection,
It was me after all
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
My Universe
HelloPeople Nov 2014

As I continue moving
Here, it's all spinning
Spiraling into my doom

I am lost
Floating into my own madness
It's killing me

I want to fall
I want to fly
Just not floating

Bad or good
I just want something new

I want a new universe to explore
I want to get out of my "home"

Am I already blinded by Earthly things?
Or is this what it's supposed to be?
Nov 2014 · 658
Good times
HelloPeople Nov 2014
Ah, classic songs
Playing harmoniously
Is this the old times?
If it is, surely is great
To be here!

I looked up
Saw the moon
Looking at me
I was mesmerized
It's so beautiful
So bright
As stars hide,
It shines the most

Everything was perfect
From the classics to the moon
I was waiting for the Christmas lights and I ended up with this
Oct 2014 · 6.6k
Windy Waves
HelloPeople Oct 2014
I'm standing at the shore
Staring at the sea
Feeling the cool wind, eh

Everyone's out there
Moving along the waves
Breathing with the wind
They're having fun
Looking good
Feeling good
Living good

I'm right here,


Should I join them?
Should I move along?
Should I breathe with?

One thing's sure,
I'll join them..eventually

No matter what
'Cos I need to,
I have to
In order to survive
This crazy world

I'm still here
Oct 2014 · 641
Up down?
HelloPeople Oct 2014
Thing that I want?
Thing that I would love to do?
Thing that'll help me survive this world?

What is it that'll satisfy myself?
How can you?
How can she?
Help me.

Left or right?
There or here?

Will this make me glad?

What is it?
Where to?
How to?
When will?

what now?
Oct 2014 · 1.3k
Have Fun
HelloPeople Oct 2014
Well, it is the 15th of October
It is raining hard
Skies cry for us
Skies feel the same way as us

Hopefully, tears of joy

We had a fair share of
Smooth and rough
Thick and thin
Smiles and frowns

You'll be my milk
For my food
For every time I eat bread
And keep calm
If you spill yourself
I'll be there
Giving you
Harsh truths in life

Life's hard
Love's fun
Enjoy Life

Take care, Lem
Happy Birthday to you!
Love you gal!
Keep on smiling!
Oct 2014 · 430
HelloPeople Oct 2014
There is pain
There is anger
There is hate

"I'm not coming back anymore"
"I don't care about you"

But when love comes in
Even just a tiny love
Mix it with the moments you long for
Those 3 goes away

Love prevails
You can't do anything
Oct 2014 · 713
HelloPeople Oct 2014
I stay late,
Wake up early
Waiting for something to happen,
Waiting for things to be better
Then I asked myself,
"Is this right?"
If you want something,
Go get it!

Not all things will fall at you,
You go digging for treasures
Oct 2014 · 7.7k
HelloPeople Oct 2014
With you,
I felt forever
I felt never
I felt sadness
I felt anger
I felt jealousy
I felt emptiness
I felt completeness
I felt love
I felt satisfaction
I felt insecurities
I felt everything,
Almost that I need to know

And I'm thankful for it
One more round
Will never be an option
Deal with what happened
Endure it all
Oct 2014 · 791
So Close
HelloPeople Oct 2014
You held my hand
I held yours
We walk down the road
Chit-chatting about the future

It was dusk, street lights
“Coffee?” she said
“If it’ll make you happy” I replied
So cozy, bliss it is

I walk you home
Still talking about us
We’re finally home, “take care”“goodbye”
Sure hope forever is on the way

I don’t want this feeling to end
Don’t want to lose you as well
We were so happy
As if I’m in cloud 9

Thought it would last
The love spell, uncast
How come Cupido?
You made my heart go “boo”

Should’ve told me
Happily ever after wasn’t after us

— The End —