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m h John Aug 2019
The way the earth
slows down it’s
rotation each year
and the way
the climate changes
causing the ice to melt
while the world
is at war with itself
makes me want to take you
to a mountain top
and yell
“**** it, I love you!”
Silent Circles
Suspended in light
Spiraling eloquence
Reflecting the night

In a dance
One shadows
Then becomes shadowed
Circling each other
Within passions sight

Ruling sun rays
Lines them up
To each an audience
Rounding each other
As One

With haloed shoulders
We mask the solitude
‘Neath the starry valence
Of night
Oceans waving
Conjoined in balance
Of our ever enlightened might

Life is
As a grand eclipse
Fleeting moments
Around the sun

Once shadowed
We forever shadow
Till morning’s dawn

To and fro we sway
Dancing with words
We say
Living eclipsed
As one
There is energy in everything. One energy sometimes eclipses another in nature. Sometimes that happens to us as well. When that happens you can come out of the shadow of another by simply moving toward the light.
Stanley Wilkin Feb 2017
How absurd to stand
On moving land,
To touch the sky
As planets roll by

To drink the rain
Knowing from where it came,
To eat fruit and corn grown
From dead flesh and bone.

To enjoy the heat of the sun,
A vast nuclear bomb,
To breath the air
That burning diesel put there!
YieShawn Scutt Apr 2016
For a moment you think your good.
For a moment you're just so happy to see the water.
So happy that for a moment your ignorant that the picture painted in your pretty little head is just a mirage.
For a while you'll feel discouraged
till another moment passes you by and you'll just keep on repeating till you finally stumble apon an oasis
But remember
eventually it'll dry up and once again you'll live for the moments
and dread the whiles
HelloPeople Mar 2015
A revolution is almost done,
And your light still shines upon me,
And I'm still looking for it

And each rotation made
I long for you
I need the light,
The warmth, that you gave me

But what can I do,
I'm just a moon
Waiting for you to shine upon me,
To give light to this world

A moon that wandered elsewhere,
Now desperately looks for a sun
Lynn Greyling Jan 2015
Golden pastels painted
In sweet colours, on the face
Of night as it slowly fades.
Hooflip Sep 2014
Hurricane season
All throughout my cotton pocket
Comfort, such a tricky muse,
I found it!
Nope.. that’s not it.
But it was, a subtle fuzziness,
My nerves suddenly honey dipped
The sweetest,
****.. here comes the bees
& once again i’m running stiff.
Freest when i’m knotted up
I gotta bottle up
The ****** such and such
Until I’m still enough to drift beyond the cusp
The same setting sun,
The same son will set unsettled.
Another silent night,
Another fight against the nettles.
I need a rest,
To feel closer to death.
To keep me at my best.
It’s like a test,
Each time I lay in bed.
I have to try my best.
To stay there,
Blankets wrapping round me
Don’t ground me.
Still awake,
I lay, awaiting sleep to come and drown me.
Can't sleep,
Usually I can't sleep easily,
But the can't is much more intense this time around.
Seems some the words finally came to me to capture the feeling.
**** I wanna sleep...

— The End —