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26.0k · May 2018
I see you.
I see you.
With your heart of stone
I see you
With your gilded mask
I see you
With your diamond tears
I see you
With your blazing tongue
I see you
With your glass smiles
I see you
With your empty eyes
I see you
With your fragile hands
I see you
With your broken lies
I see you
With your stooped shoulders
I see you.
Everything you are,
Everything you are not.
I see you
And I care.
I see you, because you are like me.
10.8k · Feb 2019
a tasteless empty word
like numbness of the fingers
like numbness of the tongue
a numbness of heart
and false plastic lungs
bland face
bland skin
bland stomach
and bland eyes
wax satisfaction
in a false candle pose
wax candle prose
by plain poet hands
I am a wax figurine poet
who writes
but bland
6.3k · Nov 2018
*      ·   
   ✦                      . ˚   
                                                          ✦      · .
  ·     . .   *    *  . * .         ·
·           ·✷ *              +     ·   ⊹  . ˚  ˚    ˚     * . who will mourn the world ˚
+   ·  when there is nothing left?+                ˚
+   ·        *   ✺ ˚ ⊹           ✵      ˚ +    . .          ˚    ✷ ·  .   .       · *      ⊹   . ⋆ ˚
*       *      ·   
   ✦                      . ˚
·           ·✷ *                  +     · ✵           ✫    * .      * .  .
I felt like space
so so alone
3.7k · Jan 2019
genuine fake
My mother is like a lightbulb,
She makes her mistakes
She burns and she brightens
And then she breaks.
My mother is like a lightbulb
She brightens the room
But make no mistake,
She can darken one too,
My mother is like a lightbulb
She blunders and cries
But don't think she's harmless
It's a well crafted disguise
But regardless of it all
Someone gets hurt
Palms are cut open
And fingers are burnt
And yet,
my mother is unlike a lightbulb,
Because broken lightbulbs
are replaced.
I wish she was different,
but I try not to regret
so I guess,
I'll take what I can get.
3.3k · Oct 2018
She gave everything
And he gave nothing
“Nothing.” He replied
“Yes, Nothing.” She agreed
And that was that
So nothing it would be.
a little ramble
I've been having writers block
2.0k · Nov 2018
Human Dishonesty
✦      .   ·   ✦       ✵ .     *    
the silence of the moon
   ˚ .      ✦   ˚ ✦ ·      + .       .    ✵ · ⋆           . ✫ ✵           . .  ✷  * · · . ✵ .    ·
⋆   .
   ˚ .      ✦   ˚ ✦ ·      + .  is timeless
and I wish  ⋆   .
   ˚ .      ˚  ·      + .  
⋆   .
   ˚ .      ✦   ˚ ·      + .  for a minor second
✦   + .   *       .   ·          ✵ .      *     ⋆ .  . *
   ˚ .      .   ✦    ⋆   . *    ˚ .       ˚  ·      + .  
that I was more
  + .   *    .   .   ·   ✦       ✵ .      *     ⋆   . *    + .       .    ✵ · ⋆           . ✫ * · · . ✵ .    ·
⋆   . *
   ˚ .         ˚  ·      + .  than a speck
of human dishonesty ⋆   .
   ˚ .         ˚  ·      + .  
⋆   .
   ˚ .         ˚  ·      + .  and instead+ *.   *    ✷   .   ·   ✦       ✵     *     ⋆   . *
a star
fallen from
the sky.
what are we
dust of the cosmos?
1.7k · Dec 2018
Spilled soda
Sticky on the carpet
Red and glaring
Watching me.
So I scrub
So I clean
But it doesn't go away
So I scrub
So I scream
And I watch the stain
And it watches me back.
A never-ending cycle of
and then I look down
at where I have been cleaning
and I see that my hands are bleeding
that the blood is not my own
and then I start screaming
I might be insane,
or sick of the mind,
but my nightmares,
don't always happen at night.
1.7k · Nov 2018
Abstinence (reversible)
no such thing as abstinence
just one sip and then that's it
drink from the bottle
sell your soul
and smile
just have a taste
they tell me
1.7k · Jul 2018
This. Is. Me.
What do you believe in?
Do you believe in the sky?
Do you believe in the things that pass you by?
Do you believe the answers they tell you, when you ask 'why'?
Do you believe in truths or in lies?
Are you able to see when someone isn't fine?
Do you believe in always being right?
Never giving up when you've started a fight?
Do you believe in an all holy light?
Or rather do you believe in an never-ending night?
Do you look at the world and whisper
"Hey, this is right."
Or instead do you wish you had another life?
Do you wish you were 'nice'?
Or do you warp your sight,
And believe that everything will just be alright?
Do you work day and night
To keep your money airtight?
Or do you give and you work
For what you think is right?
Do you hate yourself because
someone with a small mind
went up and told you
the way you are wasn't fine?
Do you look in the mirror
And regret what you see?
Or do you look in the mirror
And shout
Never put yourself down because of who you are.
You are beautiful, you are unique, and you all inspire me.
yellow carnations
growing in my broken heart
wilting carnations

and yellow roses,
an empty apology
sitting by a grave

sweet yellow roses
and soft broken carnations
are whats left of us
You gave me yellow carnations and roses,
and I gave you everything.

A yellow carnation means rejection or “you have disappointed me”
A yellow rose can stand for friendship and apologies
1.5k · May 2018
Someone like you
I want to find someone
Who laughs with their whole body
While their body shakes
Their smile never breaks
And that's the someone I'd want to love me.

I want to meet someone
Who laughs from their whole soul
While they shed happy tears
I'll abandon my fears
Because that's the someone I'd want to love me.

I want to find you
You, who laughs with your whole heart
And while you laugh and smile
I might just stare for awhile
Because you are the person that was made for me.
Laughter is a beautiful thing.
1.5k · Jun 2018
Have you ever just laid on your back
Fingers in the grass
And your heart in your ears?

A thumping song in your skull,
The pulse and vibration
Of your hopes and your fears?

The noise keeps me grounded
It helps me to remember
That I am still here.

Or are we just dust
Adrift in the wind
A colorful dust of smiles and tears.

But if I was stardust
I'd live in the sky
And I'd keep my heart near,

Because I love my
Full body heartbeat
And I rely upon,
The song in my ears.
The heart in my chest, is never at rest.
1.3k · Sep 2018
A poets day
Poetry comes at the end of the day
When the lights are turned low
And the sun goes away

A poet writes best in the mid-afternoon
With birds in the trees
and mud on the boots

A poet rises in the morning
Even if it might be storming
Oh we write in the rain, if it be pouring

A poet thinks in the evenings
Because we write better when dreaming
And because sometimes
it's better than sleeping

A poet cherishes every part of their day
Beacause each one is never the same.
Writing poetry means you can leave the ground
And never have to come back down
1.2k · Dec 2018
You're a puzzle
a mystery to solve
both confusing and entertaining.
You keep me on my toes
I keep wondering,
whether or not
this is love.
this is
1.1k · Dec 2018
I think the wind
Stole the stars from your eyes
Because your smile is a
Distant memory,

And now all I am is lonely.
Writers block,
One of my poem drafts.
1.1k · Jul 2018
What we cherish.
A box of envelopes waits on the desk
Open and lonley,
Torn at the ends
Ripped apart in fear,
Or maybe hope,
All to get to a weathered old note.
The box is abandoned,
I guess you could say,
It's broken and empty,
made to throw away,
But there the shreds still sit,
Loved and worn,
Weathered and ripped
Letters we've loved
And letters we'll miss
Whispers of the past
Scribbled away on parchment
Inked in every color
Loved in every way,
We box them away
And then we say
That in time
We'll throw them away
But there they still sit,
There they wait
Wrinkled paper and ink stains
They wait to be held
They wait to be remembered
So they sit,
And they wait
That box of
empty envelopes
love letters
We hold onto love with an iron grip.
1.0k · Feb 2019
Hear Me Now,
My words could caress your ears,
and you still wouldn't hear.
"That I love you?"
"That I love you."
And I might be crazy
but when I look in your eyes
Some part of me says
You were meant to be mine.
930 · Jan 2019
Ancestral Regrets
it's my job.
to make it in life
it's my job.
to turn your wrongs into rights,
it's my job,
and I will shoulder your dishonor,
because I am your daughter.
Like a sheep bred for slaughter,
I will always be your daughter.
910 · Nov 2018
TᕼOSE ᗯITᕼOᑌT ᗩ ᗷOᗪY
ᕼᗩᐯE ᑎO ᕼEᗩᖇT
IᑎSTEᗩᗪ ᕼᗩᐯE ᗩ SOᑌᒪ
I ᗯᗩS TᕼIᑎKIᑎG ᗩᗷOᑌT TᕼE Eᑎᗪ, ᗩᑎᗪ ᗯᕼᗩT ᕼᗩᑭᑭEᑎS ᗩᖴTEᖇ.

I ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ ᗯᕼEᖇE ᗯE GO ᗯᕼEᑎ ᗯE ᗩᖇE ᖴIᑎᗩᒪᒪY ᖴᖇEE?
882 · Nov 2018
Living Corpse
Knock on my skull
you'll hear no reply
cause I've been empty
my whole life
and that hasn't changed
I'm just a living corpse
and I can't hear you anyway
so wave my lifeless hands
make me seem more alive
force my lips into a smile
make me nod my head
will you ever be satisfied?
with the corpse half-alive?
it's a miracle they say
the corpse now alive
"look at her!"
"she even smiles!"
but go right ahead
knock on my skull
but you
will hear
no answer
What a time it is
to be a corpse
pretending to
829 · Nov 2018
Mental Illness
I went to the doctor
and I accepted the pills
because they all said I was different

They said something wasn't "right"
and I accepted the pills
I didn't put up a fight

but when I asked the doctor why

The doctor just stared
and I finally began to see
that the sickness was me
I was talking to my medical teacher,
and she spoke about Mental Illness
and it took me a second to realize
that she was talking about me.
802 · Feb 2018
Night sky (Haiku)
Worries grow heavy
Looking up at the stars though
They melt quickly away.

Lying in the grass
Reaching to touch the soft sky
White splatters in night.
800 · Feb 2019
feel nothing
honey on the clock
slows it to its stop
and dangles towards the floor
numbs the moving
the wind a-blowing
until all is trapped
in a single second
and sloth-like
turn and hide
but the world is frozen
it is not cold
you see,
instead, feel nothing at all
in this second.
For there is only stillness
in insanity.
789 · Apr 2018
My Star (Haikus)
You are my star
with you I'd watch the night
and when you leave me

To float in the sky
I'll miss your bright smile
but when I look up

I'm happy to see
that crescent smile, moon bright
floating in my sky
Your smile is like the stars
783 · Apr 2018
I may tire of words,
but they will never tire of me
echoing in my head
they exhaust me
they release me
they hurt me
they heal me
Words are all I need.
Words are an exhausting freedom
739 · Feb 2019
an ode to the silence
substantial breakable quiet, the moon
shimmers above, a great beacon of tranquility
the night whispers a hidden new tune
and hides its face in an attempt at humility
quickly the sound is gone too soon
a misty white evening
with boats on the bay
the water churning, until it is gray
an empty stillness weaving
the tapestry of the night
a multitude of dreams, and quiet hearts
the living hold breath, at the magnificent sight
because of the silence, the mind can't help but spark
we are a simple people, it is with the absence of sound
Our scholars and our work, have become renowned
in the beginning, there was silence and today there still is,
we cannot live without the quiet, unbearable though it is.
I don't know what this is honestly.
738 · Nov 2018
when you tell the world.
what you hide

when you tell them
that you want to die

they'll laugh and say
"death is inevitable"

and "we all die someday"
they say with a smile

"the human species was

not meant to last for a while."
In the end
death is the last friend
that we will ever see
733 · Jan 2019
one side of the glass
The monotone mumbling of a prayer
rumbling and memorized
i hear it
in my third eye
or my third ear
what, can't you hear?
the sounds of the faithful
who pretend to be unbreakable
but are just people
who pray at the cathedral
to a marvelous person
of which the existence
is uncertain
He who created the world
and then left us to destroy it.
unpopular opinion:
we aren't really living
but we aren't really willing
to give this false life up,
you wonder,
do we live in this life
if something inspired
is on the other side
well we don't know,
we are humanity,
a mix of profanity
of hate
of lust
and a false understanding
of what we are
and what we can be
so we pray to something
that we can't see
so we are bold and confused
broken, overused.
and still we believe what we tell ourselves true
but we are just cells and atoms
remnants of cosmic dust
rejected by the universe
and I mean no offence
to those who believe in
a mighty man in the sky
but I cannot
not because I can't see him
or because I can't feel him
but because
I do not know him
and sadly
I do not wish to
call it weak
or call it strong
but I do not belong
with the saints
hung on my mother's walls
I do not belong anywhere
because I do not see
fate or luck
all I see
are the mistakes
humanity has made
and I do not know
if someone
is watching me now
write this poem
hiding behind
two sided glass
but if someone is,
I only ask of them this:
"what truly awaits us?"
a ramble
(a little controversial, and I am sorry but I just had to write like me.)
729 · Mar 2019
Is it selfish to not forgive?
Is it selfish to let you suffer,
for the things you've done?
Is it selfish for you to need me,
After all the times I needed you
And you were never there?
I wish I was selfish,
But you need me
So I just keep coming back
And you just keep on breaking me.
I guess I'm not me.
719 · Jul 2018
A memory
I distinctly remember
One day in the end of April
One minute
One second
Of laughter
And mockery
Three girls
One with scars
On her wrists
And the other two
With cheshire grins
Chanting and mocking
"Oh little girl?"
"Do you want to die?"
"Why didn't you finish the job?"
Leering smirks and wild eyes
And I
I remember
Looking at my scars
Looking at my wrists
Asking myself
If it ever ends
Or if it ever begins
And then I stood up
I stood and I looked
At the girl with scars
I took her hand
We walked away.
I wish I could have done more.
703 · Apr 2018
Rain (Haikus)
Rain falls from the sky
I just can't help but miss the
golden smoke of fall

The sky is soft gray
and I just remember when
life was bright and blue

I hope it rains soon
so I can see the sweet tears
fall upon your face
A wish for rain on a sunny day
702 · Sep 2018
No shame in sadness
Why do we debate about
The validness
Of sadness
When we could
Be moving forwards
Instead of falling backwards
We could be helping each other
Holding those who've lost another
If we let ourselves be held down
By harsh words and disapproving frowns
How will we ever get back up again?
And I know someone in life will tell you 'no'
Saying that they've been through worse, fifty or some years ago
But they don't know what you've lost
They don't know who broke your heart
No they don't know you, and they don't know me
So instead of being what the world wants to see
Why can't we just be?
Sadness should not not be compared and measured
It should be accepted.
691 · Sep 2018
Sun and rain
I remember when I was little
I would love the sun
I looked at it every day
and my sister always said
I would cry when it went away
and when I would cry
my dad,
he would just sit by me
and tell me about the moon
and the stars
and he would smile
then one night
I remember asking
if he would go
like the sun did,
so he promised,
that as long the sun was in the sky
he would stay,
and the sun never left,
and my dad was still around,
but rain comes,
and no matter how you prepare,
no matter if you know ahead of time,
rain still falls,
and the sun goes away
and so did my dad,
but the sun came back
and he did not.
Is there anything that shines as much as you?
What if you can’t hear my song
Because you’re too far away?
What I’m looking at
Is that you?
(Heize – Star)
674 · Mar 2018
My heart is a sickness
My heart is an affliction,
an illness
an infection
a disease
oh please,
keep your distance,
my heart is a sickness.
my heart hurts
653 · Aug 2018
S a d
perfer it
If you turned
on your heel and
just walked away
And I'm not 'tired'
I don't 'hate you'
I just can't let
you see
        I can't             let you see
            when I                   feel like dying
    I need                         the quiet
     To fix up                             my feelings
     To stitch                              up my cuts
       To fix                            my heart
   With clear                       plastic tape
the only
way I can
ever apear
'happy' So
give me
some space
So maybe, I
won't have
to worry,
about the
“There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer to be sad among others, and those who prefer to be sad alone.”

- Nicole Krauss
653 · Jul 2018
Eat your fear.
Eat your fears
Make them sweet
Add them to your dessert
Ready to eat

Devour your doubt
Swallow it like a bitter pill
Sip it with your liquor
Untill you've had your fill

Taste your temptation
Boil it in a ***
Try it with a side
Flavor with a pop

Eat your fears
Untill they are all gone
Eat too much, and you'll be sick
But who says you have to stop?
A poem for fun.
I'm feeling a little hungry today.
638 · May 2018
Good for me.
ɪᴛ's ɴᴏᴛ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ғᴏʀ ᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʟᴏᴏᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴍʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ
   ᴀɴᴅ sᴛᴀʀᴇ ᴀᴛ ɪᴛ ɪɴ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴅ
   ᴛᴏ ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀ ᴡʜᴏ ʜᴀs sᴇᴇɴ ɪᴛ
ᴀɴᴅ ᴡʜʏ ʜᴀs ɪᴛ ʙʟᴇᴅ?  

ɪᴛ's ɴᴏᴛ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ғᴏʀ ᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ɢʟᴀʀᴇ ᴀᴛ ᴍʏ ʟɪᴇs
   ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʜɪɴɢs ɪ ᴡɪsʜ ɪ ʜᴀᴅɴ'ᴛ sᴀɪᴅ
   ɪ ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀ ᴡʜᴏ ʜᴀs ʙᴇᴇɴ ʜᴜʀᴛ
ʙʏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀᴅs ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ ᴍʏ ʜᴇᴀᴅ?
It's not good for me, but I do it anyway.
635 · Dec 2018
Winter, not Spring.
I'd love to wax prose
about the beauty of a rose
but I  mourn the loss
of winter's frost
so I think
i'll wait
I'll wait for the trees,
so wide and tall
to abandon their leaves
in the fall
I'll wait for the sun to go down
and I'll lay around
maybe I'll get lost,
waiting for the frost.
Scrap poem
I've got such bad writers block help
627 · May 2018
Perfection is a question
I wish I could be perfect,
But that's a question inside of itself.
Why does perfect, always have to be someone else?
Just some rambles
616 · Mar 2018
I don't need someone's confirmation
or anyone's adoration.
I don't need help
to find myself.
I am proud to be that girl
with paint upon fingers, and feelings a-whirl
a poet and a painter, a dreamer and a liar
blue and gold, sky and fire
I am proud to be myself,
wouldn't be anyone else.
I painted again today
605 · Mar 2019
Some thoughts:
What are we, but uncivilized and irrational, for wanting comfort in what we wear?
And yet, Who are we, in defining our status through clothing, announcing our wealth on golden watches and expensive shoes?
Is it truly fair to judge someone based on the quality of clothing?
How do we know this to be true?
My thoughts on school uniforms and restrictions
I wonder.
if I had a heart
would I know where to find it?
without a heart
who am i?
because I have no heart
there is empty space
where it should be,
but maybe
maybe it's lost
maybe I gave it up
without noticing
or maybe
I never had a heart,
to begin with
you complete me.

Now read it from the bottom to the top
you complete me.
595 · Dec 2018
It hurts only a little
Like a needle to the heart
A stretched rubber band
Finally falling apart.
583 · Nov 2019
pathetically poetic
it's almost poetic
the way you look at me
with such anger,
with such hate,
Isn't it great?

Oh it's poetic
when you set me on fire
and burn me to the ground
with your eyes

You're so poetic
when you give me a smile
yeah you burn me alive
but I love it
and I love you

I'm so pathetic
because I still need you
and I'll freeze
without you
574 · Mar 2019
Perhaps I am strange,
I know life is short
I'll live out my life
like it isn't falling apart
I'll smile and breathe
until I cannot,
I'll say that it's fine,
until my heart stops.
This is what we do, but are we delusional?
For living for breathing, for no reason at all?
568 · Sep 2019
Autumn Eyes (Tanka)
I sometimes see you,
Your face lingers in my mind,
Eyes of leaves and snow,
Your colors haunt my pale heart,
I think I miss the autumn.
I saw your eyes
and it was like they were the sun
shining through with autumn gold
you were beautiful
but now
all I see
is rotting leaves
551 · Dec 2018
New eyes
You're so quiet now
But they say silence is golden,
So I'll just leave you alone.
Look through the eyes of those who want to help,
but just don't know how to.
550 · Jun 2018
A letter
I've been to hell
And why I stayed
Is something I can't explain
I don't know.
My answer was always the same
And I'd stay, oh I'd stay,
I'd get sick, and you'd complain
Saying that I'll always be that way
And I remember trying every day
Begging you, and pleading for change
But you, you never did change
And all that you ever, ever would say
Was "Why did I take you,
Why do I have you, even to this day?"
And I'm sorry to say
That the answer stays the same
Because you mother dear,
You despise change
And I guess you would say
That I am the change
The unexpected sick girl
That sad little girl, that you let stay
And you had yet to discover
That no one stays the same
Even the little sick girl
You thought that you could raise
And I'm sorry if I've realized
That the things you said
They only caused me pain
But I hope you don't change
I hope you sit and stay
As you watch that little sick girl
Go out and make herself a new name.

Watch your poor little sick girl, watch her become everything.
546 · Jun 2018
You are loved.
I've been drawing you
Your face stuck in my mind
The smile on your lips
And the fire in your eyes
When I look down on my sketch
I see it has the peices
Of a long forgotten summer sky,
When I look up at your legacy
I remember the day
When I heard you say
"I love you."
And then I smile
The people we love never leave us.
Mine live on in my paintings.
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