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Eric Martin Feb 24
Love is a game
Causing sickness and pain
But even though most of us have lost
We play it again

But I can not lie
Don't ask me why
I'll pay the cost
And play till I die
Eric Martin Feb 20
Death is coming
It's coming fast
No use in running
Life wont last

But while you still have your freedoms
Before that day
Make peace with your demons
Before you burn away
Eric Martin Feb 17
I pray to the dead and the rotten
For they are truly free
I pray for the lost souls forgotten
Because thats where all my friends may be

I pray for them so often
That I hope I pay my fee
Because one day I'll be rotten, dead, lost and forgotten
And I hope some one will pray for me
Eric Martin Feb 12
I must be a fool
For loving one so cruel
And being faithful
To a monster so hateful

But sill I stick to your side
Because I'm addicted to your rules I abide
And hopefully one day
I'll have the strength to walk away
Eric Martin Feb 11
In me there's a fire burning throughout
A passion waiting to be inflamed
I'm yearning to let it out in one big shout
But I'm afraid I'll get burned and maimed
For now ill just have it churning as I slowly let it out
Until I have it tamed
Eric Martin Jan 22
When you asleep at night and hear blood curdling screams
Do you wake up to the light and wonder what it means
Even though it's a controlling fright you don't dare find out what teems
It's better just to tuck your self in tight and pray for sweeter dreams
Eric Martin Jan 15
Do you also hide from terrors in the night
Praying for a light
Holding your breath to not make a sound
Hoping you won't be found

Do you also hide from your thoughts in the day
Praying to get away
Holding yourself together for a time
Hoping to leave it behind
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