Eric Martin Aug 10
I's a shame
Satan knew my name
I'm a dead man
Or worse
Save me from this cures

This feeling wont wain
Lucifer save me from this pain
My name is all I am
Satan speaks rhymes same as man and cures, go with indies song, punk guit, rain, destructions but only chorus
Eric Martin Aug 4
Water rising
Your freedom comes today
Because you can float away
Eric Martin Aug 4
E E EEE   E    B   A
This is it, im dying
This will be me legacy
It wont be much
But it's worth trying

I am sick of being being alone
I am sick of crying
Let peace be onto me
And Let this be undying
Eric Martin Mar 1
My heart has paid a fee
I turn a blind eye to what I see
My philosophy has become hypocrisy
What has become of me?
Eric Martin Feb 18
I believe in a Demon who lives inside my head
He's scratching and screaming, he wants to be fed

Tears, fears and things better left unsaid
Horrors appears as my thoughts are led

He's like a toxin rotten my brain with a constant spread
I hope all is forgotten as I shoot myself dead
Eric Martin Nov 2017
I remember love
I remember it tasted like sugar
But as I look back it tastes bitter
And the more I think of
All the sensual dances are now satanic slithers
Eric Martin Oct 2017
In love

Who's to blame

Forgive forever
For peace to maintain
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