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Eric Martin Jun 2020
No need to fear
Death is here
Bringing nature to an end
So we can begin again
Eric Martin Apr 2020
Dear God who brought me to me knees
I know you've never answered me yet
But please answer my pleas
I have paid so many debts
Without racking up any fees
And before I succumb to this disease
Knowing why before I die
Is the only thing can put me at ease

Why was a child defiled
Ravaged brutally when I was innocent
Molested till I was in my own imprisonment
Making me punish my self in equal equivalent
Living a life where death was always imminent
Now Before I go I have to know
Where you just ambivalent?
Eric Martin Mar 2020
It may be love
But you will find
It's better to rise above
While you leave me behind
Eric Martin Mar 2020
For ever I desire fire hire
Though this conspire requires providers to meat a fate most dire
I would be a liar to say I tire of their screams like a choir
Though inspired after what transpired
I'd still admire a survivor as a conscience purifier
For I wish for a pyre that doesn't acquire souls to sire
But I am not a crier, nor its designer and will comtinue to be the supplier of flesh until I retire and pay for all my sins with all my being and every fiber
For my sin to be burned entire for eternity by the fire I will always love and desire
And when a pay my price I will demand the flames higher
Rhyming practice. I got asked to do a 6 word poem challenge on Instagram and I forgot how that challenges are fun to me and helped me.make a poem and a picture to perfectly went with it, so I decided to challenge my self amd maybe use this for my next piece of art
Eric Martin Mar 2020
Betrayed and Beaten
But still
6 word. Picture that goes with it@
Eric Martin Mar 2020
No where or one is home
Forced to roam
With other's sins I try to atone

I feel like it is useless trying
No point in crying
I don't want to be lying
But no one would take me in with all the pain I am confiding

It is worse then dying
And with every day the future becomes more terrifying
For now I must face every thing on my own
Eric Martin Feb 2020
I wish I could cry
I wish I could escape my fears
But sadly i am ready to die
After all of the abuse over the years
I wish I could end it with tears
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