Eric Martin Mar 1
My heart has paid a fee
I turn a blind eye to what I see
My philosophy has become hypocrisy
What has become of me?
Eric Martin Feb 18
I believe in a Demon who lives inside my head
He's scratching and screaming, he wants to be fed

Tears, fears and things better left unsaid
Horrors appears as my thoughts are led

He's like a toxin rotten my brain with a constant spread
I hope all is forgotten as I shoot myself dead
Eric Martin Nov 2017
I remember love
I remember it tasted like sugar
But as I look back it tastes bitter
And the more I think of
All the sensual dances are now satanic slithers
Eric Martin Oct 2017
In love

Who's to blame

Forgive forever
For peace to maintain
Eric Martin Oct 2017
Can you feel me
I'm shivering
Because of your heart
Your delivering
I hope that this is love

Is this what you see
I never thought some one could feel this way about me
I think this must be love
Because it is setting me free

I can feel you
I'm listening
Because of your heart
I'm blistering
I want this to be love

I wish I knew you were always the key
To these feeling warming me
This must be love
Because for it I will pay any fee
Eric Martin Oct 2017
Some times I wish my word was as real as my dreams
That life was a little more vibrant and extraordinary then it seems
I would love to be that happy but I just don't have the means
But not only is life not wonderful, it blows my dreams to smithereens
Eric Martin Mar 2017
Pinch me I must be dreaming
Hurt me until I am screaming
My nerves are twisting and teeming
I forgive all your torturous scheming
You gave me something worth feeling
In my eyes there is nothing more redeeming
I am going through a twisted faze of writing to help keep things interesting a moving forward so don't mind too much of my latest poems. Its not like people reading them any way so I shouldn't care.
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