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Ineffable Jan 25
Your smile leaves me breathless,
Everytime it surfaces.
Your eyes tell me stories,
Your mouth can't fathom.
Your heart showers me with love,
So pure and serene.
Your soul gives me happiness,
Filled with bliss and peace.
Your love gives me strength,
To strive harder and achieve my dreams.
And my dream, is to make sure that you never stop smiling, never stop loving me and to always be mine.
Ineffable Nov 2019
Pretty sure you are, From your loft seat.
Laughing at us, For that's what you want.
To see us struggle,
To see us fight,
Cry and bleed.
To see us scream, Our lungs out.
Pretty sure you are, From your lofty seat.
Laughing at us,For that's what you want.
We are nothing, more than entertainment.
To entertain, your boring needs.
Hope you're needs, are satisfied.
Ineffable Nov 2019
He was scarred for life,
Scars that scared everyone away.
Yet she chose to stay,
Because she knew the story behind them.
Ineffable Nov 2019
When she shed tear, in front of him.
He felt angry, yet helpless.
Angry, because he couldn't see her cry.
Helpless, because he couldn't hug her.
When i see you cry, the only thing i wish for is to hug you and hold you till you stop crying. You mean more than the world to me.
Ineffable Nov 2019
When i feel lonely,
Your voice is my solace.
Because, you are my hope,
Save me from this hell hole.
Ineffable Oct 2019
It's at night when,
The fake smile goes up and,
The tears come down.
Missing her smile,
He cries himself to sleep
Ineffable Oct 2019
Below the starry sky,
Under the shade of the mango tree,
He said to her "I'm never giving up on you."
That's when they realised,
That they were meant to be.
Everything happens for a reason
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