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Ineffable Oct 2020
You came to me,
In small box with holes.
We dreamt,
To go out on a million strolls.
You were a precious ball of sunshine,
The best boy who was truly mine.
All the dreams that we aspired,
Are now just mere dreams.
For you came to me in a small box,
And left just a week later.
Your exit created wounds,
Which won't heal for a million moons.
Life will never have the same shine,
Without the presence of someone truly mine.
I miss you.. God I miss you so much. You were too young to be taken away so soon.
Ineffable Sep 2020
Looking up, to the crimson moon.
Reminds me of my open wounds.
Brighter stars up on dark skies,
Beckon to my dark sides.
The flower of hope starts to wither,
I find myself at the bottom of this river.
Ineffable Jul 2020
He is one with a scarred past,
A harbinger of bad things that were to come.
Silent to opinions of strangers.
He who called family was decisions of fate.
Lowered with labels, suppressed feelings.
Titled "Man" by the noose called society.
He suppressed it down, playing it low.
Until, he met her, who comforted his soul.
Gave him hopes and lit his world.
Pulled him up from the clutches of darkness,
Stood by him, Became his anchor.
For every storm they faced,
Every lonely night they made it through with a smile.
Something I was working on for quite some time, fine-tuned by someone close to me so I don't really deserve all the credits for this.
Ineffable Jun 2020
I blamed god,
For every problem that came our way.
But what I did to you,
Makes me want to stay away.
Not from your presence,
But from civilization.
For the guilt that followed,
Has become an albatross.
One so large and heavy,
Forcing me on my knees when I wear it.
It wouldn't have happened.. if I took efforts.
Ineffable Jun 2020
A lonely, dark place,
Which was termed my life.
Was filled with angelic light,
When you entered.
Little did I realise,
That I did nothing for the light.
Now back to a lonely, dark place,
Which was termed. My life.
Never did I treat you right, but nothing stops me from loving you till the end of my life.
Ineffable Jan 2020
Your smile leaves me breathless,
Everytime it surfaces.
Your eyes tell me stories,
Your mouth can't fathom.
Your heart showers me with love,
So pure and serene.
Your soul gives me happiness,
Filled with bliss and peace.
Your love gives me strength,
To strive harder and achieve my dreams.
And my dream, is to make sure that you never stop smiling, never stop loving me and to always be mine.
Ineffable Nov 2019
Pretty sure you are, From your loft seat.
Laughing at us, For that's what you want.
To see us struggle,
To see us fight,
Cry and bleed.
To see us scream, Our lungs out.
Pretty sure you are, From your lofty seat.
Laughing at us,For that's what you want.
We are nothing, more than entertainment.
To entertain, your boring needs.
Hope you're needs, are satisfied.
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