He wasn't great at anything
Never a sculpture
Or an encyclopedia portrait
A rather odd logo
From a different establishment
Energy was intermittently governed by spirit
And spirits
His name was also a number
Socially secure yet alphabetically altered
His design was simple however obscure
But they named him manure
He was the waste product of nature
The skin was his dirt and cologne
For he damaged the earth with his birth
And his thoughts of worms dug through the soils worth
Burning in the minds hot hearth
He begged for the waters thirst
Like elephant trunks in between tusks
He was the dung on the bottom of foot
Trampled rug wipe your feet with a welcomed hug
Washes away the sand castles daughter
He was a father not a prince or a knights armour
And as he walked his path that time slaughtered
God's wrath bought hurt but hadn't cured
What he wanted
Was it greatness
Or the value of a dollar
That makes him feel like a God
For what is his nature
Should you label him normal
Difference is his individuality
Occuring in nature independently
What it so great about the one guy, no one knew
that would matter to a disappeared world
An earth visited by a clock
Fathered by Mother
He discovered
Life is a matter
Suspended in a black hole pattern
Ghostly dimensions of spiritual gathered
Out of his control or design
What his labeled read when applied
Property of eternal deaths life
He wasn't great at anything
Until the end of time

  Jul 2 Elizabeth Squires

they say that love finds a way
but mine hasn't
it's in the complete opposite direction
is my love not included?
is my love the wrong kind?
i try and i try
is that where i went wrong?
so many questions and not enough answers

what does it actually mean?
"love finds a way"
a way where?
a way to what?
how does love find anything?
is that where I'm wrong again?
i have so many questions

how will my love find it's way?
to someone else?
to someone better?
to someone who has love that will find me?
what if that love never finds what it is looking for?
then what?
you find love in yourself?
is that where i'm wrong?
i have no answers

when this love that is somehow a noun,
finds this way of love
what then?
you live happily ever after?
everything goes right from then on?
am i wrong?
i have so many questions and no answers

  Jul 2 Elizabeth Squires

you are like a sugar cube
sweet and bad for you
i crave this eventual pain
that will make my teeth ache

  Jul 2 Elizabeth Squires

i feel like a fool
like a tool
thats not so

i feel like a bum
really dumb
you'll know from
the start

i feel like a headache
a bad mistake
people wish
to erase

i don't feel like myself
i don't think my health is well
that's how i'm feeling

  Jul 2 Elizabeth Squires

your name tickles my tongue
lips quivering like it stung
hidden message in my eyes
to know that if my heart breaks
it shouldn't be a surprise

  Jul 2 Elizabeth Squires

I thought we'd have forever,
But forever was just a lie
I fed myself to feel better
About the darkness in my head.

I thought I'd have the memories
That you gave me,
But my mind betrayed me eventually,
And twisted our reality.

Questioning every move
You ever made,
Every smile
You ever sent my way.

I can't help but wonder
If you ever truly loved me.

I'm sorry for being broken,
I'm sorry I couldn't pick up the pieces
For every time I tried,
I'd cut my fingers in the process.

I'm sorry I wasn't good enough,
But my heart...
It did beat for you,
It tried to escape from me daily
Every night.

to get out of the cage
I kept it in.

to escape the walls
I built around it.

I swore I'd never
Love again,
After everything you
Put me through.

You made it look so easy,
Leaving without a goodbye.

I hope you enjoy the weather,
I hope you enjoy the quietness.

Without you,
I don't think
I'll ever get better.

So let the stars
Kiss you goodbye
Because I don't think
I'll ever see you again

This one took me a while to write, a bit more depressing than my others, either way, enjoy  :)

I love the way you move, dancing around, losing yourself to any song that old radio plays
I get caught up staring into those familiar eyes, I could get lost in you all the time
I don't mean to come on to strong the way I usually do, I just don't want to let this slip away

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