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murderous war fiends
pleasure in lethal pursuits
they know not of pity
  Oct 2022 Elizabeth Squires
I am who I am
and that is all that I'll achieve
I failed trying to be Sam
and couldn't quite be Steve

I almost made it being John
but then it got too much
and when I decided to be Ron
I felt being out of touch

so I resigned just to be me
at least I feel at ease
and all day long I can be free
that even Sam agrees
A world without time is the same as a world devoid of conscious beings.
  May 2022 Elizabeth Squires
Everyday is a precious gift
The greatest present we call life
Worth more than gold that you can lift
Better than any from your wife

A gift that is filled with surprises
with many truths and sometimes lies
From the first moment the sun rises
Right up until you close your eyes

But when tomorrow comes around
Something for you will be waiting
and another great gift will be found
because each day's worth celebrating
the drums of war never
seem to
hence why the world cannot find
a lasting

in every corner of the globe
the people ask the same
is it necessary for yet
another warring

the drums
the drums
won't abate
the drums
constantly beating
the drums
not retreating  

and so the drums of war
thereby negating that peaceful  
One moment I am high
with the light of soulfulness within.
The next I am down
in the clutch of desire
and enticements.
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