slowly the fog creeps
in our township's sleeping streets
dense is its heavy shroud

  Nov 2017 Elizabeth Squires

Her eyes are kind her heart is warm
She is a Rose, I am a Thorn
We catch and ride the wild steed
I’m so alive and she’s so free

In the gazebo we dance until early dawn
Our bodies lay naked out on the lawn
Completely fulfilled and finally whole
I have no intention of letting her go

Wheels are turning my heart is yearning
A lust for life subconsciously burning
I breathe too deep and the dream is lost
I start the day with a secret thought

Perhaps she was fictional beyond conclusion
A kaleidoscope of colors, a beautiful delusion
If only to awake and find her near
Instead I sleep and gasp for air...

Traveler Tim
HP 4-15
HP !2-16

love's sating river
streams through adoration's heart
beautiful of theme

The striking joy  bound shots
Of the partial challenging life
And the natural ins and outs
Regulates and balances human tribe
The most cheerful moments
Apart from dreary darkness
Gonna happen in astonished absence
This what shapes complains
Wish I could be there too
Wish the world creeps on
Slowly and even slowly
And Yeah, If this'll matter
And somewhat commence
Then only in our worthy absence...

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