I tell myself I’m a peaceful man
That my day is sunny and calm
That I’ll be tranquil if I can
And the future is in my palm.
But even as the hours go
Beyond the wooden clock
My anger begins to show
And rationality is out of stock.

Oh, but it’s not as bad as others.
I hear it everyday,
“He’s as stupid as his brothers.”
And I look the other way.
Perhaps it’s not as extreme
As a pessimist gothic freak
But the running or baseball team
Makes hatred come to leak.

I think that they’re wasting time
With their pointless scoreboard numbers
But look at me trying to rhyme
With passionate booming thunders.
I shouldn’t be one to spit on running
Cause the grass once belonged to me
But as long as I keep shunning
Things won’t ever stay to be.

I haven’t seen it all
Or experienced everything
Just cause I’ve hit a wall
Doesn’t mean I ought to sing.
In deepness truth inside
Of what I truly feel
Those talented people lacking pride
I’m jealous to the peel.
What a surprise!
A single bud on a rose tree,
Blushing to open,
As glistening dew bathe it.
I moved down the orchard,
Ah! The Rose Family (Rosaceae),
Apples (malus),
Raspberries (rubus),
Strawberries (fragaria).
Having a morning chat,
In awe to see the blooming of their cousin,the rose,
Their leaves trembling with joy.
Roses are red my love,
So are their cousins Prunus,
Plums and cherries,
Red as fresh blood,
Nodding in the gleaming sun.
What a get-together!
This time it isn’t the edge of glory
no satisfaction,
not a happy end to this story.

Over the edge of a cliff.
That’s where she’ll jump,
no longer holding onto “what if.”

She hurts inside where you’ll never see.
That girl (she has a face)
and her name is me.

Jumping,, over the edge, this is her story.
Too bad it’s no longer the
“edge of literal glory.”
In your prime
The world is at your feet
On the downfall
It's you on your feet
Or none at all

So , be there for yourself
Be it prime or downfall
Just something I strongly feel , and so shared here !
Please lend me your ear
Close your eyes and deeply inhale
My heart has a message for you to intensely hear
Lord please take off the veil

We walk as strangers on this earth
Absorbing the life of Christ as Jesus did
Becoming more like Him and dying to “self” worth
Self is ruled by the god of the world Satan

The man of reason within us is an enemy to Christ
That’s why they killed Him
Jesus is not the dead man on the crucifix
He dwells inside our souls and becomes who we really are within

Wondering everyday whether your happy or sad is a useless state of being
When we seek the scriptures on a daily basis to be set free
More power of Christ becomes our reality
Jesus had to die to the self in His own personal life daily

Once we stop dwelling on our feelings and emotions
Focusing on getting to know who Christ really is
Self love is a death sentence approaching
Uncover who you really are deep inside your soul

Christ is an incarnation of power
A mystical movement of transformation
Storms in your life are so you will awaken Jesus in that hour
He isn’t just a quick fix or imagination

There is a whole world behind the looking glass
Controlling every thought and disposition
Jesus is the Light of man’s souls substance
When we trust our whole life to Him

Don’t let the lie take over your life
Don’t allow feelings and emotions to control you
Your more than just a avatar on this site
Your the offspring and heir of the only true God of Light

We are always surrounded by angels
Ministering Spirits good or bad
Choose the still small voice of the Holy Spirit’s truth who is always available
Stop allowing the darkness to manipulate your head

Jesus conquered the world in Him”self”
Now it’s our turn to follow Him
Dwell in peace and good health
I’m not just preaching for a vane whim

“Self” lies for control
And eventually
Destruction of the soul

I’ve been in the dark just like you
I prayed constantly until He spoke to me personally
Now I only live for the power of the knowledge of the One who in me Lives and rescues
I pray for you also to get acquainted with the only One who can save unconditionally
the sun drips
yellow yolk

the gold knots
of my spine
breathe the first of Spring days
the radio plays our favorite song

i see you backwards
all the times we had

the sky is blue, the lake is blue
your eyes are blu
and they say i look like your
oh gods. help me
i can’t feel anything
except you
and everything here is you
Edit: Thanks everybody! I didn’t realize this was a daily until later.
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