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haysia Nov 2019
You became my sanctuary
in the storm of my life
You became my safe haven
And hopefully, you'll be the reason
Why I was never meant to be with him
haysia Aug 2019
You are the sun
Good news: I'm not the moon
Bad news: I'm the planet Pluto
And no matter how many times
I rotate around you,
I will always be the least
of your priority
haysia Jul 2019
"Smile for me."
He said, and she smiled
'how I wish you'll always smile for me'
he whispered, at the same time he said
Say cheese!*"
haysia Jul 2019
haysia Jul 2019
You put colors to my life
never realized that
putting all the colors together
will make my world dark.
haysia Jul 2019
I don't like the sound of the waves
that slowly drowns me away
from the fantasy world
I used to live
and wanting to have peace.

The reality is crawling back
from the bottom, choking me to death.
haysia Jul 2019
"Are you happy?", I asked him.
"Yes I am. And you?", he said
"Yes I am happy.", I replied
because finally, I stopped writing
poems about you
, I whispered.
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