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Jul 2 · 279
I can see the spark dying,
So I begin to walk away,
I have been in the cold far way too long,
Maybe, The fire will light up again,
Maybe, I will never know.

All i know is that i will miss your warmth.
Jun 26 · 155
6 days
First day,
I wept,
For I didn’t understand what was wrong

Second day,
I wept again,
For not understanding my own self.

Third day,
I was numb,
And it didn’t matter if I was wrong anymore.

Fourth day,
I stopped,
My thoughts for it was not worth it to ponder.

Fifth day,
I got up,
With courage I did not realise that I even had.

Sixth day,
I walked out,
Of the cage that i built in my mind.
Jun 25 · 161
Own me
You have a hold on me.
Spinning my mind off,
Heart beating faster,
Fogging of my eyes,
I lose out control,
You own me.
Jun 18 · 200
Summer in December
Tiny music of your soul beckons me,
The winter blues fade into nothing,
A glimpse of summer in december.
Jun 15 · 226
Hells and heavens
Neither do I believe in heavens,
Nor in any sort of hells,
But I do believe that after we die,
Our souls will definitely travel by
Jun 14 · 209
The world falls upon me,
So heavy, Yet I outlive it,
Piece by piece fixing life.
Jun 11 · 160
Falling down
You should know where you stand,
In life,
In realism,
Or perhaps in someone’s heart,
It might feel like you’re on a cloud,
But you could really be standing on nothing,


Jun 10 · 229
Cerulean Reveries
They asked, Why I was lost in my cerulean reveries?
I said, “perhaps reality aches.”
Jul 2016 · 428
out of sight, out of mind
Yachika Sharma Jul 2016
Out of sight,
Out of mind,
Is still fine.


Out of sight,
Out of your heart,
Scares the life,
Out of me.


— The End —