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Yachika Sharma Dec 2020
There are memories attached,
With each day, I keep re-living,
Years go by, it does not matter.
There are things I keep feeling,
Your absence does not bother.

I see the marks your feet leave,
You wander but not that farther,
Away from me, here is my plea,
That on days like these i miss,
A piece of myself taken from me.

I am stuck in this lapse of time.
Yachika Sharma Nov 2020
Sometimes I crave for a loving heart,
Who has not been touched or torn apart,
But it feels like this world is not meant,
For a soul full of desire compared to art.
Yachika Sharma Oct 2020
I think nobody understands the pain,
of living with constant fear.
I am tired of seeing women oppressed,
being hit, only bruises to show.
It is not okay to seal her lips then question,
why she took time to come out.
I will lose it if someone says that home
is where I'll be safe, oh I am not.
She is not, She is not, Oh she is not,
she is not, she is not, Oh I am not.
Yachika Sharma Jun 2020
You can cover yourself with a flawless skin,
It won’t make you a flawless person.
Flawless skin person love life cover you happy
Yachika Sharma May 2020
When you get to see,
The person you could have become,
Hope you see a reflection of yourself.
Yachika Sharma May 2020
I don't like how karma is sometimes,
The love I give finds its way back,
But not from the one I gave it to.
Yachika Sharma Jan 2020
He was danger from the very start,
The kind which came with many warnings.

I was cautious at once, Yes i was,
But soon I let my guard down,
I was left with a mind full of ideas,
He despised the ones he planted.

I loved, I fell, I fell in front of him,
He could not even hold me up.
Too busy with the others to give a ****,
I was dying right there and he didn’t care.

Guess love was a poison,
I drank up too fast,
Choked on my own tears,
I am broke, I won’t last.

Still hoping you could save me,
Hoping you could love me.
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