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Big Virge Sep 2021
When It Comes To How I Think...
I’m Just A... REALIST...
So Don’t Deal In Fallacies...
I’m Real Like... REALITY... !!!
So Reality’s What Feeds...
My Use of Poetry...
That’s Born From Big V..  
Or Yes That’s Right Big Virge...
A True Word Connoisseur...
of... REALITY Verse... !!!
And Truthful Spoken Words...
That REJECTS The... Absurd...
And Unlearns What’s Been Learned...
That Makes Some Humans Turn...
Into People Who Hurt...
As If... It Is Their Work...
To Deal In What’s Fake...
Instead of What’s Real...  
And Embrace Things Like Hate...
Like It’s Some Tasty Meal... ?!?
Like What Is These Folks Deal...
Are These People For Real... ?!?
You See I’m Just A REALIST...
Whose Poetic Thesis...
Believes That MORE TRUTH …
Will Be What Is Good...
For Us All To Improve...
Our Unbalanced New Groove...
Which Is Why When I Move...
I’m Aware That My Hue...
Is Too Dark For Some Crews...
So Always Stay Attuned...
For Those Quick To Hate...
Who Start To Make Claims...
That I’m In The WRONG Place...
Just Because of My Race...
Natty Hair And Dark Face... !!!
I’m Just A... REALIST...
When It Comes To Such Things...  
Like Why My Writing Talents...
And... Poetic Patents...
Are Not What The Masses...
Are Talked Into Having...
By Those In The Business...
Who Claim To Want Realness...
You See I’m Just A Realist...
So Yes Do Catch Feelings...
When It Comes To Women...
And Seeing Our Children...
Taught To Use Thinking...
Logic And Visions...
To REJECT Divisions... !!!
But I’m... Just A REALIST...
Who Prefers... REALISM...  !!!
And Sees That These Isms’...
And Divisive Prisons....
In Which Most Are Living...
Are Indeed UNFORGIVING... !!!
And Have Been... Since Systems...
Have Been Money Driven... !!!
Realism In View...
Like This Corona Flu...
Is Fuelling Conditions...
Mandating Positions...
For Working Transitions...
But Certain Restrictions...
Are NOT Yet Forbidden...
Like Seeing Racism...
On Our Televisions... !?!
That SHOULD BE But ISN’T... !!!
How Much Realism’s...
BEHIND These Petitions...
To Stop Racist Killings... ?!?
Well Here’s My Opinion...
And I’ll Keep It SIMPLE... !!!
If Governments Want...
Racism Extinguished...
When A Male Is Convicted...
of A... RACIST Act... !!!
Cut Off His *******...
And Keep Him Imprisoned...  
And For These Racist Women...
DENIAL of Children...
And NO CONTACT With Them...
And NO BAIL Conditions...
Just LIFE In A Prison...
Where Blacks Are In Vision... !!!
Then Racists Might DIE QUICK...
Or Might Just Start To QUIT...
Acting Like Foolish Kids... !?!
So You See How I Think...
Deals In Being HONEST...
NOT Resorting To Tricks...
Nonsense Or Falseness... !!!
My Poetic Scripts...
And Lyrical Twists...
Simply Represent THIS...
When It Comes To Our Lives...
And How We... Co-Exist...
... “ I’m Just A Realist “...
This thing I am.
I S A A C Sep 2021
kiss my Adam's apple

then make your way to my pearled necklace

Adorn me with your love like a prince in a castle

Be rough with me, a little reckless

time is only a concept forged by men

who says we ever have to leave this bed again

I am shaken, riddled with desires

I am taken, aback by your torrid fires

blistering heat, unimaginable peak

you are so sweet like freshly picked strawberries

it's your physique and mystique

you read me like libraries
Tamara Lynn Sep 2021
To be conscious 
Isn't material
Or something tangible
But rather something ethereal
A fleeting idea of what's real
Intruding on the illusion
That we have all the solutions

Can't explain why
But I'm humbled to see through these eyes
Our echoing cry in the corner of the skies
Reminds me that
The shear gravity
Of just being
Is staggering

We exist in the blink of an eye
What a concept to be alive
To perceive is to conceive
In this moment its the beginning
Of the rest of your life

We are not immortalized
Our fate is demise
To no surprise
We fantasize to calm our cries
But its truly profound
That in the end
Never again will there be a sound

There's peace in that fact
That time isn't able to backtrack
What was meant to happen has passed
It couldn't last, but alas

This is precisely why the weight of being
Holds an astounding amount of meaning
Just by being alive, we're faced with many burdens that we can't fully comprehend, but that's why we need to allow ourselves joy while we're here for the little time that we have. Life can be as fulfilling as we make it. That's the message I'm trying to convey in the most realistic way.
the dead bird Sep 2021
What am I supposed to do with all
Of this
Passion —
Okay, calling it passion is a stretch.
It’s boiling ******* anger
For my own existence.

What am I to do?
Share it? With whom?
Who might appreciate?
Even if they do,
I’d probably be dissatisfied
About something.
I’m sure of it.

Why am I so
Existentially dissatisfied?
At what point will I think
Anything is enough,
Or worthy of my

Does it need to destroy me in order for me to respect it?

I’m making myself sound like a *****.
Really, I am
But a self aware one.
Like, I realize that I’m a pretentious *******
And I hate myself for it,
So that you don’t have to.

Why do I long for attention,
When I am so
By it

Just pathetic,
It’s like I think
the window which I’m looking out of
Makes me better
Than those who have a different view.

Sometimes I wish I was stupid so that I wouldn’t think I was better than other people.
Or at least stupid enough
To ignore my own hypocrisy.
Why the ****
does it always come back to
That story about
The flowers for that dead ******* rat

Is it too late to get a lobotomy?
I hate myself for hating myself for hating other people. Also yes I did really want to be a nihilist when I first studied Camus & the three schools ****. I settled on exestential nihilism for awhile. now, me and the Absurd sit and smoke blunts together and laugh at my pathetic existence
Dilshey Jul 2021
Thought you'd be the cynosure of this story
The protagonist, given all the glory
Instead you felt merely equal
To an extra in an unwatched sequel.

Imagined it to be Cinematic & song-like
Eons before that killjoy took the mic
Now certain sensations that you come by
engenders the exhale, of a melancholic sigh

Contrary to the rhapsody, in your mind
life is left indefinite & undefined
Until the mayhem ends in dysphoria
to the fool who long- awaited euphoria.

Are you a believer or sycophant to god?
-intentions of fulfilling desires, rather odd
So comes the unsolicited truth; the kalopsia
That triggers the many nights of insomnia
seems like I'm turning into a realist, eventhough I want to remain an idealist & a fantasizer
Dilshey Jun 2021
Everyones the protagonist
to their deceptive movie life
made-up delusional illusions
to distract us from the strife.
Delude ourselves into
the minds- 'Hollywood'
hallucinating surrealism
numb & evasive to reality
& the creeping white noise of realism.
We lose track of fleeting memories
as we chase feign & shallow visions,
end up reviling our true form
& make some of the worst decisions.
Are we humour to the gods?
& ideals to the slaves of hell
Are you living in your minds- 'Hollywood'-
       Or are you living your reality well?
Are you living in your head or living your life?
Zywa May 2021
Beware of people

who cheer you along the way –

like vanes in the wind.
“Cien años de soledad” (“One Hundred Years of Solitude”, 1967, Gabriel García Márquez)

Collection "After the festivities"
preston Mar 2021


I am not a man of fear,
but you do scare me sometimes, beauty.
I know this latest plunge of yours  was far
more difficult for you than you were letting on.
I also know that you were closer to the edge  of
letting go than you have possibly ever been before.

Fear on my part only comes from the distance-created
inability that all but renders love, impotent..   but still,   I feel..
and I knew, baby.. that if I didnt dig deeply into the earth's rich,
dark loam with all there is of me, able to believe for you on your
behalf-- within those.. the darkest of moments, that you might
possibly (out of the stifling fear of anyone close to you, to move
forward- into you in order to truly save you)..

    --that you might
    actually die..
    and I cannot allow that.

We do what we have to do in love, babe. I was not going to let you
slip through the cracks, so I did what I did. Tend to that gorgeous
garden of yours passionately--  wildly-untethered within the
beautiful parameters of full-on abandon. Love is finding its
wonderful way into places and parts within you  that have

   previously remained alone and cold..
   outside of its warm,  healing light.

Your gorgeously nectar-laden body is a beautiful, fully trembling..
and at times, wonderfully gushing temple of worship, celebration
and praise of the fascinating, permeating.. and often
(as you so righteously well know)
a deeply and passionately-thrusting   *******
of the Universe's finest  and warmest ways--
even when done tenderly.

The beautiful nature of  Love's full-on core ache will not let go of
you until it has fully coated every now deeply-craving cell within
that juice-filled, wildflower body of yours..  so yes.. come wildly
within it all, sweet girl. Your beautiful, deep, body-convulsing
******* are such a wonderfully-integral part   of  

  what is
helping you,  to become free.

They are not inappropriate or unloving or unfaithful to your
relational home-life.. if there is anything inappropriate, it is me..

   for speaking to you this way.    (lala)

But it has been so touch and go for you
that I now have no idea not to.
I will bite my tongue and withhold   from you
the powerful effect it all is having  
even right this  moment,  on me.
All's I can say right now is that I am glad  that you
have made it through this latest plunge into the pit.
The thought of it all working out for you  (so far)
truly does make me smile. :)

Keep feeling the comforting containment of the Wind, beauty.

xoxo  (ping.)

~**** R
I've reached a fork in the road and its time to decide. There's no clear path. My way is blinded by a light.

The decisions I make, I must stand by and at the side. Strong and tall in the fact that I chose the way with my inner guide.

Is this the ending you had in your mind? When the fork came and forced you to decide.

Was the fork created in your thought riddled mind? Was the journey one on which you could abide?

Or could you have stayed in the grey and stood aside?

The decisions you must make are they on your path or in your mind?

That is the true dilemma on which you must decide.
I write about my experience of my reality. Is what I'm thinking real or a paradox?
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