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Failing at a game,
You did not even wish to play,
Conscripted into reality,
Without a say in such an act.
Play the game,
Or lose it all.
SaintMethyl Aug 31
Sometimes I cannot quiet my mind,
Depreciating thoughts and moments of self loathing compress my skull,
A sustained attack that builds and builds,
Shockwaves of anxiety course through me,
I am lost in my attempts to return to normality despite my best efforts to piece together the fractured existence,
The barrage continues as my single track mind allows my but one confused perception,
Who am I? What have I become? What does my future hold?
These questions are unanswerable yet I proceed to waste my time over what in the end of the day is meaningless,
I am not stupid and I am aware I can only decide my outcome by making positive change,
Yet despite this I seemingly cannot refuse the chance to torture myself.
This existence is cruel at the best of times,
Even in the best moments,
Doubt, agony, fear sustain themselves with their own intellect,
The all knowing insight that things will never be good forever, if you're mind will not allow it.
Vexren4000 Aug 24
A fire smoldering,
In the hearts of humans,
A dream?
A fleeting feeling?
A time to be remembered and a time to be forgotten.
Acting out of anger.
For the buildup is to great.
No home to run to,
No soul to confide in.
My only confidant myself,
And these silent stoic walls.
Vexren4000 Jun 29
The blackened beating heart of man,
Oozing a dark sludge,
Coating the innocent, and the lost,
Covering them in a miasma of loss,
A lost soul
Stab the heart stab the heart,
Death becomes a lyric lark,
Run you can not the heart will find,
Run you can not the greed will blind,
Man and his black heart,
Born of animus,
Yet trying to deny,
Darkness in their own souls.
Hiding it with comedy masks,
Dancing upon a stage of crumbling dreams,
Feeding off the strong and hefty,
The weak and meek writhing and crawling,
Looking for another beings greatness,
To latch upon and make their own,
In some small lonely way.

Vexren4000 Jun 13
The heaving Earth,
Writhing with competing life,
A contest of survival taking place on a blue, green stage.
Man bending land to his will,
Complicating the perfection of the food chain.
Mother earth weeping as man ravages her lands.
Crying silently into space.
with a pain no other planet can understand.

You should know where you stand,
In life,
In realism,
Or perhaps in someone’s heart,
It might feel like you’re on a cloud,
But you could really be standing on nothing,


Vexren4000 May 12
Alphabet soup,
And phonetically sounding,
The voices of preschoolers,
Echoing a teachers lead,
Learning skills,
For something not yet known,
All that was known,
Was the comfort of family and home.
Did we know then?
Our sense of peace would be taken away to crookedly rot?
I suppose ignorance was bliss.

Mercury Mar 27
Looks are special.
Words are special.
But can words be twisted to feel like a devil?
Are looks and words even on the same level?
Avoiding tears that flow like a river
The truth is that love, could make a man shiver
A kiss, a lie, making the lips quiver
He was never a taker, only a giver.
Why does the body crave attention?
But shuts down and empties when your name is never mentioned.
I too have been there, I too have cried
I too have felt like my soul just...Died.
Gave up on him.
Gave up on her.
Just pick your poison which wine do you prefer?
After your drink it your vision starts to blurr, you start hearing voices and your words start to slurr.
The looks .
The words.
Your mind it stirs.
Hatred and love, opposites occur.
Vexren4000 Mar 16
Mystic places,
Locked away in isolation,
Human eyes may not go there,
Lain upon unsullied land,
Places found by humans gaze,
Usually will end the days of harmony,
The merriment of the forest spirits,
Broken by loud human voices,
Confusing compilations of ego,
Seep into the innocent trees,
Corrupting the soul of the land.

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