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Yachika Sharma Jun 2019
First day,
I wept,
For I didn’t understand what was wrong

Second day,
I wept again,
For not understanding my own self.

Third day,
I was numb,
And it didn’t matter if I was wrong anymore.

Fourth day,
I stopped,
My thoughts for it was not worth it to ponder.

Fifth day,
I got up,
With courage I did not realise that I even had.

Sixth day,
I walked out,
Of the cage that i built in my mind.
Emma Pals May 2019
I must have dropped my dreams at some point,
Because all of the sudden they were on the floor.
'Be careful!' I exclaimed.
'We are,' they claimed.

They weren't.

Suddenly my dreams were being stepped on.
I thought it would be okay,
But then I realized
They were shattered.

My dreams!

They were crushed by the careless acts of someone.
They said they would be careful
Now everything I ever wanted is broken,
Shattered with all hope lost.


The sound they made when the fateful action occurred.
My "loved one" so thoughtlessly stepped,
They knew, I told them, and they didn't care.
All hope lost and my dreams scattering with every second.

I wept.
Mary Frances Nov 2018
He wept for her bleeding heart
when she had no more tears to shed.
She fought with all her might
to save him from his demons.
He waived his morals for her freedom.
She waived hers for his.
The ransom was their lives.
The bet was their love.
Until they didn't have anything left
but memories of what once was,
what could have been, what it should be.
I am growing a flower

'Twas rooted in good soil

I nurtured and watered my flower

It grew strong and bold in color.

Then a day came when foreign seed found its place and tainted thy soil

As nutrients became scarce

I poured more water so the soil became soft as I fought the foreign seed

I wept. My flower has rejected the nutrients from my water.

I fought till every foreign plant had been removed and rebuked their roots

I nurtured and watered my flower

It grew stronger and more bold in color

I have a new flower in full bloom.
Isaiah 40:8
"The flower fades, the grass withers, but the Word of God shall stand forever."
Wyatt Apr 2016
I spent lifetimes trying to find it.
I searched all over this world
looking for you and only you.
I lost count of the hours...of the days;
I wanted some truth, I needed you.
At some point I questioned it, if you were ever real.
Deep down I thought we could never be reconciled.
These years went by and life only got heavier.
All I ever wanted was a meaning
that meant more than the words it took
to express what I wanted to be feeling.
Telling me it'll all get better felt the same as
telling a man with no limbs that they'll surely grow back.
I didn't believe a word, I fell to my knees...
and that was where life introduced herself me,
she held a knife to my neck.
I knew at that moment that in this life
death's surely an impending side-effect.

So why prolong it? So why run?
I was led to a bridge,
I was led to that bridge
thinking that this is all there was,
this is all there is.
I came up with my own conclusions
because the clock kept counting for a long time.
I had no goals, no ambition
and I was so helplessly consumed
in what I was and what I didn't like.
So where have you been? Where have you gone?
I've been looking for you all my life.

It was there on that bridge in the middle of the night,
where I sobbed, where I wept, wishing I could forget
all the pain and all the sorrow.
Wishing I could forget all the mistakes
that probably made me fall far away from you.
I knew you were out there,
but I never found the proof.
And just like that, in a whisper
you were there in my time of death.
You were trying to lift me up
and trying to move me from the edge.
I could've sworn that I saw a single tear run down your face
as you grabbed hold of me when I was at my lowest.
And that pact we made on the Brooklyn Bridge...
I might be scarred all around, but I won't ever forget it.
Some intense emotions were in my mind when writing this piece and in a way it's about me, but the overall story in this poem is fictional.
Nameless Oct 2015
One day…
The bird looked up into the sky, from the comfort of her nest.
As she looked to the sky,
She noticed the woman in the moon.
the woman smiled at her.
So every night she would look up at the woman,
Talking till the sun came up.
On one special night,
when the moon was closest to the bird and full,
the bird confessed her love to the woman in the moon.
The moon wept…
So the bird began to fly, closer and closer to the moon,
but as she did  the air became thin.
As the woman in the moon turned her back to the bird,
the bird began to fall.
Landing in a pit.
The entrance collapsed,
Trapping the bird.
… Her love was gone,
                                               She would never see the moon again.

~Moral or Lesson: Do not fall in love, because eventually you will be hurt.
An assignment for my English 3 class: write a fable.
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