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Yachika Sharma Jun 2019
Tiny music of your soul beckons me,
The winter blues fade into nothing,
A glimpse of summer in december.
Former CIA Director
John Brennan scathing headlines
Washington Post op-ed sharply
published critical accusations

muted excoriation slams
Commander in Chief
volcanic blatant pathological lying
spews like lava his American

foreign policy boilerplate brazenly
bastardizes by banditry blueprint,
balefully balkanizing beautiful bracketed
booming brady bunch brand,

bests best-buy buffer braking balanced
bastion, bolstered beloved benighted
bequeathed bicameral bipartisan bliss,
Baptizing bacchanalian buffoonish bombast,

betokening bobble-headed Bumstead,
barmy bartered bride bravado, bizarrely
brash brassiness, blindsiding behavior,
beetlebrowed bonehead, bafflingly baldfaced,

bankrupting, blithely bollixing,
bombastically belittling, badmouthing,
banally blasting, banana-boat baseless,
bearish blandishments, beastly boastful

boosterism, bellicosely boorish, bug-eyed,
bighearted, bigoted blathering breeding
blunderbuss bloopers, bewildering
bloodletting bellyache blight,

brazenly being bandying bellwether,
blitzing bourgeoisie balderdash,
balking but beaming barbaric
berserk ballyhoo backbiting,

backslapping backstabbing
blacklisting bromides,
besetting basic bestowed blooming,
Bobbitizing bedeviling beneficial
bulwark bereft badinage, ballistically ballooning
betrayal birthing bedlam.
In the howling waste even the darkness has a voice. It taunts and beckons, it begs, and calls. It slithers it's way into your thoughts and if you listen to it you may be lost within. You'll never see the light again.
Michael Robert Triska copyright 2017
Cameron Williams Nov 2014
oceans blue and waters deep
adventure hides while i seek
vast clean space that doesn't age
new beginnings turn the page
the world is out for me to find
faces and names to which i’m blind
the world, she calls and beckons me
persuading me gently out to sea.

— The End —