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He was danger from the very start,
The kind which came with many warnings.

I was cautious at once, Yes i was,
But soon I let my guard down,
I was left with a mind full of ideas,
He despised the ones he planted.

I loved, I fell, I fell in front of him,
He could not even hold me up.
Too busy with the others to give a ****,
I was dying right there and he didn’t care.

Guess love was a poison,
I drank up too fast,
Choked on my own tears,
I am broke, I won’t last.

Still hoping you could save me,
Hoping you could love me.
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
we are all so not,
what we truly are,
just like a jester,
who entertain others,
but hides the darkness deep,
in a corner of his heart,
we all are wearing masks,
afraid of the day,
when they will be dropped,
we all are living lives,
that others want,
feasting on so much,
yet can't stop that hungry feeling all the time,
we all are hiding behind the cloaks,
behind the pinched faces,
hides the wolves ready to attack,
we all are holding daggers,
rolled in silk clothes,
ready to cut everyone,
coming in our way,
in the guise of white,bright moons,
we are the the hidden scorching sun,
of our own personality,
we may seem the whistling wind,
seeming a bliss to their soul,
but in real we are blowing,
to flake away their identities,
we all are so not,
what we truly are.........
Strying Mar 2019
You're one of my favorites
A star of my life
Someone I just can't live without

And even when you're far away
I'll never wanna spend a day
not talking with you

Because I never had that perfect person,
that one who never left my side
who was always there when I needed them
and didn't leave me in the dirt to die,
when I was at my worst, they stayed, with their foot planted at my right.

So please, please.
Don't ever, ever leave my side.
Ahh love this so much. So proud of myself on this one for some reason!
memoona kazmi Feb 2019
a tear fell on my guitar tonight,
even the strings were amazed,
to see the deserted eyes rain,
the strings started dancing,
along my tears,
singing and playing a soothing tune,
and watching you lay happy everynight,
without even a single thought on your mind,
i am thinking,
how is it possible,
for someone,
not to get even scent of a single flower,
after planting a garden of tears for others....
Amanda Sep 2018
You are one of the most amazing guys I've ever met
I love the little thoughts of you planted inside my head
Now you are the air I depend upon to breathe
My feelings have grown and multiplied like weeds
What started as a few scattered seeds grew into a whole forest
Sienna Duff Mar 2018
She had already witnessed an entire lifetime pass her by as a speck of dust, believing that she’d been buried when the wrong people saw past her and walked away.

Little did she know, although she was small and insignificant to some, as she rose from the ground in which she settled upon, she realized she wasn’t just the dirt at her feet but a seed, waiting to be planted.

That she had been wallowing for far too long, allowing the absences of others to define her but never seeing the importance of her presence in the moment.

She wasn’t important because he had told her that she wouldn’t blossom, she was disregarded when she was too much, too difficult and too broken and yet here she is, digging up her own grave and planting herself again.
The afternoon heat hung like a rising fever.
The old iron gates of the school yard wait to swing.
My feet planted near the outskirts.
Sweeping the sticky hair from my face,
alone I wait.

Chocolate melted in my pocket.
Minutes turn to hours.
A gallery of photographs has passed me by.
Panic snickers, searching for your face.
The waiting, the patience,
feeling more like a punch, than a verb.

The chocolate now a sticky ink, staining my pants.
I feel a voyager aboard a lost ship, floating,
hoping for shore.

Sudden without warning,
you grace my sight,
slow motion, near the gate door.
In one swing, you're here.
The wait long forgot,
hung on your beautiful stare.
Prose poem, using a random collection of words.

chocolate, voyager, gallery, sweeping, warning, iron, swing, old, planted, ink, fever, gates, punch, hung, pocket
TD Feb 2018
We walk down shoots of pain.
Tethered feet slick
with chlorophyll stain.
To dirt beneath the bloom
nitrate infested roots
one bleeding and broken vein.

I wish
—I was—

  the rain
Random thought at 1 am
Daisy Rae Oct 2017
i planted you flowers
but you never noticed
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