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FloydBrandon Jan 2020
Captain K'nuckles was having some troubles
While steering his ship in the bay,
For when he were docking
He choked on his oxy
And sailed right out of the lake.

Look what you’ve done
You’ve gone and messed up everything
So haunted by your energy
What’s stupid in motion
Some lack of volts should be a crime
Look what you’ve done

Under the carpet-
is moldy the carpenter knows,
But he ignores it,
Gets paid less than corpses do blow
Now some family’s got a case of who knows.

Reap what you sow
Think like you know
Get what you pay for
Take what you don’t

Look what you’ve done.
You're a joke.
Yachika Sharma Jan 2020
He was danger from the very start,
The kind which came with many warnings.

I was cautious at once, Yes i was,
But soon I let my guard down,
I was left with a mind full of ideas,
He despised the ones he planted.

I loved, I fell, I fell in front of him,
He could not even hold me up.
Too busy with the others to give a ****,
I was dying right there and he didn’t care.

Guess love was a poison,
I drank up too fast,
Choked on my own tears,
I am broke, I won’t last.

Still hoping you could save me,
Hoping you could love me.
Poetic T Oct 2019
Congratulations to
        everyone who
                                     killed the planet.

                                 My bleached bones were
my tombstone
               an expiry date.

Pasted due,
                            my children
died at sunset.

A planet
                        spinning with
no voices, breath silent.

                              But no one cares,
everyone's expired,
but the plastic lives on.

Plastic shores,
                                       an island
in an ocean of empty hope...
Rain Feb 2019
It’s a city from the outside,
Shining on a hill
But from the inside looking out
It’s just another jail
It sometimes feels like the city walls are pressing in, suffocating me, but I can’t leave, at least not yet. Soon, though, I’ll be leaving; soon... I just have to remember to breathe long enough to get there.
BeautyinChaos Jan 2019
I am tired
Of seeing your name wherever I look
You already carved it into my soul
Scarred by the weight of a few letters
So please, just stop

I am cold
Each time I see you
Pretending my heart isn't pounding
Blood replaced by a paralyzing poison
Drowning me in an ice bath
Please stop

I am scared
Loud noises and raised voices
Hands wrapped around my neck
Gasping for air

You scare me.
Appearing in my life when I ended it.
Reaching out for my warmth when
You asphyxiated the fire.
I need oxygen.
Not you.
Stop. Please.

Why won't people hear it.
Tatiana Jan 2019
Swallows get caught in your throat
trying to escape the cat.
Feathers are ticklish,
the cat's grip is vicious,
is this how we've come to say that
the cat got your tongue,
the cat got your tongue,
because you thought
you could swallow winged lies.
The hunter inside
always finds its pride
in the throat where the swallow choked.
© Tatiana
elle Sep 2018
Ripping hands from around my throat
prying greasy thick fingers out from
my mouth

screaming inside
grasping the tired air for a chance to speak
to breathe
to take up space in this room I pay to learn in.

men standing their ground
men taking my ground
men raising their voices
men shouting above my words and trying to prove me,
prove this theory, prove this gay professor
not just here
around every corner, behind me in every parking lot, too close in every line, every bus seat, every elevator ride

breathing down my back
always there to contradict, take back, rephrase
laugh louder,
humiliate then divide and conquer

sitting in the front to hear the words first or
sitting in the back like a king at his throne
superimpose these whacked out standards for my clothes,
my *****, my tattoos, my smiles
my frowns

bench pressing their superfluous beliefs that they’re under attack
when I flip them off, when I lead them on, when I run away, when I talk back

hard headed and white knuckled
clutching to their masculinity,
just like my throat
Aaron Gayan Jun 2017
These dragging power lines shackle her
Shock until numb, and heart stops
After beating too fast and shattering into
Oblivion (that is, the rest of her perception)

The percolating *** holes *** shots about her
*** and shots and shots and cigs
Crimson twigs rooted under business standards
Loathes the world's beauty standards
... *******

These dragging snakes constrict her vision
Of a better place, of a better time
Stronger the vignette view, the stronger the
Struggle,                         to
Separate tar from her feet these streets bought her
Clipped her wings
Told her to grow up and forget to fly
(Though flying is her worst nightmare)
So she assembles wax imitations
And plans to amputate

I'd tell her to stop
But she'll say there's prosthetics
And I'd rather see her tango in the wind
Fall to her death
Then go cold with the arms of a mini golf champ
aryanalynae Jun 2017
salty air,
not by the sea.

inches like miles,
and choked back tears.
Ava Bean Jan 2017
Doesn't it hurt to cut your own strings?
To keep yourself distant?

Feelings of vague and cloud and grey
Veil your thoughts
Inner workings

What a shame
I bet your raw emotions are glorious

I wish I could see your
Feelings of bright and sun and gold
Ambiguity isn't alluring
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