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Growly Wolfus Aug 2019
A single raindrop falls from the sky,
depressed in its loneliness as it descends.
It lands and drips down a grassy *****,
alone and forgotten.

A single raindrop falls from the sky.
It falls from dark clouds and gloomy air.
It brings nothing but sadness to the earth below
and desires only to be heard or seen.

A single raindrop falls from the sky,
felt only by a stranger.
It's wiped away, declared a nuisance,
and cast away from existence.

A single raindrop falls from the sky,
mistaken for a tear.
Thought to be from an angel of a lost age.
It merely stirs the dust.

A hundred raindrops fall from the sky,
all lonely but together.
They cause a splash and demand attention.
Still only felt by one.

A hundred raindrops fall from the sky,
unable to quench the earth's thirst.
They disappear, taken by the ground,
embraced for the last time.

A hundred raindrops fall from the sky.
Not a head turns to notice them.
They cry out loudly but cannot be heard,
vanishing as they land.

A thousand raindrops fall from the sky.
The clouds gather to watch the spectacle.
They grow darker as they bunch together,
warning those below of the coming.

A thousand raindrops fall from the sky
and tap people on the shoulder.
"Come watch us," they whisper before leaving.
Few people are left behind.

A thousand raindrops fall from the sky,
looking for an audience.
The people have left and taken their friends
to hide in the buildings they made.

A million raindrops fall from the sky,
and joyously, they sing.
They hit the ground, the cars, the roofs,
and make music for those in hiding.

A million raindrops fall from the sky.
They dance and cheer and smile.
The sun decides it wants to watch.
The light dances with raindrops for awhile.

A million raindrops fall from the sky,
accompanied by rays of gold.
They bring new color to the city of gray
and rejuvenate all of the old.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and makes art upon the ground.
It quenches the earth's thirst and hums in our ears,
dancing to its own sound.

A gentle rain falls from the sky.
People watch with awe from behind glass.
Ignored by many, precious to captivated few.
They long for it to last.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and gracefully sways in the breeze.
It brings forth calmness and a sense of peace.
It blesses the green fields and trees.

A gentle rain falls from the sky,
watched by a child with wonder.
It sends the breeze to lift the child
and brings them out from under.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and splashes on window panes.
It plays with the child and hums sweet tunes
as it makes puddles in the traffic lanes.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and ripples in the water.
A new world created, impossibly calm.
It makes the child an offer.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and whispers in the child's ear.
"Wait for me.  I will return.
I won't leave you alone here."

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and sings goodbye to the child.
The clouds dissipate as the sun takes over.
The departing rain simply smiles.

A million raindrops fall from the sky,
murmuring farewells and goodbyes.
Each gives the child a tender hug
as the color returns to the skies.

A thousand raindrops fall from the sky,
then a hundred, then one.
The single raindrop kisses the child
standing alone in the sun.

No longer do raindrops fall from the sky,
but a child waits for them.
To dance and sing and draw and play,
with the gentle rain again.
I LOVE the rain.  I wrote this after a gentle rainfall and listening to one of my favorite songs.
The child in the poem does not necessarily represent age, but more awe and feelings I have when I watch the rain.  It's so peaceful.  I feel like a child whenever I watch it or sit in it.
Kiss the Rain - Yiruma
Valentin Mar 2020
We are watching the raindrops
The raindrops are dancing on the window
It makes the room all blue
It makes our summer cold and
It makes our spirits sad for some reasons

The night has fallen, again and again
And my sad thoughts are back, again
They were not gone too far either
It's like they were waiting for the raindrops

Let's share a cigarette when
This sudden light when we light it up
A thunderstorm is coming to us except
Except this one was so loud it could
It could wake the night up

And that's funny, that's really funny because
I always want to be with you when
It's dark and I'm alone and
Now that we are one with the night
I feel even more sad than before
When the raindrops are on my cheeks

I don't want you to be with me
Let's not be one
I would feel more lonely than before

You've got this sad look that I can't
I can't forget it because
Me too it makes me sad and depressed
I have this feeling again
The same one when we make love
Raindrops all over your body
We are gone

I am not myself during the rest of the night
The part when it's clear and I can see
I can see everything
It doesn't let anything to my imagination
I feel so depressed about it
The raindrops are finally falling again
Making my day dark again before
Before the nightfall

I wish it could be raining all my life
It would surely help me, help me
Help me to see clearer and all
All these questions with no answers
Maybe they would finally make sense

There was this night
This night full of raindrops
Me walking alone in the same street since
Since I am a child
Cigarette in my mouth, between my teeth
I was looking at your window
The shape of the raindrops I remember
It looked just like a heart
And it hurt

I never sleep because I always think
I never sleep because I always write
I never sleep because I always smoke
I never sleep because as long as
As long as the raindrops are falling
I am alive and it's enough because
I like the idea of falling
Falling with them, endlessly
Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
Rain rain raindrops on my head
Rain rain raindrops on my head
Rain rain raindrops on my head
Rain rain raindrops on my head

Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh

Im walk on the rain
Im saying stupid thing about me
Im walk on the rain
Im saying stupid thing about me

Rain rain raindrops on my head
Rain rain raindrops on my head
Rain rain raindrops on my head
Rain rain raindrops on my head

Ooh rain
Ooh rain
Ooh rain
Ooh rain

carbonrain Apr 2015
raindrops bounce on
the window frame,
reminding me we're
in this room together.

your words are raindrops
playing on my metal frame -
nowness splatters
into existence  -
you remind me that
someday we won't be
in this room together.

you repeat endlessly
between my ears -
I sing along to my favorite song -
I want to tell you
all the lyrics
but my words fall
like raindrops.

unspoken are my
tear-shaped raindrops -
their tremors taunt me
on this side of the pane -
you remind me that
we were always
in the wrong
alternate universe.

the raindrops refract
your light,
dissolving a warm glow
into the evening fog,
you remind me that you're gone.

maybe the rain stopped,
but the silence is only
the absence of your voice,
the rest is just noise.

I think of our raindrops now -
smiling -
knowing that you have an umbrella.
Kimberly Clemens May 2013
I wonder where raindrops come from before they reach my window,
A river? Lake? Ocean?
I wonder how far they have to travel before they reach my window,
A kilometer? Mile? Country?
I wonder if these raindrops work together to sing as they reach my window,
Plop-plop, ploop, plop-ploop!
I wonder how diverse the raindrops are as they reach my window,
Oh hello, I'm from Lake Ontario.
I wonder if it's a wild party or wet war in the clouds whose raindrops reach my window,
Let's dance! Fight me!
I wonder how social raindrops are that reach my window,
Stick to me, we'll become a downpour!
I wonder if the cloud is the mother that lets go of its children to reach my window,
Off to the lake, ma, see you soon!
I wonder if raindrops thought they could fly but instead reached my window,
I wonder if they all fall but expect to soar as they reached my window....

Plop-plop, ploop-plop, plop, ploop, plop, plop....
Em MacKenzie Sep 2018
I'm the raindrops to your roses
I can drown you or make you grow,
and my shower always imposes
on the direction that you want to go.
I seem to only fall on to you
praying to assist you to become what you want to be,
but I'm banished when the skies turn blue
are you hoping that I will continue raining?

There's some things no one will ever understand
like why we carry a torch so long that it goes and burns our hand,
and it seems like nothing in this world goes as planned
but raindrops and roses live together within the land.

I'm the raindrops to your roses
I only try to add to your perfection,
and when a window opens; a door closes
but take my droplets as the purest affection.
I hope to never weigh your petals down
I want to assist in making each a wing,
but I can keep pouring until we all drown
but roses are seasonal with only summer and spring.

There's some things no one will ever understand
like why we give away the things so highly in demand,
and even when ripped apart; together we still band,
'cause raindrops and roses live forever within the land.

I'm the raindrops to your roses
I only try to give you strength,
but alone you smell sweet to all the noses
but only my eyes are blind to your thorn's length.
I only come to show you your own beauty,
though I doubt you'd ever see that strong shade of red.
Whereas I'm transparent; you can see right through me
sometimes I wish I could be the sun to your roses instead.
From A Heart Sep 2015
    envy tears Because
  they glide gently down
 cheeks, And aren't falling
onto concrete? Do raindrops
envy tears As they come from
   pure emotion And aren't
        equivalent to vapor?

                                                      ­                                                         Do tears
                                                                ­                             envy raindrops
                                                       ­                             Which have no say
                                                                ­              in their falling And don't  
                                                         ­                    have to feel ashamed? Do    
                                                                ­          tears envy raindrops Because
                                                                ­             they need not feel pain, Or  
                                                                ­                   fear or heartbreak?
Alisha Jun 2013
Some raindrops fall faster and heavier than others,
and some raindrops are shinier or larger than other raindrops
some raindrops are part of refreshing April showers
some rain drops turn into pretty snowfall,
and some raindrops become harsh thunderstorms.
but all raindrops eventually hit the ground
and form puddles with other raindrops.
and when the puddle evaporates
the raindrops will fall once again
And maybe this time,
the once innocent April showers
will become crushing thunder storms.
Poetoftheway Jul 2018
Ilion gray
poet extraordinary
is away
learning the codes hidden in raindrops

no reason for surprise;

for the mountains of Brooklyn, the Manhattan caverns of Sunhenge^, corridors of narrow focus for trapping the declining sun rays,

neither high enough, narrow blinding,
to keep a good man from doing good things that life provides as opportunities
to do the right thing

he muses that it took five years for the other poets to understand our
avant-garde he says,
but I laugh,
never felt more misunderstood
and reply take care, be
en garde!

no matter for he is learning a new language,
the codes hidden in raindrops in a land of wheat
once called Indian Territory and eager
await his return so we may
walk along the Brooklyn shoreline,
beginning from under the Brooklyn Bridge
where Washington’s men escaped a British trap

and he can decode for me the whispery thunderous noises of
showers that come up so sudden,  so roughened, but right now,
the seductive sun blinks in Manhattan windowed towers reflecting back on to our East River as golden blinks of nature

We will walk lost in the absorption of our
different commonalities, holding the hands of
his young son, and my Wendy,
both of them equal in possession of round saucer eyes
that give us poems

He calls me me friend,
I call him brother, teacher, master, better than the best,
well recalling a late night message that bred
a five year conversation ongoing

not everything need be coded
what you read here
it is not coded,
for the raindrops come clear and clean
and the poems land on our tongues
bounce on the foreheads and eyes of the babes, all stored and saved for the future blessings spoken in a single tongue


#Ilion codes brooklyn by NY
Babylyn Berina Feb 2016
Little raindrops
from the sky
thrown to the ground
from above
so high
Moisten my windows
go flow free
Until water's
the only thing I see

Little raindrops
I am broken
crying like the thunder
but nobody listens
My tears run down
one after the other
Faster than
when he left
and didn't bother

Little raindrops
keep on going
May it be loud
while you are pouring
'cause little raindrops
don't you see?

You're the only one
that cries with me
Aspen Mar 2019
The day you left
Raindrops fell from the sky
Raindrops fell from my eyes
As memories flash back,
like lightening

-Later that day-
Red raindrops fell from my arms
into the water
staining the white porcelain sink

of drink
to help me forget
rained down into my mouth

My heart wept with raindrops of sadness
My soul broke and pieces fell like drops of rain
My sanity dripping away
From every inch of my body,
raindrops fell
Raindrops on my face.
The harder it rains,
The more I erase
Why I am crying.

Raindrops hide my tears.
The harder it rains,
The less are my fears
I’m weeping in pain.

Raindrops on my face.
Each droplet obscures
A tear in its place—
Hopelessness or joy?

Raindrops hide my tears.
Each droplet obscures
Having to decide—
Why am I crying?

These precious raindrops
Leave it up to me.
The confusion stops.
They are tears of joy.
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NicJoelLim Feb 2012
Raindrops striking the window pane
I need to wipe them off...
I try,
BUT, they keep gushing
Blocking sight, the scene, efforts in vain
Bluring everything, obscuring everything
Is it just me?
Then I realise - I'm crying
That window will break, someday, some time...
Shall that crack in that window..
everything shall spill
Rain will flood in, and it's more than my eyes they will fill
Drenching everthing
Someone needs to wipe them away!
I'll try. I'll TRY. I'LL TRY.
Why isn't anyone helping me?
Mum, why do you stray?
Raindrops are falling,
Raindrops getting desperate, falling harder.
No one understands why they are, not even my Mother
They etch and carve at my window pains. Slowly..... eventually..... it will end in drains
One day.
Hallucinations. More carving, from cheeks to arms
Raindrops turn red.
No longer in drips, more of streams and river beds
Down the clear glass, seemingly steady and seemingly smooth
They keep waking me up in the middle of the night
I can't sleep. On my bed I flop.
That familar tune - monotonomous, dreadful:

"Drip, Drip, Drip, Drop."

Do you have them window pains?
One of the poems I write when I'm deep in my thoughts and emotions. Such poems, I feel, really capture the moment - to put wordless emotions into poems. Intend alot of sorrow and helplessness in this piece. Really hope that my readers will be able to feel the poem - my emotions :).
THE BOY Alexander understands his father to be a famous lawyer.
The leather law books of Alexander's father fill a room like hay in a barn.
Alexander has asked his father to let him build a house like bricklayers build, a house with walls and roofs made of big leather law books.
  The rain beats on the windows
  And the raindrops run down the window glass
  And the raindrops slide off the green blinds down the siding.
The boy Alexander dreams of Napoleon in John C. Abbott's history, Napoleon the grand and lonely man wronged, Napoleon in his life wronged and in his memory wronged.
The boy Alexander dreams of the cat Alice saw, the cat fading off into the dark and leaving the teeth of its Cheshire smile lighting the gloom.
Buffaloes, blizzards, way down in Texas, in the panhandle of Texas snuggling close to New Mexico,
These creep into Alexander's dreaming by the window when his father talks with strange men about land down in Deaf Smith County.
Alexander's father tells the strange men: Five years ago we ran a Ford out on the prairie and chased antelopes.
Only once or twice in a long while has Alexander heard his father say "my first wife" so-and-so and such-and-such.
A few times softly the father has told Alexander, "Your mother ... was a beautiful woman ... but we won't talk about her."
Always Alexander listens with a keen listen when he hears his father mention "my first wife" or "Alexander's mother."
Alexander's father smokes a cigar and the Episcopal rector smokes a cigar and the words come often: mystery of life, mystery of life.
These two come into Alexander's head blurry and gray while the rain beats on the windows and the raindrops run down the window glass and the raindrops slide off the green blinds and down the siding.
These and: There is a God, there must be a God, how can there be rain or sun unless there is a God?
So from the wrongs of Napoleon and the Cheshire cat smile on to the buffaloes and blizzards of Texas and on to his mother and to God, so the blurry gray rain dreams of Alexander have gone on five minutes, maybe ten, keeping slow easy time to the raindrops on the window glass and the raindrops sliding off the green blinds and down the siding.
Miki Nov 2015
She tells the woman on the phone about the cancer
And how much she makes
And how much i cost
Tiny Raindrops
She has a stone voice and i can see she has water eyes
The test results came back for her
A million tiny raindrops
And i cant see
A million tiny raindrops on the windshield
Im not worried about seeing the road
Pea Jul 2014
when it rains today
i will save some drops
and tomorrow and every day it falls
i will keep the raindrops
so carefully, so dearly
give my heart, all my life
keep them pure and liquid
for the sake of the raindrops
for the sake of the raindrops, that's it
i still can't claim this
as true love
Rockie Jan 2015
Fat globs
Hit the window
Trickle down the pipe
Watery and cold
Accompanied by wind
And the night
Perishable by the hot midnoon sunshine
Forgiven for their fat, wet drips
Of cloud tears
Sawyer May 2019
its not fair for the sky to be mean to the clouds for crying so much

its especially unfair because the sky cries every night too

silver sparkly tears washing off blue eyeshadow

but its ok when the sky does it because the sky pretty-cries

the clouds ugly cry

and thats not okay with the sky

its not fair that no one likes it when the clouds cry

because the clouds only cry because they are heavy

and want some of the weight to go away

the sky cries and everyone loves the sky

maybe because the sky is older

and can smile again when it is done

because the sky cries to get what it wants

but the clouds dont know why they cry

they cant help it

they are so heavy and it hurts so much to carry all the raindrops

and the sky does not care

the sky says, “but you look so light and fluffy

so i think you are not heavy at all

i think you just cry because you want people to talk about you

and you know unless you cry

no one talks about the clouds”

the clouds try to hold their raindrops in now

even though it hurts

and they are very heavy

because they live in the sky and they must

do what the sky says

when the sky is watching

but of course they cant hold it all

and the sky gets mad when they let out all the raindrops they were holding

so the clouds try to explain “I’m sorry

the rain was heavy and i had to let it go”

and the sky does not listen

the sky says “you are so dramatic

you do not have to cry so much

over something so small”

but the clouds do not understand

because the clouds have never had a reason to cry

not a big one or a small one

they just do

so the clouds start holding more and more and more raindrops

they dont let themselves have thunderstorms anymore

it hurts so bad





and the sky still does not seem to understand that

the clouds just want to not be heavy

the clouds wonder if the sky will miss them when they are gone

they suppose that the sky will be glad to be rid of the rain

and then the clouds go away forever.
neerav patel May 2015
I feel myself falling in love with you
You said I love you
And I said it too

We went to our very own special spot
For no real reason at all
We sat and talked and looked at one another
And then the rain began to fall

We could have left just as quick as we came
But no, you wanted to stay in the rain
You asked me a question I�ll never forget
Have you ever tasted the raindrops?

I looked at you funny and you gave me a sigh
The cutest look, as I wondered, why?
Why, did you ask me to taste the rain?
Well, what did have to loose or gain?

I watched you with a careful eye
And did the same as you
You were looking up at the cloudy sky
But my eyes were stuck on you like glue

I lifted my head to look at the sky
And closed my eyes really tight
Just as I thought I�d caught a raindrop
You suddenly held me tight

I opened my eyes with slight alarm
As you kissed me soft and sweet
I remember that kiss like it was yesterday
I still feel those raindrops on my cheek

I tasted the raindrops like I never had before
It was worth every second of bliss
Every time I think of that moment
I think of my raindrop kiss

We sat close together on that one special rock
And we held each other tight
Then almost as suddenly as it came
The sun came out from beneath the rain

The most beautiful colors I�ve ever seen
Came out on the western sky
The sun was setting and the moment was perfect
More than any money could buy

As the sun slowly set and the sky lit up
You began carving our names in our special rock
I told you I would never forget this moment
In my heart this memory is locked

As our names were finished and permanently engraved
We watched the sun finish its day
We slowly got up to leave this place
Which was a year ago this May

I haven�t been to that spot in a year
Where did all the time go?
I will visit this place alone this time
And I will finally have to let go

This memory will be in my heart forever
But you will not remain in my mind
I don�t know if that love, will be seen again
For that love I cannot find

I will go to this spot as we promised we would
But you will not be there this time
Why is it that you can�t keep your promise?
I know that I�m keeping mine

Never again will I taste the raindrops
The way I did with you
And when I go to this spot again
I will say goodbye to you.
kiara tucker Feb 2014
Tears are like raindrops
Falling down out of the sky
Raindrops out of me
Ishitaa Pahuja Jun 2013
Raindrops drop
Thick and thin

Raindrops drop
Over people and chicken

I came downtown to shop in a shop
and there was a blue frock, which I didn't fit in
Leseywut Apr 2015
I was the dry land in need of your drops. The dark clouds above had my faith that sooner you'd be in my reach. As I felt the heavy blows of the wind, whispering to my ear that you'd be with me at that moment, I saw you fell from above.

I thought it was something you and I only knew of. It was something only the land and rain could understand. You were nothing but raindrops nourishing the dry land until you've poured hard devastating it. Then, you left without a word.

The sun rose then I remembered, nothing ever quite really touches.
Sebastien May 2015
Raindrops falling on the bare chest
the Chest falling with each step
as he slowly approaches his bike

The loneliness hits hard
and stays stinging
The raindrops now hit the chest harder
and harshly

But its alright
Pain is better when physical
than mental

Now the raindrops fall faster
and become a never ending torrent
he gets drenched with no dry spot anymore
Hail and snow also make their appearance known
and lifes a mess
something random..
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2015
Raindrops on my phone
Sitting out in the open air
Have to change my ringtone
Or write a poem and share

Raindrops on my phone
Have to go in now
Still about that tone
What about the mooing of a cow

Raindrops falling outside
More and more
What if it causes a tide
That won't happen I'm sure

Cold seeping into my bones
My blanket is near
About these tones
There's none I prefer

Rain has stopped falling
I'm out in the open air
No one is calling
I'll write a poem and share
I wrote this when I was really bored. Don't take it too seriously.
Luisa bernabó Oct 2013
I stand alone
No shelter just a tree
And i can feel the raindrops fall to my face
Or are those tears?

I can hear the raindrops
Patter down on the hard insensetive ground
The sound creates a pattern in my mind
That melanchonic pattern that makes me think of you.

Where are you now?
Is it raining on you aswell?
Do you care too?
Or are you somewhere where the sun is shining?
Erin Suurkoivu Sep 2016
The sting of raindrops,
a thirst for outdoors.
Dusk, and the
whisper of leaves,
a certain silence. The evening hangs
still. I want to observe the
moment of change,
the discovery of strength,
a joining.
Featured along with other fine poems in my poetry collection, "Witch", available on Amazon or through Lulu.
Umi Feb 2018
The sky above me, closed in as the dark, ominous yet fascinating rainclouds have driven near, gathering together in a council.
As it begins to drizzle, soft, warm and little raindrops, fall in
line, gently, carelessly hitting the earth, moistening it in their line.
Once in a while, as the rain gains its strengh, hitting the ground below with more speed and roughlessness in their action,
Rays of the purest light, sent by the sun as it shines above the darkening sky, a sensation for ones optic nerv, a sensation for the eye,
make it through and let this scene shine further more.
Graceful drops, carrried and distorted by the majestic wind,
Create a lovely melody on my window, as they one by one fly into it.
Now as the soil is fertilised, life will surely grow from the sunlight.
Alike the raindrops are carried by the wind, my mind engages with this scene, lets me fall in love with this beautiful earth.
A little rain shall not be the cause of sadness, as it truly is a reminder of the moments of love wich it makes easier to determine.
So I keep my gaze out of the window and enjoy the weather
Until then, the sky clears up and the sun shines again.

~ Umi
Missy Nov 2014
there was a time before when I could walk
I stepped among strangers on misguided paths
on roads unnamed
remaining cracked and broken
people hid their blank faces
steps incautiously taken
but there was one abnormal stranger
he lifted his eyes above the ground
and smiled at the unfortunate raindrops
then suddenly I was falling
he held vivid color in his eyes
life in his dreams
the world was dark and bleak
yet illuminated by his love
my feet have never touched solid ground since
and they never will
remaining to search for such reason
the reason his love can be shown to only I
Marian Jan 2013
I love rain
don't you?
I think it's like a lovely lullaby singing one to sleep at night
rain is a joy not a sorrow
when you hear it on your roof at night pattering a sweet song to help you sleep
in your warm bed
the best thing about is it brings lots of fun
rain on pine needles
rain on trees
rain flowers
rain on grass
rain on bushes and plants
rain everywhere
rain falling from the dull grey sky
kissing my fair cheeks
falling from the sky
like Heaven's tears falling from the clouds
rain like dewdrops that fairies drink
rain on honeysuckles in the enchanted forest
sparkling on thick hunter green moss like beads scattered for the fairies to make petals
for flowers
rain inside the fairy ring where at night fairies love to dance and sing
with hearts so carefree
their beauty like that of day
raindrops everywhere
even in Fairyland

Baylee Dec 2013
When I was younger,
I used to always see which raindrop,
On the window of the car would beat
All the other raindrops to the bottom
Of the window.
I'd sit there, watching, concentrating so hard,
Just to guess and be wrong,
As another raindrop would pull ahead
At the last second.
I was always so amazed by the raindrop
That won, that I'd pay no attention to the others,
In the same way, you're that raindrop that won;
You're all I paid attention to,
And now the only raindrops that win
Are the ones that fall down my cheeks.
Lunar Apr 2014
from rain,
should i turn into a storm?
howling like the wind,
making noise,
to get you to hear me?
more raindrops; more tears,
to make you feel
drenched in remorse?
harsher and faster,
much like a hurricane,
to get you to see
how messed up i am?
when i'm stronger
like the storm,
would you love me more?
The second part of 'love the rain—love me'.

Cweeta Cwumble May 2016
I followed my dear friends to the edge of a cliff
and was greeted by a peculiar thing.
There, standing on the edge of the earth
was a swing set waiting just for me.
Her thick black seat and strong metal arms
cradled me while together we flew
into the starry night canvas, sprawling
dark blue, except for a splatter of twinkling
firefly-speckles, from the cityscape
to the moon.

Each time she lifted me I felt closer
to the heavens. I raised my chin
and let the gentle kiss of raindrops
wash away my sins, cleansing
and revitalizing my body like a baptism.
I’ll never forget the smell of the rain
on the freshly-sprouted grass, with dew drops
made from the breath of my friends
hanging delicately in the sweet air
like glass beads strung on a wire
while the crisp wind carried me higher and higher
and the most brilliant masterpiece ever created
was painted across the entire night sky.
Isaac Fox May 2014
One million raindrops, sprinting along the window,
Chasing anything and everything.
It's sad to never hear the stories,
Ones that you will never know.
Like one of those raindrops,
I too would live a life of ignorance.

One billion raindrops, diving down
Proving to themselves that they would never drown.
While you sit l comfy in your chair,
Remember those ideas, that you could never share.
Talk about that past, like it's nothing more than the present,
Live your life to the fullest, don't ever resent.

Just know that everyone you pass,
Is undergoing countless problems,
Ones that hurt, shove and harass.
Everyone's fighting a battle,
That you will never, never know,
Like those changing raindrops, raindrops that change to snow.
My favorite piece I've written
meow Sep 2013
i could sit on my windowsill for hours
sipping tea as the raindrops splash into puddles
and the aftermath is left to lay on the floor
but then the skies turn from grey to black
and the rain stops
and it starts to hail
and the hail stones are like tiny ice-cubes
that melt when they hit the small rivers in the dents of the street
and the meaning of where i'm sat
is that when you were here

you'd know that whenever i'm sad
or upset or in need of someone to
show me what i'm missing
you'd hold me tight and sit with me
and we'd count the raindrops
that fall and make larger things

erin walts Jun 2014
Just another raindrop in the rain
Just another person
lifeless and plain.
Just another drag to take me away.
Just another patient awaiting cancer and pain.
Just another weight to bare
Just another "I don't care"...
Just another wasted life

I can't tell you what it is
Impatiently waiting for the floor to fall from under my feet
constantly worry
about incomplete
can't compete
everything is


Just another raindrop in the rain
it trickles down the window pane
Adele Jun 2015
you are the raindrops
that patters through my rooftop,
gently sliding on my window
creating a short-lived ripple
that slowly goes away

if only I can make you stay.

I, on my window
watching the pale sky,
with winds and clouds so dreary
and a soul starting to get weary

It's been a dark, lonely day,
and I've been waiting
for the sun to come out and stay

you are the raindrops
that gone away
no words or sound as you
fall to the ground

I, on my window
watching you vanish
without saying goodbye.
K Mae Jul 2012
Trying to catch raindrops
how elusive we seem to be.

Still and moving,
All that I touch is me.
Conor Letham Apr 2014
You made me a race
from the womb to
the itch and stretch
of a world for me
to traverse around.

Inches then meters
to stride against:
first the garden to
the park's expanse,
by then countries

are feet then miles,
and so I become like
the drip of cloud-tears
on car window panes,
shooting themselves

down the weathered
sheet to be closer
to an end of journey
that feels measured
by the centimetre.
President Snow Apr 2018
And as she catch raindrops in her hands
"Do you love me?" She asked

He smiled
Making all her butterflies go mad

"I like you" He replied
And from that moment,
She knew that it was not
Raindrops that made her eyes wet.
"Like" is always never enough.

— The End —