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Missy Nov 2015
Your gasp for air after shattering leaves me broken
Empathy rushes through my veins and pull on every heart string
The tears escaping your solemn yet fragile eyes pierce my skin
Leaving holes in my chest when I dreamed to hold you tight
Cold shivers ran through my breathless body when hearing your cry
Knowing the distance between souls and vessels left us hopeless
My words held no comfort when shouting them miles from earshot
Cravings of your warmth prodded and tortured my body
Motionless and frustrated
While you lie heart broken and desolate
My arms did not stretch far enough to touch you
My promises did not seep into your body and diffuse your fears
Our outcome was grim and left no pleasure to be saved
You, gasping for air in between lonely sobbing
Me, hopeless and worthless, giving support or comfort needed
Distance means everything in terms of dire needs
Missy May 2015
For a creation was devised of the purest and simplest elements in life
When the calming and smooth sensation of water caressed your bones, it carved canals of strength along the way
Your skin crawled and crept past your defined chin to bind with its lover
and when the tendon reached the muscle, it fused in an unbreakable relationship
Baby, the sight of your eyes shatters the crystallization of the finest glass
And your voice pierces the night fog leaving a path for only you
The kindness of your heart poured into the rivers to feed oxygen to all of those who depended on it
Your body contains the same carbon that creates sparkling diamonds
The majority of the oxygen is the same element creating tornadoes, or when fused to hydrogen to make a hurricane
Do you see how powerful you are made?
Your soft lips are the same lips that can produce sound in an empty canyon
Your bones are the base of your embrace when you sweep me off my feet
That mind is the exact replica that discovered how to survive the times that were a bigger struggle than planned
Despite all of these acts, how simple or extravagant
You are the perfect arrangement of atoms that hold my hand when I am scared to carry on alone
And the same arrangement of atoms that pull me close and kiss my lips
One might say these actions, however small, have a stronger effect than any hurricane, or tornado, or diamond
For you are a creation devised of the purest and simplest elements in life
And you are completely mine
Missy May 2015
your courageous one second actions define your character
the fact of risking one's life for their love's enjoyment
an action bold and stupid
yet beautiful and kind
a simple gesture in the middle of absolute chaos
attention on a daunting task
but takes the time to secure all surroundings for those quick three seconds
a simple kiss
yet bold and filled with passion
a kiss while your hand holds the wheel steady, and my shirt grasped in the other
pull me close, then let go
you are dangerous, but an oh so addicting entertainment
a one second decision
Missy May 2015
my love, you are not the cause of my biggest struggle
you do not face consequences for the actions of my largest downfall
these tears streak iron bars across my face as they fall
but you are not the reason i feel sadness

my love, you showed me the kindest of sun rays peering through the clouded dull sky
you held my hand and supported me when i took beginning steps onto sleek ice
it was you who showed the path to leave sadness in despair and lonesomeness

my love, i have wallowed in this darkness for several eternities
i feel deep sadness in the moments i do not feel your influence
for you are the reason the air fills my lungs and my chest rises and falls
you are the reason i can laugh, smile, and dream oh so wonderfully

**you are not the reason i feel sadness
Missy Apr 2015
let us plan a future, a life beyond here
map our journey, then rearrange
tear up the remaining, and toss it aside
take me everywhere, in no place particular
discover a new corner of the world
find a cranny under a tree
kiss me under painted skies
and stare into my eyes in one of the world's wonders
make the land jealous of your touch
make the branches dance in eagerness of your attention
take me to places hidden away from the eyes of anyone
this world squanders the beauty of its abandoned secrets
let us seek and discover what it has hidden
hidden underground the fresh and damp dirt
hidden behind walls of vegetation
hidden beside rocks in forceful rivers winding through open land
and maybe, find ourselves hidden within the world itself
Missy Apr 2015
the sweet sound of your voice in the breeze
the musky scent of your cologne
the wrinkles in your cheeks when you smile
these memories engraved in my memory, my conscious brain
and so much more realistic than any vivid dream

your warmth and comfort under a dark sky  
your lips, oh hell, the beginning of a sweet, kind addiction
your hand held in mine, a physical connection separate from emotion
these comforts, my dreams, fulfilled by one sole human
and so wonderfully admirable

the butterflies captured inside of my stomach
the giggles after moments of affection and kind fighting
the fingertips tracing little crevasses of exposed skin
its this that left its mark, like a bruise
your fingerprints left each memory of us captive, hostage

in my sweet memories, these moments last
but in reality, they live more vividly
Missy Nov 2014
you are the man of the lean and meaner
and I am just a woman of misdemeanor

holding such attributes of will and power
each time I wander my confidence got smaller

handling ill times with a gentle caress of ease
my effort and failed attempts carried away with the afternoon breeze

the moment arose when you saw my face
acceleration sped up in my heart as it ran at a dangerous pace

instant affection created in a glace held for seconds
I had forgotten your face, until this very moment of minuscule bond

you were perfect in image, as those words continue to prove true
my love once hidden, arose from my perennial blues

once timid and meek, my personality had changed
for the emotions I once secured, were now rearranged

the feelings, so fragile, balanced at the corner
verged yet to tip, or be caught a lusted figure

cards carefully played, laid out on the table
only left to draw, and find emotion in your poker face if I am able

slipping in stubbornness, you smiled ever so sweet
I knew right then, my heart had hope, however meek

my soul fits yours, and the hearts can meet
one day together, and I shall no longer be the meek
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