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Luisa bernabó Mar 2017
I think I finally understand what they mean when they say the eyes are the key to the soul. Because I swear, when I lay beside you and our eyes meet, it's like we have a whole conversation without saying a word. And the most special thing is, it's all things that could
never possibly be expressed in words. It's all that beautiful stuff, that stuff that makes you feel things.
Luisa bernabó Dec 2016
It's like you cut me open with a petal as a blade
Dug out all my hurt with your lips as a *****
Sprinkled stardust inside me and helped me feel remade
One thing is for certain, this will never fade.

I feel your heart beat against me in the position that we lay
Every time you have to go I just wish that you'd stay
I couldn't have wished for you to be any other way
Your heart is so golden, it is the sunshine's ray.

You stroke me with your words and bathe me in your love
You give me wings to fly with the clouds up above
You trace my body with your fingertips and count every mole
You kiss me with a tenderness that fills in every hole.

I like feeling you inside me, our bodies move as one
Your breath against my skin can sometimes make me numb
You are all of the stars that ever filled a sky
I want you to be happy and I promise I will try.
Luisa bernabó Oct 2016
You took me and you put me in the palm of your hand,
after lots of turbulence, I thought I'd found safe land.
I found myself unstable as you reached for someone new,
all I'd ever wanted was to be happy with you.

I spent months on end just wondering, thinking what went wrong,
when I finally realized, it had already been too long.
Seven months of slowly picking at my self esteem,
I never believed I'd meet someone that could be so mean.

I couldn't ever see it, what you did to me,
I'd give in to you, so be it,
I thought you set me free.

I hope she knows you're poison,
that you lie and you cheat,
that slowly you'll destroy her too,
for now she's just fresh meat.

Now I'm smooth sailing,
so happy that you're gone,
my heart's no longer wailing,
I managed to move on.
Luisa bernabó Oct 2015
He's only just left,
And I miss him,
Want to call him,
Tell him to come back,
Tell him that I'll feel better if he stays the night
Luisa bernabó Sep 2015
I feel so deeply I get to feel my heart plunge,
into my stomach and then rise slowly so that it hurts.
Sometimes I feel it tighten, and can vividly imagine it draining itself out.
I'm aware of the every shiver that runs up my spine when he touches me.
Aware of all the fuzz I feel from head to toe when I'm happy.
Although it's not all pleasant, it's emotion, feeling, the reassurance that yore actually alive, human.
And you're missing out on some life changing ****, so don't tell me I'm too sensitive.
Luisa bernabó Sep 2015
I want to wake up beside you every morning, fall asleep every night with my head on your chest, to the steady pattern of your breathing. I want to kiss you when you're still half asleep, and make you feel  loved, because that's what you are, you're so loved. I finally understand what they mean when they say it's possible to see oceans in eyes, because I drown in yours. I want to give you all of me, no restraints and no limits. I want you to let me love you, because that's what you are, so **** lovable.
Luisa bernabó Sep 2015
My best friend had just gone to get pizza, left me in the car. I put my feet up and sat back lighting a cigarette, feeling the smoke heavy and dense in my lungs, piling on top of the remains from the joint we had just finished. I was sitting in the centre of Rome, looking out the car window up at the tall buildings, fading colours and dim lights, accompanied by the live music from a nearby restaurant.
I remember closing my eyes for a second, realising the state of happiness and tranquillity I had reached. The reassurance of just knowing that my friend would be back any minute, with that huge smile of hers and pizza in her hand yelling my name. Just the idea of that happening was enough to make me giggle. The tranquillty of knowing that I was home, of knowing that wherever we were together could be made home, of knowing that we were about to meet with more poeple that made me feel that way, of knowing how ******* lucky I was, of finally knowing that feeling of pure happiness. I don't think everyone is lucky enough to feel this way. I don't think it's common at all; to be so in touch with the people around you, to be so accepted and to feel so much love. I had never felt more at home; and it was that overwhelming sense of feeling complete, of finding that inner peace, that was the best feeling I have ever felt.
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