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Isaac Fox Jun 2016
As I’ve grown older
The butterflies of curiosity
Have grown a cold shoulder
To the garden of my life
That burst of pure admiration,
Lust, and playful fascination
That makes me feel as if I were young
A state of mind only achieved through
The eyes that see right through you
A smile so spontaneously contagious,
One the heart can’t escape from

I don’t want to be a lost cause
Cast in an ocean of liquor,
Leaving my heart even sicker
Than a puppy missing two paws
When you look at me I gain hope
For a different me
The old me,
The one my mom cries about when I visit home,
My sister, brother look up to me alone
So why am I wasting all this potential…
All this may seem infeasible but
With you, I would be unbreakable
Isaac Fox Dec 2014
I've left behind what was once in line,
Countless demeaning remarks,
All forgotten, except "I'm done trying."
Words won't leave you dying,
It's whats behind them that sting like poison darts.

Every morning on my way to see her, and everyone I knew,
I passed two chairs, translucent, that you could barely see through.
Looking back on it now, after all this time
I can compare the curiosity, compassion,
the peak, and downfall, line by line.

Those chairs endured the most beautiful of days,
to the days where I felt as if I were in a maze,
Lost,                         dazed
One day a chair ripped, from the foundation.
I threw away the second one along with it,
One chair was wrong for every situation.

Hours become minutes, when you embark
on each second with no intent on finding out
where you'll end up, without a doubt.
I wonder when I'll get lost,
because I'm starting to regret the price I had to pay,
by refusing to stay, would be the ultimate cost.
Isaac Fox Aug 2014
Lost, locked in a whirlwind,
Trying to pull myself out,
I'll grab anything but your hand,
The road less traveled by,
Was the familiar route.

Lost in the quicksand of your eyes,
A beautiful pool of mud,
Rung my heart out to dry.
Forced whispers inside my head,
"Try! Try!" They all said.

How do you cherish, shield, and protect
property that isn't nestled on your deck?
How do you love, care, and cradle
Something thats not on the table?

If you think I wrote this about you,
Then it's most definitely true,
That adoration, affection affected
By endless alteration in the depths of my heart
Leave me with no other choice
Then to ask, "Where do I start?"
I love the flow in this piece.
Isaac Fox Jul 2014
I never knew where I would end up.
But I know I've found my place,
In the tenderness of your grasp.
Or the bitterness in your clasp.
The moment I saw your face,
I felt the world turn.

Each morning the globe is spun,
Spindled around an axis.
Some people may choose to test the sun,
Many get burned to ashes.

The lottery of life,
Is unpredictable.
You didn't have a choice,
In the cards you were given,
The only thing you can do,
Is always stay driven.
Play the hand that was dealt,
Like your life was on the line.
Each breath is a gamble,
I may as well go down trying.
Isaac Fox Jun 2014
Some moments in life,
Fill the emptiness inside me.
Look out, in the distance,
I see a treehouse, full of resistance.
Just open your eyes, you will see
My childhood in rife.

So many memories,
No other remedies,

From late nights, to fist fights.
That was me.
Now, here I stand, looking out.
The sun reflects itself across a blizzard of pollen.
I remember these moments, in hope
That I'm never forgotten.

I will never forget my roots.
I will never forget where I came from.
Like that treehouse, I am supported
By the people I love and adore.
A diamond on a wedding ring,
Or a throne and a king.

**I Love My Life
Do what makes you happy.
Isaac Fox May 2014
One million raindrops, sprinting along the window,
Chasing anything and everything.
It's sad to never hear the stories,
Ones that you will never know.
Like one of those raindrops,
I too would live a life of ignorance.

One billion raindrops, diving down
Proving to themselves that they would never drown.
While you sit l comfy in your chair,
Remember those ideas, that you could never share.
Talk about that past, like it's nothing more than the present,
Live your life to the fullest, don't ever resent.

Just know that everyone you pass,
Is undergoing countless problems,
Ones that hurt, shove and harass.
Everyone's fighting a battle,
That you will never, never know,
Like those changing raindrops, raindrops that change to snow.
My favorite piece I've written
Isaac Fox May 2014
Running. Across the open green,
Mindlessly chasing, to what would seem
Like a pebble to this small world,
Nobody that knew him,
Could say his story was untold,
Because I could love to tell it,
Since I was two years old.

Every Saturday morning,
A stench filled the air,
One that was as awakening,
As a surprise that was so unfair.
It was him, cooking while we remained sound asleep,
It didn't really bother him,
He was the provider of this keep.

One won't realize what they have,
Until it is gone, o so gone.
He was the best dad,
That words unspoken toward him, couldn't even fawn.
Dedicated to my Grandpa Steve Fox
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