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From A Heart Jan 2017
So this is what it feels like.
You have introduced
it to me in no way
I have never been shown it before.
So this is what people **** for, die for,
live for, cheat for, fight for, cry for,
wish for, dream for, wait for, lie for...
So this is love.
And I'm pleased to finally be acquainted with it.
From A Heart Jan 2017
A place that reminds me
of the softer memories buried deep,
deep inside my head.
Those indistinct blurs of pine
and nothingness once again
gain meaning as memories from
a thousand miles away,
from another land,
come rushing home.
*What the time fades,
the cold brings back.
From A Heart Jul 2016
My stupid phone doesn't work properly. It's old and it's slow and its battery dies a lot. The thing is, when I don't know what to do or who to talk to, and all I have to pull out is my phone, I can't play games or surf the net, because of my phone's inabilities. I need to look busy so instead I end up going back to all my message conversations. And then your name appears and I notice your group texts again and begin scrolling up and back into time and get to the point where my replies start and becomes more and more frequent. And then words start appearing that I had never said to anyone else before. And just like that I'm thrown back to that time, the butterflies and confusion. While everyone else around me is bored with Facebook. Joke's on them? No, joke's on me. My stupid phone's inabilities have a way of playing with me you see, so that boredom turns into reliving our memories. And then I don't feel like being around people with their phones out anymore.
From A Heart Jul 2016
Tama pala
Ang sabi nila,
Ang bawal ay mas masarap nga!

Ba't dito ako napadpad?
Hirap umusad.
Mata laging sayo lumilipad.

Gustong kausapin
Ngunit walang sasabihin
Ikaw na unang pumansin sa akin.

Ako ba'y umaasa
Ikaw na nga ba ang aking tala?

Deretsyohin mo ako
Ano'ng saloobin mo?
Ng maka-move na sa damdaming ito.
From A Heart Jun 2016
Never been a dull thing,
But you stared at the stars more than me.

So I'll sit here and watch them for you.
And maybe learn a thing or two,

From the beings who need not do anything to be noticed,
Except* be.
  Jun 2016 From A Heart
George Andres
Pero hindi, hindi 'iyan ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw ko na. Ayaw ko na kase...

Gusto kong maging kaibigan ka pa
Ayaw kong dumaan lang sa buhay mo
At maging yugto nito
Hindi ko gustong maging tayo

Sana lang maging magkaibigan lang tayo
Yung matagal at walang hiwalayan
Ayaw kong mahulog sa'yo
Gusto ko lang parating nasa tabi mo

Ayaw kong mahulog sa'yo
Kasi ayaw kong maghanap pa uli ng tulad mo
Ayaw kong magsimula uli sa iba
Pero hinahanap ko sakanya ay ikaw parin pala

Ayaw kong mahulog sa isang kaibigan
Dahil lahat sila, wala nang kabigan
Wala nang balikan
Kaya ayaw ko

Gusto kong magkasama lang tayo
Walang kuryente, walang kabog ng dibdib
Hindi slow motion o fortune teller
Gusto ko magkasama lang tayo

Walang tayo pero may pagmamahal
Bilang kaibigan, parang magkapatid lang
Walang mas malalim pa
Walang lalalim pa
Kasi kapag gano'n, ayaw ko na

Iiwan na kita.
Ayaw ko na.
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