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carbonrain Feb 2019
the music is too loud
the voices are too loud
just turn it all down
turn it all down
carbonrain Jan 2019
I love her.
I want to wake up next to her.
But last night we didn't say see you later,
we said goodbye.
carbonrain Dec 2018
maybe someday I'll give you everything inside of me.
maybe someday we'll hold each other and this time  -  not let go.
you inhale the gold dust kept in an urn as you open it to scatter the ashes.
like secret stars that aren't allowed to shine.
the light has gone out of my life. X
carbonrain Dec 2018
come to you, ever hopeful me
angel's deathbed, my smallest fear
I felt alone even though I was accompanied by the seatbelt warning alarm
carbonrain Dec 2018
We're just two skeletons that never touch.

I'm just a cigarette smoking meat eater with hot feet.

You're just as scared as me with a worse temper.

I admire the quality of the fabric you choose to drape across your skin.
carbonrain Dec 2018
the day of the sun precedes the day of the moon, as if to remind us of the light within that reflects in the dark. and maybe we share that same light? how utterly and cosmically beautiful.
carbonrain Dec 2018
There's an exit sign above the shrine.
It reminds me I can leave at any time.
There is no clock, though.
That reminds me that it's all relative.
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