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K Mae Jun 2020
I went while dark to see what stars might shine to me
but fireflies came close enchantingly
my vision needs be here not there
to see these fairy flitters, star fliers flashing green
pulsing out of time and space
to birth a startling burst of joy
a laugh so pure and fragile
an exhale, only, to begin
again to live in awe
K Mae Mar 2019
Desert thirsts for you, for me
embodied living energy
above and underground
go find the water, find it deep
we think of death but only sleep
illusions losing ground
undulations resonate
a call to follow now
K Mae Mar 2019
Pulled to kneeling
By assaults of worry.
I surrender.
Receive this blessing.
You are the power for yourself.
As I am mine.
K Mae Mar 2019
Holy Grail
I drink from you
Faith beyond knowing
K Mae Mar 2019
blurred non edges
directional lines now waver
melding with uncertainty
biding time, abiding self
in bog darkened depths
warily inviting what shall emerge
K Mae Mar 2019
Inevitable movement
follows inscrutable pathways
within boundless unknown.
Admit any possibility with courage.
Of this I am sure :
Fear is no Wisdom path.
K Mae Mar 2017
crested crag-spines rising
bones fierce of ancient dragons
calling out to Naga

Bloom  feminine essence, Flow !
Feed my ancient undulations

wearied now to hills
sighing down with last exhaled
memory of color
washed, washed,
baked by endless sun
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