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K Mae Mar 2017
crested crag-spines rising
bones fierce of ancient dragons
calling out to Naga

Bloom  feminine essence, Flow !
Feed my ancient undulations

wearied now to hills
sighing down with last exhaled
memory of color
washed, washed,
baked by endless sun
  Jan 2017 K Mae
where will they take me
this thick, whirling cloud
of birds?

I lower my shotgun;
my targets were to be
a skein of geese

(*******, impertinent
avian freaks I have seen
peck children's shins)

these smaller birds
perform a choreography electric,
black against blue

now I know the meandering
meaning of mesmerize--my eyes
glued to the skies

more agape than the hunter
in me--wishing to watch this wave
undulate an eternity

but alas, the flock turns
into a ***** sun; I am forced
to shield my eyes

my hand blocks the blare
of light, with it, the whipping tail of
their liquid flight

when I lower it, they are
but a haze near the horizon, performing
magic for another audience
K Mae Jan 2017
these mountains

bare bones rising
sharp subtle silent
stratified waves of color
crumble into gifts I can hold

your legs
strong, furred, angled against mine

your mountainness
impossibly I am held
K Mae Jan 2017
owl call gliding over all
coyotes feeding yips and howls
all this expressed now I can sleep
but for jangling metal flagpole
careless winds that raise
my wariness of flags
K Mae Sep 2016
You are
evolving mystery
exquisite vexing partner
all potential
streams through you
and back through you returns

No matter the illusion
we dance with you
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