Mfena Ortswen Oct 2016

A vision, clad in pink
Arrests my unworthy eyes
I behold beauty in all its curves and edges
Tantalizing my senses

She stands tall and graceful
Smile, like the fullest moon
Bringing light to a night as dark as I
She's the shine on my dark days

I want to see her again
But I can't look
The sight of her will leave me in such torment
Because she's not mine
She's another's
And I can only look

But I look again
I will stand the torment
For she will be a sweet dream
When I lay to rest tonight
My vision in pink

A picture of a girl in a pink dress inspired this one:)
Mfena Ortswen Jul 2016

I melt like butter
each time his eyes
settle on me

He smiles and waves
like we're buddies
just coursemates

What he doesn't know
is my gallery is full
of his photos

And the last pages
of my notebooks
are filled with poems

For him, to him

  Jun 2016 Mfena Ortswen
Patrick Long

Every man's a pot of clay though each is cracked and crazed
But made into a masterpiece by living through his days
These cracks don’t make us valueless nor mean that we might break
Instead they map the unique path that every life must take

The seasons bring us scorching heat as in the furnace glow
And in this heat are we made strong though cracks may start to show
A crack is not a mortal wound, it’s only just a scar
But only peering through the cracks can we learn who we are

Through cracks of imperfection comes brilliant streaming light
That brings us new awareness, chasing shadows from the night
And then the craftsman with his hands, as in the days of old
Will make these vessels beautiful by filling cracks with gold

  Jun 2016 Mfena Ortswen
Mike Hauser

I've poured over books of science
Studied hard the ancient arts
Even spoke with bearded Guru's
On the peak of mountain tops

Taken classes from learned professors
At top notch universities
But if Jesus isn't brought up
What good are they to me

I've rubbed elbows with Hollywood Stars
As they've rehearsed their lines
Had discussions with dignitaries
With Presidents I've wined and dined

I have watched the worlds top athletes
Some of whom I'm their biggest fan
But if Jesus isn't in the process
It doesn't make any sense

I've seen a man walk on the moon
Plant a flag beneath the stars
Heard men give the greatest speeches
Watched men drive the fastest cars

You could say I've about done it all
And in that you would be right
But without Jesus in the mix
There's not much good to life

  Jun 2016 Mfena Ortswen
Caleb D Wolf

Love is not a feeling,
nor does a brother make a friend;
fear makes not a coward,
nor strength a warrior's hands.

To wish and want is not to be,
for they are, themselves, their ends;
'tis a wish, they say, that makes a boy,
but a will that makes a man.

© Caleb D. Wolf 2016
Mfena Ortswen May 2016

Your words flourish like a flower before my eyes
Oh, poet, dear poet, is there an end to the sweetness you bring forth
Now share those endless rhymes with me
Let the essence of your heart through your words live on in my head forever

I've been reading some awesome poems on here and they inspired this spontaneous piece. This is dedicated to all the poets on this site. Keep writing!
Mfena Ortswen May 2016

When wobbly Willy began to dance
Everyone and everything goes into a trance
How is he able to move his wobbly legs to fluidly
And make those buttery hands move so quickly

Willy the Wobbler stunned us all
When he got accepted to a university offshore
He's wobbly feet carried him to the plane and away
My Dad declared, "that boy will do great things, I say!"

Four years later Willy returned home
No one recognized the dark handsome bloke
We watched as he rode the roads in his ride
Each of us wishing to be chosen as his bride

No more uncontrollably shaking or stammering
The new Willy went on to marry Irene
The only girl who had since showed him regard
His best friend, the girl who won his wobbly heart

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