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  Jan 2018 Marian
Star BG
My mother is a poem
A haiku for sure I say
A gift from heaven.

She nurtured my life    
like flower she’ll always be    
blossoming with light  

Mother Doris rocks
Sharing wisdom at every age        
Teaching how to be

Mom inspired me.
though sometimes we fought in life
I love her so much

She carried my soul
helping me grow and survive
helping me love self.

With memory gone
doesn't matter love is strong  
love weaves love in smiles.
  Jan 2018 Marian
Star BG
I live in a fairyland in heart.
A place divinely orchestrated
with Gods hand.
Where sun shines every moment
and hearts are filled with compassion.

I live in a fairyland in heart.
A place where light infiltrates dark
and peace echoes.
Where truth vibrates every moment
and spiraling energies of love blossom.

I live in a fairyland in heart.
The place I shall go to often
The place I wish to be.
Inspired by Marian a gifted writer. Thanks
  Oct 2017 Marian
Andrew Durst
Life is a
constant pull
running &


your brain
tricks you
into believing

nobody cares.

It is all in your head.
Not in your heart.

Every day that you wake up,
you have a choice
to be better
or worse
than the day before.

And even if there
is no point to
this life-

let that be a reason
to ignore
all of the people
that drain you
of your energy
and let go of
the problems
you CANNOT control.

This world is
This pain is
This moment
is temporary.

And so are you.

smile more.
Laugh more.
Express more.
Do everything you can to
leave your mark.

There is no concept of time,

There is only you
and what you adore;

keep it.
Smile today(:
  Jun 2017 Marian
Sometimes Starr
now human, gain
with mixed up maintain
a second-guess self
cannot pretend God, only
accept his invitation, I
the vital and vacation

this cool June morning
is playing favorites, in faith
I've surrendered satan

play for the team undefeated
until featless can we carry on no more
emptied of purpose, we
will return to the dirt.
  Jun 2017 Marian
It's not the rain
that makes my eyes wet.
It hasn't rained in forty days.
Nights are long and quiet.
The silence cuts to bone.

It wasn't rain that quenched the fire.
It hasn't rained in forty nights.
The well is dry... so am I.
Nights I sit in silence
while it rains.

r ~ 4/19/14
Marian Jun 2017
Goldenrod in bloom
Bunny hopping through the woods
Acorns fall from oak

Sorry For The Long Absence, Everyone, But Me & My Family Have It Really Hard & A Lot Has Come Up Lately!!! I Will Try To Write More Often, But Then Again, I Can't Promise It!! :) Enjoy, Anyway!!! ~~~<3 By The Way, I Wrote This On September 18, 2016, Or Thereabouts, & I Would Like To Dedicate This To Matt Shaw & To My Family!!! ☺♥
  Jun 2017 Marian
Sometimes Starr
In infinite succession you will find Jesus Christ
In our world without proof and erased history, he existed.
he did, and he is there. He was man and God in one.
He was the messiah who came. It's just how you choose to believe in Him.
Or maybe not, maybe it is anathema if you believe in some other thing.
See, these things are what they are. God has found you.

think, what his name means. perfect circle. the epitome of human existence. like, a gauge boson of love, or am i going too far?

it's all good.
that is, if you choose to believe it is.

i hope you aren't looking for answers in these words,
cause, oh... dear lord. you'll be looking for
an eternity, child!
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