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Kimberly Clemens Nov 2017
I've been
a little confused at the way he
gently brushed my hair away from my neck
and pressed soft kisses on my skin during mid-afternoon

And when night fell
(how lovely it was to see something else falling rather than me)
he held me close but wouldn't let me in
So like a child practicing a lesson learned in grade school,
I covered his skin with kisses- you get what you give, right?
But I had forgotten that reality isn't like a movie
with happy endings occurring in every scene,
the little moments don't seem so little
when the main character forgets to play his part.
Kimberly Clemens Apr 2017
When you think of me
how far do you think
when the idea of you and me
is placed on a map
waiting for territory to be marked

how far will you leave the permanence
to take up space that was once freedom
now shared
how many roads will be built
leading to us
if there will be any at all

think ahead for me
because thinking about forever
wouldn't be the same otherwise
Written in December
Kimberly Clemens Feb 2017
a heart beating inside me
leads me to wonder

what other parts of myself
should be beaten

to start working
correctly again.
Kimberly Clemens Nov 2016
Your lips don't need to talk
I can hear you speak all over my body
Without a single utter heard
I feel your words pressed against my skin
as you caress your palm across the trail you've made
Like a security seal of possession
Your lips make sure you haven't left any spot untouched

I felt it written all over my skin,
*I will kiss every inch of you
Kimberly Clemens Nov 2016
Wearing red never felt like a sin
until my cheeks couldn't stop blushing
after my lipstick left a stain on his neck.
he told me afterwards,
you mean nothing to me
I wonder if those words
were supposed to hurt me;
he didn't mean much to me either.
Kimberly Clemens Nov 2016
The tablecloth is smoothed over
stiff and  firm in perfection
The same cloth that I hid under as a child
night and day
mulling over when the sun will finally tap me with yellows
so I could stop feeling so blue
Hiding away from the ghosts beneath the surface
even though I felt like one too
Kimberly Clemens Oct 2016
She is a candle's melting wax
a slow caress onto the pristine surface
of a strong body that softens in her presence

She leaves herself
molded onto others
a heat that overtook the light,
melting fears disguised in hot wax
stained on the holder

That is the way she leaves them
they are all just a kindle to her fire
coming and going
never the same as the start.
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