skin slips away skin escapes
again she flies by plane
again she runs away from all of us
again she runs away from me

but was there love whether she was
was the beauty of the moon of that day
was I and were those moments
o all escapes all runs away

no I never died no
I was never born no I
never developed no I
never swallowed nothing
I'm not alone I'm not the only one in my
many millions of eyes and deaths
I am the whole world and even the future and
the past has never been in the world
everything was only and only once
once and only just now
all that was the sixteenth century
seventeenth eighteenth and now
and now it's all in one moment
all in a jiffy just now was not
I have a birth and I did not have death
will not be tomorrow and will not be yesterday and was not
tomorrow and there was never and never before

no I never died no
I've never been born no I never
I did not feel nowhere to feel
go after all this whole world of
an unfavorable corner and place
every girl and every man of every character
every word every poem every torch every love
every eye and every color every moon and sun every
clouds all this all this all
this all this is me and only
only and only and only and only
and only me and I and I and I
every time every time every artist
and every composer
every poet every deceased every newborn is all equal
they were never and never were born there was no being
being has always been and is all this
I all this I all this is me

under the lake we were we
under the lake we sang about
than we then sang we sang we
what were we talking about then
what were we talking about then about
what were we then and when

under the lake shining where all around
flowers alone flowers and roses and moons on meadows
about the circle about where the
lake is where the lake is in the wilderness
about what we sang with you about what we were
about what we sang with you about what we went about

in a wooden old hut which
I'm already standing and sitting and reading
which day my lamp burns there
which day I sit and write
it is there looking out the window looking at the forest
looking at a tree looking at owls and deer

and playing the piano occasionally rarely
playing and playing and playing I look again
in the sun to the moon on the clouds that
have lain in all this and everything again and again
day after day not going anywhere nowhere
leaving I sit and sit in my chair in the hut

and all the water lilies fell from all
parties and from all the islands to
they all disappeared long ago where they
all these water lilies have gone away for so many years
I lived among the swamp and nature so much
I wrote poetry there and went to
I kept looking at the moon with clouds and rains

disappeared the disappeared sea disappeared
people and disappeared myself I disappeared myself and I think
perhaps forever forever forever

and time passed and we are all to
the disintegration was more precisely
we all came to him on his
we already die more precisely than we already
we died already there was no life
as well as there were not all her those words

there was love and time went and the snow was
and oh how I rejoiced over him like me
was happy with the snow and his rain
and from his sadness I was not in sorrow ever
but since I was once the past was mean I was
always in sorrow always dying always knew everything

time passed and the decay came he was all
closer and closer closer and closer he was so close
so near he stood next to me so close
more precisely he was already me I was a breakup everything was
disintegration we never lived we never breathed
we never existed we always died died

o i so often feel fear
and I'm inspired that
thus I do not have a living
me nowhere on the body and in the shower
that by the same token I'm not alive and not at all
that I do not feel life in myself
just enslavement of emptiness
only black and at the same time
bright white only death

so often so often I feel something
all the time feeling feelings
they do not have a huge end
a thread that never stops
I do not know what will stop him
Is the birth of death what is one thing
does death in general exist on earth
but still it was never in the world
was only the light in the world from which
we will never and never never leave

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