to wait for a prelude from fate
his words and minutes
wait for his gold rings
wait for his hand and hands
absolutely my silence
destroyed the silence
quite my conversations
destroyed conversations
and the day passes by white
white as a sunny day
destiny destroys and regimes
edit me like my novel

today traffic lights were on fire
or not burned
because who knows what is burning
can something that does not burn
and there is a true glow
and the moon is the moon
and the moon is constantly in the sky
although the sky and its light is not there
like the light itself
Like the fate itself and her hands
Like her silence and silence
gold rings

snow on the street
falling clouds
I'm again in my dreams
about kisses
about past
which have long since passed from me
and maybe they were not at all
because everything is in my head
and the future and past and present
which is also not
it's all in my head
but I know why the past
all the same there is
we believe in him
and we can not doubt
that's why the future
all the time changing and moving

to wait for foretaste of fortune
fate that will soon break me
which will soon play a funeral march
which goes every day
every day we lead birth and death
We die every day and are born
because all that around is
it's a dream in a dream
and endless dreams
which will never end
an eternal chain that can not be broken
we die the sleep fades
but a new
and all new and new new and new
then I'm a woman then I'm a man
all in a flash in one minute
fate is ruling my rings
my gold rings
which do not exist

works light
the machine is the same
through the forest
around the rain of ice
january rain

paper in cars
paper in the car
and the time transmits the signal
the lights are on
and the heart does not hold
more words from my

dark blue forest
dark blue forest
chopin sounds
a piano sounds
from oaks from trees
from a falling sunset

of that sunset
bright blue sunset
farther green
further dark green
what will take us away
in a great melody

which will take
us in the last way
in the last bright way
whom everyone was afraid of
everyone was afraid
and were saved escaped

lights work
works light
the machine is the same
through the forest through the moon
january rain

the rain poured down
pours and now
the rain is watering
watered mine
what means

the rain poured down
the sun did not shine
but it was all
in an interesting light
everything was around
in the brown light
but from a distance
shone at home
small blue
like lightning
or rain
when love
knocks at the door

the rain poured down
and red colors flew
and the red colors fell
the rain poured down
and numbers people
there were windows
many glasses
and thoughts
and not punched

salt underfoot
I prevented and did not prevent me from going
and the moon around was water
when there is no water and no sea
then it's under my feet
bricks become water and salt

the light is on the streets
day and night quarters
the sea looks at me and I look at it
and get out the paper
I write again and immediately
I go to nimu and only to him

the lamp in the room is alone burning
and my soul is crying lonely
sorrow is only grief
in the world of our present
and the future eternal

silence on the street
on the street peace and quiet
exactly the same as always
only everything is dead all around
the disappearance of one

stars are not eternal
they will go out
everything will become oblivion
all will swallow up the fog and gloom
and even our bright sky
and bright sun and rays
everything will go into darkness
everything will swallow up the fog

your eyes are blue
bright words bright words
beauty is all before us
everything swallowed up the fog
all the darkness will take with them

every ray of the sun
every ray of the moon
every ray of love
every ray of our love
everything will go down in the fog
everything will go into darkness
everything will sink into oblivion
everything will burn in the dark

and the days passed by
and the light above the fireplace burned
and did not burn
and the candle flies into the sky
where are my eyes

and the days passed by
and the twilight seized me
o uncertain vague
o let me go
at the will of the bird

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