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Kai May 20
When we think about the future
we are weighed down
by problems not our own
with a need for solutions
and hopeless debt

Our generation is left with
more loans and less degrees
specialized jobs and old issues
hateful ideas and new love

When we think about the future
we can see a new age
filled with technology
and so many bright dreams
crushed by this flat world

Our generation is left with
heads bowed to a screen
for hateful comments we see
and kids afraid of what
they really want to be
its not fair for the sky to be mean to the clouds for crying so much

its especially unfair because the sky cries every night too

silver sparkly tears washing off blue eyeshadow

but its ok when the sky does it because the sky pretty-cries

the clouds **** cry

and thats not okay with the sky

its not fair that no one likes it when the clouds cry

because the clouds only cry because they are heavy

and want some of the weight to go away

the sky cries and everyone loves the sky

maybe because the sky is older

and can smile again when it is done

because the sky cries to get what it wants

but the clouds dont know why they cry

they cant help it

they are so heavy and it hurts so much to carry all the raindrops

and the sky does not care

the sky says, “but you look so light and fluffy

so i think you are not heavy at all

i think you just cry because you want people to talk about you

and you know unless you cry

no one talks about the clouds”

the clouds try to hold their raindrops in now

even though it hurts

and they are very heavy

because they live in the sky and they must

do what the sky says

when the sky is watching

but of course they cant hold it all

and the sky gets mad when they let out all the raindrops they were holding

so the clouds try to explain “I’m sorry

the rain was heavy and i had to let it go”

and the sky does not listen

the sky says “you are so dramatic

you do not have to cry so much

over something so small”

but the clouds do not understand

because the clouds have never had a reason to cry

not a big one or a small one

they just do

so the clouds start holding more and more and more raindrops

they dont let themselves have thunderstorms anymore

it hurts so bad





and the sky still does not seem to understand that

the clouds just want to not be heavy

the clouds wonder if the sky will miss them when they are gone

they suppose that the sky will be glad to be rid of the rain

and then the clouds go away forever.
Kai May 20
In this day in age
we blame the generation
that comes after
for the problems
we created for them

We start devastating wars
and pollute the world
and then leave it
for the kids we have
to solve our problems

What gives us the right
to leave problems and blame
on those that come after?
Inspired by the song by Aviva.
Emma Sep 2018
They say that kids today are weak and scared of everything
That we need to just toughen up a little
We are the children born into the world of 9/11
And shelter in place drills every month since we were learning shapes in kindergarten
We were raised to be so ******* scared of the world
That most of us have trouble getting through the day
Depression and anxiety levels are higher than ever in children
And all any adult can say is how much “we’re on those **** phones”
School is harder than it ever has been
I have not gone a week without hearing how “college classes are going to be hard so I need to get used to it” since sixth grade
And parents get mad when their kid cries over homework because we should just “**** it up, it's not that bad”
And after hearing that again and again they stop telling their parents any of their feelings
Then when they lay motionless in bed with an empty pill bottle in their hands and the parents are mad because “ well how was I supposed to know they were so sad”
Everyday on the news is a new school shooting
Or the possibility of nuclear war
So yes
We are scared
We are terrified  
But you made us this way
And we are supposed to respect our elders
empty seas Mar 2018
A hurting generation
of broken children
we are the end of this
alphabet of problems
our future is hopeless
full of student loans
and a job crisis
the millennials have
warned us so

So we dull our pain
with jokes and memes
ridiculed by older people
but we know that
our future is dull and
filled with hardship
so let’s make our now
bright and fun
and most of all
a good memory
for when things get hard
All the gen z kids I know are scared of the future, we’ve grown up hearing of how bad the millennials had it, and it’s our turn to be let out into the working world.
Rae Slager Jan 2015
We belong to Generation Z
We are objects
Mass produced, labeled, and sold
We are facebook, instagram, twitter
The fear of corporate America that we may define ourselves
We are molded, whittled, eroded
Down to a sliver of what could have been
We are given castles in the sky
And heads in the clouds
We are given smartphones and iPads
Our eyes are looking down
We are potential, opportunity, the future of the nation
But there's no future for this robotic generation

— The End —