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Aspen Jul 18
Different faces, different places
Different stages, different people chased
But it always ends the same old way
Broken glass and broken hearts
Something taken, Something lost
Never to return, forever gone

I build up walls conceal how I feel
Protect my heart with plates of steel
I swear an oath never to succumb to love
To surround myself with ice, to not trust the dove
So that my bleeding heart may heal after what they have done
What they have taken, what they have stole
What they have forsaken, the hurt that they bestowed upon my soul

My warm heart is now a heart of stone
My open doors are now closed
My living blood runs cold in my veins
For I am too tired to play more games
Aspen May 9
I grasp onto the lifeline
That keeps us afloat
But it seems that
You have already given up
You let go of not just me
But of us
Friendship is quite complicated sometimes. Especially when you are trying to maintain a long-distance one. At this age, it is quite hard to see the people who you used to be so close with, that meant so much to you, become strangers once they move far away while your stuck in the place that both of you grew up...
Aspen May 1
I shatter the glass
Release the storm
I don’t want to hold it in anymore

I’m tired of faking my happiness
Tired of swallowing my pride
Tired of being abused, used

There is not another tear I can shed in secret
There is not another heartbreak that I grieve unseen
I shall release my darkness and let my demons scream
Before I succumb and become numb
Before I let my torturers get away
Even for just a moment, just a second
I shatter the world and paint it black and gray
Day 30 of the 30 day writing challenge.
This is the last day of the challenge thank you all for putting up with me!

Catharsis: the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

I tend to release my emotions, especially anger, in a pretty rough ways. After bottling these emotions up, I tend to explode and say things that I regret. I jump to conclusions, I scream, I cry and I lash out. It isn't really a great way to deal with the emotion and I am sometimes afraid of this side of me.
Aspen Apr 30
In the hidden clearing in the woods
Lies a field of weeds with pops of color
Red from poppies, white from daisies, purple from foxgloves
They dance to the music of the wind

The yellow dandelions are the most abundant
Add pops of yellow to the rainbow
Yellow reminds me of my bright days as a child
Where I could be in the sunlight as long as I please
Overtime the yellow turns into white
And petals transform into small fluffy clouds
It takes me back to those moments
When we would make the white fairy parasols fly

Dandelions, although they may be a **** to some
They bring me back to when I was young
Although it may be a nuisance to some
Above all flowers, it is truly a special one
Day 29 of the 30 day writing challenge
Prompt: May flowers
I kind of just chose a type of flower and wrote about it
Aspen Apr 29
I dwell by the well in the forest
And look into the crystal  clear water
While sunlight flit between the light green leaves
And white light clouds dance across the sky
I  watch the goldfish swimming near the stony bottom
I watch the small secret world of a hidden pond.
With my coffee colored eyes,
I gaze upon the small shiny fish
I wonder if the swimming fish with scales of gold
Dream of a bigger world
Where they can fly and sing like the songbirds
Or roam in the grass like the doe
Or are they happy in that hidden pond
in the well that dwells in the forest
Because that is all they know?
Day 28 of the 30 day writing challenge
So the prompt was "reflection" but I guess my mind wandered somewhere else. But I do mention the color of my eyes so...there's that
Aspen Apr 29
You may play me, manipulate me, trick me
But in the state of it all, I still move forward

You may try to break me,
Using words that cut deeper than knives, or physically harm me
But in the state of it all,
I am still who I am, and I will not change

You may force me into a locked room
Restrict me from the place I long to go
But in the state of it all,
I will find a way to unlock the door
I will find the path to the place I long to go

Though pain may rain down
From the clouds of hardship and suffering
In the state of that storm,
I still move forward to find the right path as myself
Day 27 of the 30 day writing challenge
Prompt: The state of it all
Aspen Apr 27
All my life
I have felt out of place
Like a wild hawk trapped in a locked room
In a chained cage that is labeled "songbird"

The cage is my body, trapping me in
That label is the pronouns, the labels they slap on me
The locks on the door and the chain on the cage are the expectations
The expectations to fit into a box, even though I would never fit
Though my bones may break and my flesh may tear,
I would never belong in that box
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