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Rocky Stonehedge Dec 2014
Shhhh. Tonight all of the world is silent except for the beating of two hearts.
The two hearts beat in unison as two lovers hold one another in the night.

One lover cries out to the other;
You are my life, my hope, my sight.

As are you to me, cries the other.

There was no light before you came into my world.
There was the absence of hope and vision.
Now my life is as the day and no longer as the night.
My inner being is warm as if by the sun.
You have changed me,  my love, my precious one.
We have changed each other, we are no longer the same.
Life has meaning, no more pretending, no more of games.

Love has broken the ice that had surrounded our hearts.
It softened the hardness of hurts from the past.
Love has come, love has changed us, for eternity it will last.

By Rocky Stonehedge
Rocky Stonehedge Sep 2014
Raindrops falling on her soft skin as she lifts her face toward the sky.
Raindrops soaking into hair and clothes.
Enjoying life-giving water that brings a sigh.
Raindrops touching beautiful eyes, lovely lips, and perky nose.
No one enjoys the rain from above more than she does.
No one feels as passionate about it as she does.
Seeing storm clouds in the Texas sky brings her joy and expectation.
Knowing that rain is coming causes her to smile.
She loves the rain as much as the shining sun.
This girl, this woman, this beautiful maiden.
When the rain comes, I'll choose to stay with her for awhile.
Rocky Stonehedge Aug 2014
How do I describe my Texas girl.
Piercing brown eyes that touches my soul.
Ruby red lips that I long to kiss
Lovely tanned skin and a smile bigger than San Antonio.
As I feel the soft Texas breezes blowing across my face.
It reminds me of her love touching my heart in the deepest place.
The Texas stars come out at night
Oh look, there are two, shining like her eyes.
Beautiful place, beautiful love, beautiful girl, beautiful sight.
My love for her is bigger than the Texas sky.
She is more mysterious than the Texas desert and Lovelier than the cactus flower that grows by the roadside.
This is my Texas girl.
This girl of mine.
Rocky Stonehedge Aug 2014
As I was walking through the park one day, I came upon a bush of roses
I noticed several lovely looking roses on different areas of the bush
And there in the midst of the other roses was the loveliest rose of all
The closer I came toward the rose, the more I realized that this was
A rose with the fullest blossom and the most beautiful fragrance
A rose that had bloomed from a stem of thorns
And had triumphed over every challenge and adversity
I realized that you are like that rose
From a life of thorns, you have blossomed into the most beautiful woman of all
A woman of tenderness, love, softness and compassion
Your soft heart brings joy to others like the soft petals of the rose
Just like the rose, the perfume of your love is intoxicating
If the rose is crushed, the fragrance is even more evident and powerful
Hurts and wounds have crushed you but also caused a most lovely fragrance to come from your life
To describe you is like describing the beauty and loveliness of a rose
There is none more precious and beautiful than you oh rose of love
By Rocky Stonehedge
Rocky Stonehedge Aug 2014
In the darkness I looked up at the stars and saw one that shined so much brighter than all the rest
I gazed in awe at this one bright star, captivated by its illuminating beauty
There were so many different stars yet my eyes were drawn to the one
You are like that one bright star. You have captivated my heart
In a universe of so many others
Your love is greater than all other loves
Your touch is like heaven
Your lips taste sweeter
Your kisses more passionate
Your inner-beauty shines through your eyes
Holding you in my arms is like holding on to a brilliant star
Loving you has brought me the light of joy
You have made my wish come true oh star of love.
By Rocky Stonehedge
Rocky Stonehedge Aug 2014
Into the dark state of my loneliness came a flickering light
A light so small yet so over-powering
A light of hope and love
It came like the trickle of a small stream
But as it shone brighter into my darkness, it seemed to become like a rushing river
As it touched me, the darkness could not resist the light and the light quenched my darkness
The light was your tenderness and love
It swept over me like a wave in the ocean
The darkness of loneliness left me
The emptiness in my heart was replaced with a fullness that love could only fill
A rush of love, a filling of joy, touching my heart strings to produce a beautiful song
Instead of darkness, filled with the light of your love
The touch of your love embracing me
The kisses of your lips intoxicating me
The indescribable feeling of holding you close to me
Hypnotized by the beating of your heart
The light of your love has touched me
The light of your love has forever changed me
Come away with me oh light of love.

By Rocky Stonehedge
Rocky Stonehedge Aug 2014
Gentle rain falling down
Bringing life to parched dry ground
Your gentle love invading my night
Coming alive, changing dark for light
Sweet breeze soothing my skin
Breathing a sigh, a smile begins
Your sweet touch, holding me close
Precious arms around me, don’t let me go
Warm sun shining so bright
No longer cold, no longer night
Your warm kisses touching my soul
No longer in darkness
The light of your love has made me whole.
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