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Adele May 21
Who has been always there for you?

What is stopping you?

When are you going to do it?

Where will you start?

Which path are you taking?

and How are you going to survive?
Adele May 11
the words in my head are distorted letters, vanishing in the dark
Adele May 11
I am thinking of an island
from miles away

I cannot seem to describe
with brevity

I also think of my writing
with no cohesion

but I’ll still write anyway...
Adele May 11
sleep and swoon from the lullaby
think of a stream that
would take you to a paradise

although, son, know that when you
open your eyes

the world will never be the same

it’s still cruel.
Adele May 11
the despair of winter drove
them away
on the bush,
the moose dissipated
not even a hookimaw
can trace the tracks

inside the askihkan
under the fleece,
Crees covered their ears

the howling of the windigo

woken the ahcahk
of a awawatuk.
*windigo-evil spirit that exist in the bush
*askihkan-moss hut
Adele May 11
I ask that you let my wings grow
and watch me fly, up, so high
I ask for you, not to call my name
for I won’t  be back
until I call ‘home’, home
Adele May 10
we digged our graves
deep below the ground

a stench rotten pit,
vermin and piled bodies,
waiting to be found  

we looked and somehow prayed under
the blue skies

when will this be over?

I write this letter
for the hero who kills
and who were killed
enlisted, constricted
with no door to find their way out

Western Front,
the only location we have on the map

go south
and wave the banner
with our weapons,
as if we are proud

we needed to move forward
and pull the trigger,
to bring home the red stain that will
never be washed from our clean hands

Home, we are welcomed and embraced
banners, and cheers
plaques of gold
for being one of the brave men

is it courageous; living in a dead body
that just happened to survived?
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