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Adele Dec 2019
it feels like walking on a space
with the reflection of the Tunupa volcano on a gargantuan salt flat lake

the pink flamingos flock and spread their wings
creating a sprinkle of the roseate sky on the crystal water
The wind was blowing, under the sunlight that gleams through the veins of the land of iodine

The floor is a ceiling of incantations,
where at night, myriad of stars whispers a burning desire on how to live your life

The next thing you know is to chase
the sunrise and embrace the frosty wind;
walk through the rock and grass fields where the llamas adore the grand white flats

If you look closely, the tiny houses are no more visible insight
your feet are taking you up, defying gravity
the rocks don’t seem to aggravate the journey
and there you are, standing tall and high
looking at the frozen salt ocean

Oh, how big and mighty, touching the sky, and you are just on top of the world
with tranquillity, standing next to a crater with courage and no fear,
then sometimes you are the only person who can pat your back and say, “we did it. Now, no one can stop us. What a climb!”
I decided to submit this for my school paper department, but was turned down. That did not stop me from writing! A sign to keep trying and believing that you can and telling yourself, you are enough and you did great. Let's be positive :)
Adele Dec 2019
In this painting, her red hair was blown
In a gust
The behemoth sleeping buffalo mountain gaze
on her perspective, her face was not shown.
but this is her story…
When the south pole tilts, facing
The beam of light
People fly towards the sun and
That’s when Martina ascends the peak
against a raging snow in the north
There, she discovered mountain goats;
Grazing the empty twigs
She found a shelter in the tea house, fresh woods dropped
By a whirly bird to warmth the cabin that
Overlook the six glaciers.
Martina roams with solitude.
Running in the wilds
There is darkness and you can see her eyes,
Dims at night.
She is unbreakable.
The lynx spirit has been guiding her.
Adele Dec 2019
She withers like the dying leaves
and how was she able to live?
Her husband was tied under the chestnut tree
how she smuggles that gun to
save his son
Long Live Ursula, an epitome of
strength and power
A time where darkness made her
a force until she shrinks
the dead birds fell on the ground.
one of my favourite book (100 Years of Solitude)
Adele Dec 2019
Why are you so scared? Just grab the pen... WRITE.
That's me. What scares you? I'm scared of so many things. Aren't we all? but it's time to take action, turn the pivotal path :)
Adele Dec 2019
Do you still believe in magic
when this life feeds you a potion
to see a disillusion world
and how this chemical program our brain
because this is how 'mimesis' work
designing what our lives should be
our dreams of flying with dragons,
morphed into slaying one as we grow up
until the imagination of colors
turn darker into black and white
Adele Dec 2019
In the second circle comes
a desperate heart, from the love
that end their destiny, attach and blown by the infernal wind
a contrapasso of carnal desire
and it seems a lesson
that has never been learned in this present world

How difficult it is to follow the path and be guided
by our wisdom, or a Roman poet
that will lead us closer to Divinity

I may or may not believe in a higher council
but the divine love of true self
is what brings us knowledge to
'see things, unknown to man'.

Maybe if we keep walking through the woods,
our pilgrimage is what makes us a true Poet.
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